She is director of the Wang Xitei, the writer's "Thieves" won the 48th annual Golden Horse Award, the first direct work "boating", one by one, into the city and Busan Film Festival.

Recently, Taiwan's film booming, the new director, there is such a woman, through the short film to the international, using images to tell one story after another, she is Wang Xitei director. From the theater choreographer to the film Creation, 2012 screenwriter's short film "Thief", obtains the 48th annual Golden Horse Award Best Short Film Award, the 2014 choreographer's short film "Boating", more "zoned" enters the French Cannes Film Festival and the South Korea Busan Film Festival.

The turn of the director of Seagate has not only injected new flavor into Taiwan's film industry, but also made Taiwan films International.

Because of desire, so do my best to go to

In Taiwan, the theatre and the film industry seem to be very open things, but for the Seagate director, there is only a technical difference between the two, essentially creative. She felt that her creations always exist in her genes, because of love, so eager to learn, in the Drama Institute to audit all the films can be audited courses, and thus with a lot of film directors to learn exchanges, only step by step to today.

"A lot of things are not planned, because like it, you'll find a way to push it forward." 」

In "boating" This film, Seagate is not only the director, but also the writer and producer. Among them, the director and producer is in fact the two most conflicting roles, Seagate laughs that there will always be two of their own in the dialogue, one belongs to the rational production of the Left Brain, one belongs to the right brain of the perceptual director. Fund, quality, time, how to achieve a best balance among the three, Seagate director every day in battle with his heart.

Of course, the left and right brain is not so separate, rational sensibility both of the team will be the best, the producer will be more creative to do more strategic thinking, the director can be more rational for the team, for the work of better judgment. Although the body and many jobs will be less space for a number of strategies, many more challenges, but this challenge has not reduced the desire for the creation of Seagate, the work of the requirements. Looking at the firm eyes of the Seagate director, I can feel her strong psychology, and the truth and thirst for art.

Learn to walk down the river and enjoy the "boating" moment in your life

"Boating" comes from the story that Seagate's father told her. 50 years ago, in a high school fellowship in Green Lake, Taipei, two men and women who were strangers to each other took a boat. That boy is the Seagate father, 50 years later, the moment, dad to Seagate said that the high-spirited, but fascinating is wandering at that time between the young men and women, intriguing but not to say the feelings. No one knows the story of the two people that year finally how to end, the only hidden in the depths of memory, is the upstream of the road scenery.

Dad sharing this story at the same time, so that the director of Seagate can not help thinking, people live for decades, why special remember some moments in life? Later, the director of Seagate to his father for the story of the novel manuscript, looking at the manuscript at the same time, but also found the "memory" of the wonderful, because the father previously dictated and manuscripts written in very different. Because of the desire, so the different imagination, memories became the heart that the most special works, in the mind constantly playing.

"Boating" is almost all in the flow of the river shooting, many things are not mastered, and therefore, the Director of Seagate in the filming process has also been a lot of inspiration. A man is like a ship in a river that tries to swim upstream, because he is anxious to conquer what is in front of him, and cannot enjoy a moment of life. In the process of filming, because of the nature surrounded by the heart gradually melting, experience a lot of things that can not be controlled, in fact, they are now in possession of AH. (Recommended reading: Happiness in life: embracing loss in possession )

was to encourage his father to write novels, did not think that the way is to encourage their own process, and even by the inspiration has never imagined, "boating" church Seagate Director is facing the life of those important " Boating "For a moment, in the process of creation, she can calm down, perhaps not necessarily to the upstream to conquer, even if the river downstream, can also find those in the side have good.

Image source:"Boating" fan page

Character is more important than sex, so don't let labels decide what they look like.

After talking about the film itself, we were curious as to what the director of Seagate thought about the movie circle, and what she thought of it in the film field, which was generally considered to be relatively "positive", she said that it was only because there were more male film workers in the tradition that the film circle was "positive". No matter in which field, in fact, boys and girls are the same, are independent individuals, should be aware of who they are, what they want to do, brave to show their uniqueness, not for their own secular sex label. (Recommended reading: Joseph Gaudenlivai, who embraces feminism: "Don't let the sex decide who we are!") ")

When I asked if the director of Seagate had been discriminated against in the creation process, she thought and said: "People may be full of stereotypes, so some prejudice, but in the face of doubt, I will turn back to think that they are not enough, when they become stronger, trust will gradually replace those discrimination and prejudice." 」

"You are you, don't be the world you want to be." "Looking at the sincere eyes of the director of Seagate, I deeply feel her perseverance and gentleness, this is not because of gender, but because of her unique character, and thus create a unique self-worth."

Love People's emotional appearance, remember every pure intention

What the director of Seagate is most concerned about is the general emotional appearance of mankind, so the author of the "Thieves", in the crowded night market, to steal mobile phone events, depicting the modern Taiwanese women's psychological appearance of emotion, and then self-directed the "boating", showing the past parents that era, emotional memories and fantasy interwoven beautiful time and space, Let the audience to feel.

At the International Film Festival with rowing, the director of Seagate gained a lot of energy, and many of the filmmakers said they could see the director of Seagate from "boating", saying the work fully demonstrated the creator's personality. I think, "boating" is able to stand out in many works, it is because the director of Seagate has always been very clear about what they like, desire, and not forget who they are, so it will be in the international show the uniqueness of Asians, show only belong to the Seagate director of the irreplaceable, refined unique.

Unlike the common sense of insecurity that Taiwanese people have, need other people's affirmation and resources, to do what they do not like to do, the Seagate director is very honest and bold creation, remember each pure intention, but also will not ignore industry and strategy, but not to please others, in their own way, to the audience a hint of silk inspiration.

The sincerity of the director of Seagate can be seen not only in his works, her word, as a powerful image, deeply imprinted in my mind, almost imagined her creative desire to take her to where, believe that she will not be kidnapped on the way to the future, always remember every moment.

Through the "thieves", "rowing" These two short films, and this interview, I saw the director of Seagate's strong emotional ability and unique personality, I think this is how many people can not row, how to steal also can't steal away.