This interview is a delicate presentation of Kong's mental process, the reader can further understand that the new era of the family has more happiness.

A family, a special but mundane existence--an interview with novelist Kong

"Really?" she said. Are you telling the truth? "No matter how like the shoe cat swordsman, open the watery eyes as the same as to kill the skill, usually get the answer type is probably still" well, how to say it? Like a problem of this kind ... "Every time I use the innocent expression to ask the writer whether the story in the novel is my own experience, there will be such a scene!"

Even if it is between a fictional story and a real event, there seems to be nothing to allow the reader to read the magic with relish, but as a writer who relies on imagination to put together a story, even if it is a strange and bizarre inspiration, it can be the beginning of a pen. Even so, only Kong's novels are different. She's heard countless times like that. Even if you want again and again to clarify the story is fictitious, it seems to have already torn away in the work is "flexible" their own experience of the label, so she simply on the direct public that she will be her personal affairs to write a novel.

Just as we all know, Kong this head just said the public statement, the first start with the ex-husband lawsuit, after several twists and turns, finally in the newspaper began to write serial novels, and finally to the Assembly published works is "Me and my divorce three times mother." So she was determined to say: "Anyway to bear the world's finger pointing point betray their own story, simply boldly in the explicit way to write it?"

A mother who has been married three times and has raised three children with different surnames on his own South Korea's best-selling novelist, even in the literary world, has extraordinary beauty ..., want to listen to the body wrapped in the story of the legendary Kong voice, no need to take a spin, we have for you to pass the microphone directly to her front! But she used to be like "see the KTV microphone and reincarnation of their own body to sing another" expression, seems to have to put their own misfortune are sung. (Extended reading: behind every divorcee, there are two stories )

Happiness or misfortune

At the sight of Kong, she began to praise the fall of how beautiful, praise that put on the new color of the city and the heavy weight of the city, for sentimental people to send this autumn city charm. In fact, the journalist and the day of the hole-and-branch-swimming hammered the visit, suddenly think of Xu Shuqing's poem, "All the instruments are singing their own misfortune," I do not know why I always feel that this paragraph and her novel "I and my divorce three times mother" very much, put together, inexplicably have flavor.

In order to visit the hole, I read the unpublished novel manuscript, temporarily put her slightly too complicated private life aside, start to think these course should be called "misfortune"? Anyone who has read this novel will have this idea!

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"No matter where this woman lives, I will always find her materials, using her story as a material for writing, is not an interesting role?" But that person is my own, it is really convenient ah! You can have such a good subject without rushing around. The story is usually half fictitious, half true, and if I have absolutely no intention of trying to justify the divorce, of course it is deceptive, but I would prefer to be able to make a voice out of this society through my personal experience.

For example, today, if I had fought, so when I want to convey the meaning of war to people, it is very important to be able to go directly from the writer's own experience. Even if there was no special purpose at first, I would think that if the material were to be written in my own experience, Maybe it will become more meaningful, perhaps you can say that it is selling my life, yes, the only question is whether such a story can conform to the Times and shape a novel completely. Of course the writer has to sell his experience, or what else can be sold? (laughter) "

This freedom can heal the wound.

Kong also knew that once everyone misunderstood the book, the endless misunderstanding would leave her no chance to roll over. The question of three marriages and divorces may be regarded as her unilateral justification, but it is not important whether they are true or false. Therefore, for Kong, the meaning of the novel is more profound than any of her past works, not simply because she has written down her own experience, nor because she has received a resounding response from the beginning of the newspaper. A few years ago, after her third marriage, after a few years, she had not made the news to the world and was planning to spend the rest of the day quietly, but she read in the newspaper reports that she was raising three different names for children.

In an instant, Kong's last line of defense was breached. In the days of retreat, suddenly understand Tao once troubled all of their own, in fact, for their own life to bring the opportunity to change, "before I wrote this little book, I had the idea of trying to escape from fiction, really, I want to talk about what to do with a noodle shop ... and I really don't know what I'm going to write about. I wonder why I have to live a life surrounded by abusive voices, but I don't know when to start, I suddenly feel that writing is my job, and my life has no way to decouple from writing, although it may be a little ... but I think I was born to write, writing is the reason I came to this world, And this idea is just appearing when I write this novel.

Perhaps, at this moment, I really accept that I must become a writer's fate? Before I accepted the fate of being a writer, I had to accept my life for the last 46 years. Once I want to escape from the writer's identity, once I want to escape from writing, once I want to escape from everything that everyone knows and think, I really want to ... And now I accept that the paper is swimming in the hole, and I accept the swimming in the hole that everyone knows how many marriages have been. So I have a pen to write down the courage of the book, although very hard, but very happy to complete. The reaction was unexpected and warm to me, and it certainly made me feel warmer. (Extended reading: Five keys to writing to make life better)

The line of defense was broken, but instead she became more free than any other time. If such freedom heals the wound, it heals the wound, and if that freedom can be a backup, it can be a backup. Kong in this light posture, talk about her in the book of the Wound and cure. "When I am not me, it is a wound; When I find myself again, I will never have to clarify to anyone that it is not my fault, perhaps it is a cure!" "Perhaps a musical instrument that sings his own misfortune will occasionally be happy with unhappiness," he said. There is no need to clarify what the next worry, as long as the wheel to turn to the KTV microphone, took to take out, and constantly happy to sing good.

How can a person live a natural and unrestrained life?

What a moist man is Kong? Just read her novels, immediately can know, but this book unexpectedly is not so, every family in the novel is big and small distress entangled, to "good sad a bar, in you can no longer be sad before, is a good sad" posture, make people tears. As a result, they are so hot that they make up a family that is no longer the only one. Actually, when I asked her, "Do you like crying?" "When she nodded like a mash of garlic;" And when I asked, "Do you think people have a way of living?" "When she gave me" and the love apart, but also chic are crazy! Do you hear yourself being said to be very chic, and the mood will become more happy? "A very blood-and-tears answer. "Of course, the natural time still have to be cool, like the signing of the time!" (Laughing Together) "

It is said that people can not do to suppress only one of their own emotions, when you suppress crying, other emotions are suppressed at the same time, and if you want to be a person who does not lose your temper, life becomes black and white, or when people see stories of others who have nothing to do with their own interests, so can tears be the lofty spirit of mankind. ; I wonder if these things are true. She was a crybaby who could be moved to tears for any trivial matter, no, perhaps in a world touched by her sensitive tentacles, that was no trivial matter.

After the end of the series, the reader sent to read the collection activities of the article, she had to start choking back the overflow of tears, not only the activities without any bonuses, coupled with less than one weeks in the urgent time to be delivered, incredibly hundreds of people responded to the event, sent a painstaking work to complete the article, " Originally thought will because the family situation in the novel is more special, so may not be the same as the general family, the result how actually everyone and we live exactly the same!

They said, "It's not someone else's story, it's my story, it said that they once wanted to say the truth of the export" and I would like to convey is also that "seems to be different from others" our family, at the same time, and ordinary families are no different; to be honest, there are no special Zhang in this novel, It's all a story of everyday life, so I'm thinking, is it because literature is always too little for the usual things that appear around you and me? will let me write so not special story, but become special. 」

Our happy time.

By writing this book, her relationship with her family has become more intimate, and there should be nothing more enjoyable for her than that. "Dick has now been a country, and has never read any of my novels, but in the plane we went to travel to read the story of the newspaper, but the story that day the novel is the second I (laugh), so he read the newspaper, then began to look for this book," Our mentor really said that oh? " His question opened the dialogue between us. In this novel, Blood is not at all important, although the child and my blood is connected, but as the little daughter and aunt Auntie Xu's relationship is also very similar to the same blood, and finally I want to convey that a family relationship, unrelated to blood, it is important that the family cherish each other friendship. 」

I mentioned a question in a novel and asked her, "When is your happiest time?" She replied with no hesitation: "Right now!" "She said that at the moment everything is a blessing, and even though how hard these days, there is still a motivation to continue writing to Thanksgiving." "Sometimes think about what is the condition of happiness?" If the critic praises my work, do I feel happy? I've also been hurt by the title of "popular fiction writer", now also become indifferent, because I should do is to put their life to a better direction; Whenever I squeeze out the article from the pain of writing, I think I can share such articles with you, except happiness, or happiness. 」

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She can take care of what she wants to protect, pick up one thing and then drop something else, then pick up one thing and then drop something else ..... Learning to do so makes Kong happy. "In this world, more than thousands of people are the first works to become a good writer, but only in writing the last work to make it a masterpiece of the people, is the real master!" Because it's a very difficult thing to do, you have to grow up and be able to achieve it. And I want to be the author of the last work is the masterpiece. 」

Looking at this more than any period of time she will be free to swim, in order to make their last work to become masterpiece, perseverance will be his life forward. Through despair, injury, or heart, whatever is good, the hardest thing to deal with is: emptiness. However, she is accompanying three children to spend "our happy time" with her, that seven years did not write the emptiness of writing, now can no longer close to her. (Recommended reading: How to become a writer?) )

Happy at home, the force of crying, singing, drinking, writing the hole branch swimming, perhaps such a happy time, is this autumn the most amazing beauty!