Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Female fans have come to the fourth year this road is very happy, often at midnight inspiration can not sleep, occasionally because the closing report busy to the head, with a new project everyone will be high morale forward out, "why" work on the Womany team is a happy thing? "The Women fans team has taught me that" life is about love and happiness, and work is ".

directly invite women fans co-founder-Zhang Wei Xuan, with the woman fan editor--audrey Kotzetzen, we three people, from five o'clock in the afternoon chat to the evening 10 o'clock many shops are about to close, we are still chatting, I sat opposite them two, looking at their occasional four-eye intersect revealed trust, Looking at them in the tacit understanding of each other, listen to them talk about womany work in the feeling, look at their eyes dream, I once again deeply love here. (Recommended reading: woman fan CEO share: Use corporate culture empower team!) )

Womany, no off, is a way of life!

I'm the editor of the Women's Obsession Internship program. I always remember the day when I joined the team of women fans, I really feel what is "blood". An avalanche of editorial affairs, a new plan, and the thought of something interesting will happen if you dare to do it! We're in a woman's office, almost every day in a kind of blood and excitement through, in the office of a topic can inspire a different point of view discussion, a news caused by our grief write more care, at every moment of female fans, every moment is a surprise and full of anticipation (but after a day, It also feels as if adrenaline has developed and has an amazing sense of exhaustion, and sometimes I wonder how it can be filled with adrenaline for years! )。 So the first question, I directly asked Wei Xuan and Audrey to chat with us, they in women's time, how to adjust their on & off state?

audrey:"in women fans, the mood has always been in the" emotional "state, whether it is happy, sad, angry, this space is absolutely feeling, especially aroused I want to do more things, I will say in women fans every day, are" feeling of the day. " 」

Wei Xuan: "I very agree with Audrey said" feeling ". Maintaining a high degree of perception is the ability of a woman's team to cultivate, and it is also a way for team partners to always give each other energy. And when it comes to on and off, I really don't think there is such a problem, because I think "life is not an office, there is no playground", especially our team, the majority of the partners in the working state of the few "On/off." I think, when you must deliberately to divide the boundaries of the On/off, it is easy to feel tired, so I often sing in the office, dance, let the work become a part of our life and entertainment, and work is also our life of the belief in the local industry. (Recommended reading: are you tired?) The law of balance between work and life )

audrey:"before I had to discuss with Wei Xuan" What is the division of On/off ", I think in Womany can do is" Womany is a lifestyle ", learning to use the angle of the womany to think things, no matter where you can do this practice. Just out of society, I have found that we all struggle with the dividing line between work and rest, so it's easy to get tired when switching, and sometimes even tell yourself in the off state that I'm on now and force myself to do something I don't want to do, so why not just let the "dividing line" be so obvious? Keep yourself in a more balanced state, and don't force yourself to switch work, but adjust as you feel. At first it is not simple, it is easy to feel that they have not rested, when there is such a situation, I will re-examine their life status, so that the work also has a life! 」

Wei Xuan: "I think this work and life these two kinds of things are flowing, just like the river." Sometimes it is very wildwater water, sometimes a pool of calm lake, occasionally slow down, occasionally run, I hope the team is like this always keep flowing. Work is definitely able to stop the pace, stop it is not a dialogue? "(same field Gayon: Design your favorite life )

The two of them are talking about a woman who is obsessed with not on the & off thing, I myself in this half a year actually also deep feeling, Wei Xuan said the life and the work actually will have the flow dialogue, actually not only with the cooperation unit, the team partner's dialogue, is with the life, with own dialogue, in the woman's each day, Lunch with the team at noon, often in the afternoon cake silently appear on the table (and then everyone will make a wild wish), the Cherub guides everyone to Jung (and then everyone fights and kicks) and the night feels right someone can sit in the office until two O ' Night (and then silently open a bottle of wine or a candle).

This is the womany that I've known, the women I've seen or Instagram seen on Facebook, are true, I used to secretly doubt that they do not know where the momentum, until now, I also slowly become a woman fan, and began to believe that for us, the work is not the responsibility of others , but a commitment to ourselves, a promise to create a better world together (the state of writing is written to a point in the middle of the night).

And I don't know why, I've always felt like running a relationship in a woman's time, from love into the running-in period (because the workload is really huge, we are pulling very high standards), through a friend to cherish, through the warm insipid, like with a can bring you together to grow the other half, and constantly explore new possibilities, Why is work a bit like a love affair for a woman fan? When the work encounters setbacks, those who toil, frustration, self-denial, how to face and deal with? Listen to Wei Xuan and Audrey to share with us, in the work encountered setbacks, they all how to face?

Work, to have love, to be happy

audrey:"Honestly, I have not to face the period of work (remark: Wei Xuan, this time with a very gentle eyes, secretly saw Audrey one eye), for me in the Womany road is very much like to climb uphill. When I encounter obstacles, occasionally there will be "God I have been very hard to climb up, now incredibly still have to cross a wall" such a rejection mood. But when it comes to chaos, I feel like asking myself, "What makes you tired?" "If you understand your tiredness, you may have the next move, and talk to that question:" Can I solve it myself? Or maybe it's my motivation to grow up? "If I can't solve it myself, I will ask for help from the team, in Womany do not have to fear weakness, I can raise my hand please, and everyone to chat." When the "advanced" encounter obstacles, and the team to chat, listen to their past experience, you can get the courage to climb up again. (Extended reading: Stress is the spice of life!) Four ways to embrace frustration )

Wei Xuan: "To say the truth, see the team partner luminous moment, will make everything become good worth." You will remember, will be moved, will shed tears, those moving moments will stay in your heart. We have also been crying loudly, those things go back to see, I will feel wow we have walked so many roads together. or read a letter from a reader, they have been because of love hurt themselves, at home in the storm did not dare to come out, in the family did not realize the dream, because Womany articles accompanied, and they grow up into a more courageous people, they find to know how to cherish their people, they go out of the comfort circle to overseas. It is these moments that I will feel, yes, that is the value of our existence, our mission, the slightest sense of frustration. (Extended reading: The team is the most important asset!) Silicon Valley's top venture capital Andreessen Horowitz's three people-consciousness method )

audrey:"one night, Wei Xuan suddenly sent a message to me, tell me all things will be white go, work not tang donate, to the end of all the efforts will be in a variety of different ways to produce ripple effect. The minute I saw the message, I burst into tears in bed. In fact, I still feel very tired occasionally, but that sentence in a strange way to heal me, I know all things as long as efforts, it will produce echoes. Most of the time we pursue things in a crash, but what Womany is doing is cumulative, far-reaching, and not just craving "now." So I learn not to rush to see the results, I also want to let bullets fly! 」

This half year, I slowly feel the work philosophy of women fans, in fact, it is really difficult to explain between the words, but in the time of working with them, I also slowly understand that this really is not just a job, women fans to create not only commercial profits, but value, more temperature, perhaps because of such a simple reason, So these crazy guys never really felt frustrated, more did not want to give up, as Wei Xuan said, when the reader because the female fans have changed and the unprecedented courageous choice, those real life, because women fans and produce drastic qualitative change, and become better, then everything may be worth it. So, What is it that makes these two women have such a strong and soft heart? What do they think of each other when they are two ?

Audrey: Wei Xuan is like the Big Bang of the universe, constantly subvert the previous world view.

audrey:"Wei Xuan is the person who has been evolving. Know her at different times, there will be different description, a beginning to know, I think she is a very gentle person, later she has another side is very strict (Wei Xuan at this time secretly smiled and said, I am now very gentle), I think afterwards, feel her, may also be trying to become a leader in her mind. In fact, very few people will think, like Wei Xuan so has been walking in front of everyone's role, it is also necessary to constantly try to revise the adjustment of courage. ( this Shi Xuan secretly interposed: And as leader, still can't be in a bad mood, everybody can be in a bad mood, only I can't. Because as long as I am in a bad mood, there will be a low-pressure gas field, affecting everyone's work. Once I had a joke around Audrey, and she told me you hadn't been joking for a long time. I realized that my own state would have a dramatic effect on the office atmosphere. )

audrey:"Wei Xuan is a person with many characteristics, she is very able to inspire the team, give us different direction to think. Her qualities are subversive, and she is like the Big bang, constantly correcting the previous world, or even subverting the old worldview, and then generating some newer, better ideas, or closer to the ideal direction. But the process is going to explode, and I'm thankful she's willing to make this drastic change and take us to a better world. "(you would also like to: change the Big World from a small place!) Three women entrepreneurs on the list of the rich world

"I think I'm the crew of a spaceship," Audrey said of herself and her fans. In Womany, as we sit in a spaceship to explore the vast universe, you can experience the subversion of those planets after blasting. I feel privileged to be with my partner on this ship and to look forward to the new universe we have created. 」

Wei Xuan: I See "Infinity" in her.

Wei Xuan is this talk Audrey: "audrey very like childhood me, personality is very blunt, very fond of reading, a little pretentious, to the world want to have more understanding, the human nature has more observation, we can make friends happy, won't let the cold, I see her in her former appearance, So I will be very strict and direct to her, I think she is my youth, even the invincible youth. My 24-year-old is not as wonderful as her 24-year-old. If my 24-Year-old has a team like this now, I certainly do not only this way, so I will be particularly worried about Audrey, because I know the time passed quickly. 」

"I see infinity in her, and I see Audrey growing up at work, from interns to being a leader now." She has all sorts of traits in development, and I can see what she can do better, even beyond. She used to be like an angry bird in a cage, flapping her wings but not flying out, feeling but not knowing how to act, but who was not on the rampage when he was young? Women fans of the team are emotional to the future of the social environment of the people, and we are such a rampage, and constantly grow together in the wrong. There are some things I do not know the answer, we go together to find. 」

audrey:"just came in my heart will have a lot of anger, before I believe in what I believe, put a lot of emotions in the heart, worry, helpless, uncomfortable. Wei Xuan told me: "You want to turn your emotion into passion, and then become action", all emotions must become actions. 」

Audrey went on to say: "The former has a big Taiwan university student more than 300 people speech, usually such task is not to find Wei Xuan is to find Tanya." But they wanted me to go, and when I first knew it, there was a sense of defense anxiety, "How can I talk?" Frankly, then will be afraid, worried that they are not a good speaker, not to tell the story, afraid of their own disgrace, let women fan out embarrassing, but Wei Xuan said content planning control are you are doing, how is not you to say? "We want to give the stage to the young. "That's what she told me. in Womany as soon as ready, the stage is over there, waiting for you to stand, ready, go up. Luminous! Wei Xuan's itinerary is very busy, but into the big speech that day, she still accompanies me to Tainan, she just sits silently listens to me to say, afterwards spends a lot of time to feedback to me. She allows me to be honest with myself and to be frank with the shortcomings that I don't want to be seen by others. (Hey Dear: Challenge yourself, do something that scares you every day!) )

Wei Xuan smiled and said: "For me, female fans as long as the" people "related things, is definitely ranked first. Sometimes I feel like, my relationship with the team is like a mirror, when the situation is good when everyone would like to look in the mirror, but when the situation is not good when everyone is afraid to look in the mirror, people are afraid to see the imperfect of their own, will want to escape, I will go in particular, but this process may be uncomfortable So now I also learn to make my mirror into a softer yellow bronze mirror, so that everyone will not be so stung. But I believe that whether it is for people or entrepreneurship, should be honest, I have a side of my own mirror, at any time to examine themselves, and then adjust to be able to become better. "(The same field Gayon: Successful entrepreneurs never say:" Do not know, do not, I do not havetime)

Wei Xuan This describes himself: "I feel like a gem stone, I can see they have a lot of beautiful characteristics, see people absolutely not only look at technology, before turning into a diamond, they may think:" I am a stone, why do you want to force me to become a diamond! "I'm going to spend a lot of time making them believe in themselves." 」

With them to adjust together. It is the happiest thing for me to grind out their brightest appearance.

We, who are fascinated by women, often describe Wei Xuan as a lovely and fascinating rebel character, but we all know how happy to be in such a team, of course, to do a good rebel role is not easy, listen to Wei Xuan and we share in the women of the CEO position of the most important three key!

1th is absolutely hard but happy to have to:

"Don't be afraid to be hated by everyone. What's wrong with being a guy who loves to see people? That is not necessarily a good thing, the team often described me as a love and hate role, so there is no bad, because the team must have such a person exists. 」

Audrey also said Wei Xuan is a willing to inherit the experience of the leader: in Womany learn when leader, Wei Xuan told me: "You don't just want to be a let everyone loves you." If you just want to be very intimate, very lovable person, in fact very selfish, you are only for their own sake, not for the sake of partners, to see his problems, to think can be a better direction. To have the courage to bear his grudge on this road, he may grow very uncomfortable, but this is the responsibility of leader, to make the team partners better " no matter where, I think should be held in this spirit." This is also in Wei Xuan body to learn the thing.

2nd, there is a huge and strong belief:

"I believe we've all been demonstrating that maybe we're doing the quickest, fastest-growing thing, but it's definitely the right thing to do," he said. I believe in the two of the Temple of the Master of a generation: "Dwell on, there will be echoes." "Don't forget what we've been working so hard to do here," he said. A speech can affect 300 people, an article can change tens of thousands of people, I completely firmly believe that this matter, no matter what setbacks. Many people think we are good, but in fact not, these things do not need to explain, and not important, as long as the belief in this, self-evident. 」

Audrey to Wei Xuan said belief also felt and hair: "Just as we all believe that the text has the power to shake the world, I have been in other people's words to gain strength, before entering Womany internship, I do not even know that I can become a writing worker, this is a writing really can change what place. Even when writing, talking to the reader and giving back to yourself. The flow is fascinating, and every reader is a part of Womany culture. "(same field Gayon: Time magazine teaches!) 10 key exercises to promote "text charm"

The 3rd is absolutely sweet but absolutely heavy load:

"Absolutely sweet is, I really feel too happy, can and partners to fight together, I have heard many large companies small company personnel disputes, defection, this is not interesting, we have to do is the new corporate culture, create a new culture, create a Taiwanese dream enterprise. My team and I believe this thing, let me very happy. 」

"And absolutely heavy is the absolute responsibility, I carry all the youth, including my own, Audrey, I have asked her a question:" When you see children of the same age to become big boss of special help, follow the world run, go to many countries, you will not envy? "I want to think for her, to make sure that the people in Womany can not get the stage she wants, can achieve what she wants to do, this is for their youth." I hope that every person's life in Womany is not wasted. "(Extended reading: adventure while Young, because of the fall )

Such a sweet load, let me come here with no regrets.

Wei Xuan: "My own heart will have a step version of the Wei Xuan, put in that and I dialogue, that is my vision of their future, not blindly blaming themselves, but imagining themselves." People will be busy, will be deadlocked, feel that they only like this, you must jump out of the box stand at a higher point to see things, the future to have expectations. 」

More than half a year here (hope will be longer), I found that because there is not only for the sake of the company, a shoulder to bear all the youth of the leader, so we more attentively, also rest assured in the female fans on foot to open up a new journey. This stage, not belong to a person's glory, but the whole team let woman fan bit by bit to radiate warm. Wei Xuan and Audrey in unison say, have these partners, is they in female fan meet the most moving force.

Wei Xuan: "The team shines, is my most touching moment." Seeing my partner on stage, I was happier than standing on the stage alone. Depression is often a big environment. Taiwan is already small enough, I believe that we should go out together instead of confronting each other, we should create an environment, or even create an ecological circle of new media, so that we can take a little long way. Having more understanding and friendliness is my expectation for this environment and Womany team. "

Audrey:"'s Most recent moment was one night when the office was doing a 30-minute writing marathon, writing a different view of the Liu Jiaoan incident, and I felt like I was surrounded by a great deal of happiness. You know the people around you are the people who want to say something, so many people in the things they believe, want to do, I feel a very warm hug around, is also a kind of energy. This atmosphere is not caused by a person, but everyone has lost something created, because there are so many people, in order to better the world to work hard, is a very happy thing. "(Recommended reading: Five articles, five views, one next step, inviting you to talk about the Sun Flower Queen event )

Audrey said here, shed tears, such tears are hot, to the identity of the editor of women, I also want to share with you Audrey once said to me: "Write down what you believe." "Because of her, I've also learned to be brave enough to say what I think should be changed, and to discover the different fascinating features of women's fans day after day." have you ever cared about a woman's obsession with women as a website with feminine awareness? In fact, we want to do not only the female consciousness, but also gender awareness, and in addition to gender, in women are obsessed with us as much as the world of the size of the event. Then, please Audrey and Wei Xuan with us to share their hearts of women fans!

audrey:"the first is to break the imagination of women's media, the second is to make everyone here can be very comfortable, you always believe in their future appearance has a better imagination. "

"I have recently realized that the imagination of women's media is very limited, and we often feel that girls should be concerned about something." But in women fans, care about fashion is no more than caring about gender or current affairs, These things do not have good or bad points, even if the feminist is very high, fashion should not be a derogatory word. These options are equal, we hope to create is, here you can see more information, you are aware of current events, also need to be in a lovelorn when someone patted you on the shoulder, you care about fashion, does not mean no gender consciousness, here there is no opposition. I hope that a woman's obsession is a place for everyone to be comfortable. (Recommended reading: The force is very Emmahuasen!) The stunning feminist manifesto of Paris Fashion Week.

Wei Xuan: "I think Womany is a very difficult to imagine, but really worthy of existence." Compared to many female media, we have no chance of winning on the scale of capital, but now we are really stronger. There may be a lot of questioning along the way, and sometimes it takes some of the things you don't understand, so you need to stick with it for a long time. "

"I also think that the woman fan is a fascinating little universe, is intimate, comfortable, and everyone breathing together to grow." Womany is not an upper-right system, we together lovelorn, long distance, together to watch current events, together to admit mistakes. Womany can remind you not only live in the historical, cultural framework, we want is very simple, is to remember to be yourself. 」

Womany are many,you are the only. We always inspire and motivate us to be better people here. However, the people who always say this sentence, how to adhere to this value, with what to encourage themselves? Finally, please Wei Xuan and Audrey share peacetime encourage their words, and also give each other a word!

Discomfort is the beginning of growth.

Audrey, editor of the Women's mystery

"A previous one months ' leave to go abroad, come back immediately face company many things, oneself feel rush, include a lot of excellent intern waiting for me, at that time I think oneself should want to grow quickly just right, but in body and mind all feel tired, so write down the mood at that time, while writing and their own dialogue, When I was done, I was relieved of the pressure and could face the matter. We often make a detour when we feel uncomfortable and sore, but we miss out on better possibilities. (same field Gayon:"Uncomfortable, it is the beginning of growth" to write a letter to the work of your hesitation )

Audrey to Wei Xuan: because she recently in the "gentle" practice, so I want to send her Lao Tze's word: "Weak and strong." 」

"It's not really about winning, but it's easy to overlook the softness," he said. Many people will tell us to have achievement, to blockbuster, to have lofty value, but the soft thing is very important, this is also the thing that the woman is obsessed with. 」

Wei Xuan always use Gibran said words to encourage himself: "Life is dark, unless there is a desire, all aspirations are blind, unless there is knowledge, all knowledge is in vain, unless there is work, all work is void, unless there is love." 」

"I used to encourage myself and inspire you, work must have love, everyone love the purpose is not the same, some people need money, some people need ideals, some people like the team, some people like to be Soho, no matter what your choice is, be sure to know their favorite, or in the work is very empty , I can't find the meaning to fill myself. "

Wei Xuan gave Audrey two words: "Pondering"

These two words have the concept of time, do not rush, cut is to be slow, to thin carving. Before pondering the first to have the vision, to observe more, "Dream big,but do small." Sent to Audrey.

Five hours, always feel that there are more can be asked to share, listen to Wei Xuan and Audrey dialogue, you are not also on the life and work have a layer of imagination? I also use Wei Xuan "pondering" to give everyone, alive every moment, big picture, small start, so that every day, have the opportunity to become your life the most beautiful day. I hope you can work harder to realize and have the courage to get the life you want because you deserve it.

And women are obsessed here, and never stop trying to create a better and more friendly environment for all the small voices, with you.