Women's most recent salon worked with Miss Olivia Kitchman and Miss II to spend the afternoon with the readers with a relaxed, ease-style flavor.

Last weekend, women's fans and Olivia chef, hostess, and readers spent a happy lunch with the green grapefruit, using simple cuisine, with a simple cuisine: European wind herbs, potato corn, banana brownies, and banana brownies.From the main course, the soup to the dessert, everyone is like working with your sisters in your kitchen, and talking and sharing your life together!

This time Sharon and womany built the time to make a girl happy, giving everyone a recipe for making good food, and digging out the best of food together.

Cuisine, not difficult at all

beginning, Olivia described herself as a person who was almost completely unintelliable before the marriage, and became interested in food after marriage.In the course of Olivia's cooking, we have seen that tasty cuisine may not be complicated by the ingredients. It can be easily done. The most important thing is to create a sense of happiness in life and to look forward to the warmth of the food and the people who have eaten it, leaving a happy memory of happiness.(You will also like: Continuation of the most simple, delicious relationship )

For many of the readers who came to this salon, they had a high threshold.But in fact, cooking in my own house can save money, make a taste of what you like, and free up the nourishment that you need.Olivia teaches at the scene how to make good food, whether it's a housewife who is worried about what to eat every day, or a housewife who is troubled by a change in the vegetable color, but doesn't know where to start cooking. It can be fun to find cooking, and it's fun to make the .

smart cook!

Since cooking time, Olivia's first cuisine began with the banana chocolate brownies, and everyone on the scene started making brownies that could be bought at the same time as the big wave of chocolate that could be bought and in the professional oven.

1. Chocolate waters are heated to melt. Mixing and screening the low gluten powder and blister powder.
2. stirring the cream with an electric stirrer to be soft, for about one minute, slowly adding the fine granulated sugar, and stirring it to the fluffy for about two minutes.
3. adding egg liquid at once, and stirring uniformly.
4. Mix in low gluten powder and blister powder.Then mix it with chocolate and bananas.
5. pouring into the mould for roasting for 35 minutes in 160 degrees.

Brownie is the basic recipe for the cake bound, doesn't need protein or mixed ingredients, but it's a sweet taste of taste, banana and chocolate in the crisp skin, after the Bronney has been released.A fat black grandmother had originally wanted to bake chocolate cake in the kitchen. The result was that the cake was delicious and the brownie cake was the most representative cake in the American family.(Another recipes: brownie and bristles recipes )

After Olivia demonstrates the easy way to roast brownies with a gas frying pan, Olivia follows the Soybean milk maker's practice of demonstrating the potato maize cob. In the past, cooking the thick soup was shattered by the cooking, and then broken by a fruit juice machine or hand-hand blender. Not only would you need to look after the fire, but you would need to clean the kitchen, but would be used to make soup.

Just put the processed food and soup into the body, waiting for half an hour to taste it!This approach is now in line with the current trend of smart cook, allowing girls to easily make delicious dishes for themselves and their families and lovers.

Olivia follows brownies and rich soup, and the final lesson is European-style chicken legs, which is her favorite kind of food.Olivia also uses the gas-frying pan to throw the food into the gas frying pan, and the machine will use the chicken legs itself to be rich in oil. It doesn't need to add an extra drop of oil. It's not afraid that the fire will be in control. The chicken legs will burn, and the oil will spray everywhere.As long as 15 minutes, fresh and juicy chicken legs can be finished.

smart cook.A machine can then click the previous button to realize all of the imagination of the taste.

Warming to each other to warm up

Not every woman has a good man, but every woman must have a few good girls.(Let's look at it together: Let's think of her at the side of the(Sisters in four movies )

In the past, Sharon was relatively rare in the opportunity to talk directly with the reader. This time, the group of five people made us feel the atmosphere of a sister party when the five-person-team made the food. The readers who are happy to see it, whether they come together or individually, have gradually opened the chatterbox, cheer together, work together to make the cuisine, and exchange the chop on the exchange.

Women's fans also have a long time to chat with readers, and readers have also given us a lot of valuable ideas and stories in the process of chatting: " Why are you so obsessed with women, don't you have ios versions?"Thank you, women's fans, for the days of my loss.""Women's fans have done a great job in the most recent and hard issues!"" (Recommended reading: Get out of the way: Women's fans read it!The fifth-sentence behind the first app of the woman's app apology

After you meet everyone.It reminds us of the days when the sisters and the sisters were together.You can tell each other, you know, somebody's going to get a good life in life.Let us also look forward to the next opportunity to date.

On the day of the day, first-hand report: womany @Instagram

In particular, I thank Sharon for the good partners:


cook!Soybean milk machine and gas saucepan, which explores innovation that makes life better.

you know that I know the good school

Everyone has something he wants to learn and what he wants to achieve, so the good school hopes to convey that good learning is a fun and positive attitude.


Alexander once said: Icame, I saw, and I conquired. The grapefruit is the same. In traditional Chinese cuisine, innovation and creativity converged, creating the ideal target for each chef that made the cuisine, and the customer was the source of the creative cuisine of the grapefruit.