After the last quarter of the world, and let H&M lift up a line of LANVIN x H&M designers, I don't know whether it was because it was so amazing. This season, H&M found another designer, not even the typical one, Elin Kling, a famous Swedish "tribal visitor", to design a joint series of products!

This Elin Kling co-designed nine single items, from clothing and decorations, with a simple style and integrated into the Bohemian elements, adding to the style of the overall style, which is said to be the same as the Elin Kling himself.And Elin Kling himself shared the latest and exciting images with readers from time to time in his blog.

Elin Kling and H&M's designers discuss and preinstall

show room

Elin Kling I wear my own design product and serve as the advocate

You must be curious why Elin Kling is wearing these costumes and posing as well?

In fact, Elin Kling was a professional model, and after removing the model, she returned to Sweden and opened her own blog to share fashion information and personal dress and become one of the most famous fashion bons in Sweden.

In the fashion circle, the name tag is not the first time that a famous tribal visitor is asked to be a spokesperson, or an offer of the same name as a tribal visitor. But this is the first time that a new commodity designer has been invited. This is really a great incentive for European and American fashion visitors. Everyone is beginning to ask when H&M will cooperate with the famous local tribal people.I even began to imagine the design and design style of every famous tribal visitor!

However, after 2/3 of the series of merchandise in Erin Kling x H&M, it is only sold in 10 specific stores in Sweden. People who want to collect may have to fly to Sweden, or ask their friends to buy them!

Finally, please enjoy the nine new devices designed by Elin Kling and H&M

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