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October 21: Home Hotel in North Xinyi District

To coincide with the grand opening of the 2011 North World Design Exhibition in Taipei, Australia's Asialink Asian Contact Center in Australia, "Women at home?"No?The Australian Process Design Exhibition "will be on display in Taipei on October 21."

The main character of this show is a woman, a hotel room, and she is traveling?Holiday?Travel?A visit to the old man?Or is it all?In short, she brings her baby in her home to her familiar place, jewelry, clothing, luxury goods, pleasure, love, beauty, memory, scenes, and her daily transformation to get a sense of familiarity, and she's not a cross-guest.One of the highlights of this show is that the exhibits are located in a hotel room to create a variety of scenes and atmosphere. These designs, which include life handicrafts, apparel, jewelry, furniture, and artistic creations, are created by many Australian designers and artists to demonstrate the art and design of the people in Taiwan.

During the exhibition period, Marisia Lukaszewski, an Australian curator, lives in a hotel room, with daily subtle changes in the form of "live", which will reflect the different threads of its "Occupant" for visitors to comment.Marisa Lukaszewski said the exhibits will involve subjects such as sex, charm, divine, residence and snooping, and the visitors can take the opportunity to reflect on the association of these objects with the residents, the characteristics of the residents and the stories that have happened.

This is the first time at the end of last year in Bangkok's annual design festival that was displayed at Sanlitun Hotel in Beijing, the "The Opposite House", and "Women at Home".No?An important stop for the Australian craft design exhibition, "Home Hotel", which will be stationed in Taipei, will be extended October 21 to November 2, from 1 to 8 daily. It is an important stop for the North World Design Exhibition.

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