What kind of opportunity is

going to make her willing to go to the kitchen?More love and joy in sharing, more possibilities to open their own lives, let's have a look at it!

Finged fingers, light blends in a bowl of chicken eggs and cheerful smiles, like snow white granulated sugar, and a gentle and exquisite voice that explains each step, a bright pair of eyes while watching the situation in the oven, and caring for the students who study together at the table.In front of women's fans, the chef's wife Olivia, who has never been in the kitchen, has been in the kitchen for her own life, knows more people, and gets more happy because of sharing. This may be an unexpected surprise that Olivia has never thought of, and all of this begins with Love.

Wash the soup for the first time, and the result is a disaster!

The chef Olivia is honest with us that she used to be like many modern women, and she wouldn't cook at all!However, the male and female friends at that time, too, are now husband and wife. They always express an express desire to taste the food that Olivia has made himself.At first, Olivia had a mindset of rejection, and his mother told her: "Girls, don't cook for boys too soon, and there's a lot of food to be done in the future.""

In fact, this is one of the reasons why many girls don't want to go to the kitchen. In our previous impression, women were married, had children, and began to walk into the kitchen, as if there was no way back to life, and the whole world revolved around the family and lost their own living space and freedom.

In addition, it is so convenient to buy food in Taiwan. Gradually, more and more young girls will cook and cook, even if they don't even eat themselves, let alone cook for other people!(Another possibility of starting to cook: The happiness and hardships of the Nordic life: the avatar, the avatar, cookery )

(Figure Source: Olivia (Vivion) )

But in the end, Olivia decided to try his hands on the soup, and the first time he had to wash the soup was a disaster. Olivia smiled and said, " I don't even know that I'm going to fire the whole thing, and I just get the leaves out, and I'm just going to stir them up.When there was a fish fry, the fish was completely burned by me, and I was a little clever to cover up with red sauce!Finally, after the success of her work, she was very happy to ask her boyfriend to come over for dinner, but she still had the wishful thinking: "It's so hard to eat, so ... my boyfriend shouldn't expect me to cook again!"She was surprised and moved by her not thinking of her boyfriend's reaction.

Make life more happy because of love and sharing

boyfriend, after seeing a "catastrophe" at the table, had not abandoned anything, but was impressed by the hard work of Olivia's hard work, and made Olivia very moved, and he wanted to: "I hope next time I can get him to eat a little" normal " food.Olivia started to learn how to recipes, and in the process she was not immediately turned into a chef, but every time she tried it, her boyfriend encouraged her to become more and more confident, and to become more and more productive, and to share her interest with her, and to enjoy the joy of sharing food with her.

She said, " After the chef, I'm still the one who loves to be beautiful!I didn't change my preference because I didn't like to cook it, like I didn't like the smell of the hair, so I chose to cook it, and it would be less of a Spanish type because there was less oil."

(Figure Source: Kitchman Olivia (Vivion) )

In the past, in the image of "male and female hostess", women were defined as caring for the family, and only one day at home. But gradually, girls began to walk out of their homes and find more self-possibility, and they were somewhat proudly resisted in the face of the kitchen. Olivia, who has gradually become a favorite to cook, not only breaks his fear of food, but also defines the case of "chef chef" for us.

Olivia leiseably round the kitchen and outside the home, kitchen is no longer an enemy of women, but it is a companion for the woman and her family. In Olivia's story, she further links her with more people and opens up the world in front of her.(Beauty Gallup: The Career: Joanna Liu Wei-tong the Loyman, the Loyful Beauty)

Make the dish that makes your living circle more extensive

Olivia slowly discovered that she was a few of her friends in the group, and that her friends saw her cooking photos, and she began to take care of her life. She recorded her blog with more people.

( Figure source: Olivia (Vivion) )

began to study Western cuisine, not just looking at cookbooks, but by studying the local climate, landscape, and customs, and so on. When she was able to understand the culture of different countries, she said, " When I look at the food in these countries, I will start imaginating that one day I can really go to these countries and try their cuisine. This is one of the pleasures of my cooking!"

the words of "One Side Soil, One Side", a country's eating habits basically concentrate on the essence of a region. So, Olivia has opened a window for herself to learn more about the beauty of the world. We also look forward to seeing more landscapes in Olivia's food.(You'd like to: Berlin tasty chef!)Taiwan girl in berlin )

From Olivia's story, we know that the kitchen is no longer a place to tie women, because she doesn't need to abandon her own preferences because of love, and doesn't need to change her own preferences. Instead, she gets even more pleasure because of the food.In addition to being able to see dear family members and enjoy the food, the world of Olivia's world has become more extensive and more aware of their own lives.

Pythagoras once said, " Interested in cuisine, but not interested in cooking, this is ridiculous."We can also follow Olivia and wash your hands of the soup. Perhaps we will still be immersed in the care of our food, and we will not be able to take care of ourselves."

You want to try the trick, the chef share the trick:

1. Don't worry about it.The first time you cook, choose the same main course, and you can enjoy a good meal:

It's hard to avoid a rush, but I hope to have a good performance, but I hope to be able to do a good job. Instead, it gives you too much pressure and leads to failure. It makes people feel right to take care of the food.Olivia suggested that the first chef be able to choose a class of meals, such as the one in the last "The Saloon" class "The vegetable is a simple choice, a good meal or a soup," and "a good meal."

2. Choose the tools for the pair, the time is tight, and the cuisine can be done:

of the reasons why modern people don't cook is that life is too busy to give details of the cooking process. Olivia himself can make use of the qi-frying pan, or many smart lifestyle appliances, to take care of the cooking pot.(You would like: Smart cook new selection

3. Slowly recipes, everyone can be a chef:

Olivia strongly recommends that we follow the recipe step by step, like when she first starts school, and then use the bag to avoid dirtiy, and then don't go too much with the recipe, so you can enjoy the fun of the food, and you can share the joy of food and enjoy it.(sibling: Women's fans and you enjoy the joy of keeping with you )

Recipes Sharing

at the Spool-Rooster

Material: Chicken legs, sweet pepper, klamua, corn shoots, potatoes, salt, olive oil, vanilla


(1) peel, seed, and white membrane with a width of about half a centimeter long strip.The chlama is cut into a centimeter thick slice.Add a little olive oil to the bowl and stir it up with a 1/4 tea spoon of salt.

(2) Cut the potatoes into half-moon.

(3) Inverts are scratchled on the meat of the reverse leg, and the size of the leg platoon will not be reduced.

(4) Pasting vanilla and salt on chicken.

(5) Fries and chicken legs are placed in a gas-frying pan in order for 170 degrees and 25 minutes, and the chicken legs are crisp and crisp.

(6) Lift the chicken leg out, put it in a gas-frying pan, 170 degrees, 5 minutes.