This small red box, open box Editor by Fantine to bear, hope that little red box to her power, you can have the same feeling.

2015 unconsciously arrived, on the first day of this year I secretly wrote the New Year's wish: "I hope that in this year, I can become a gentle and bright person." 」

Talk to your sister about the changes we've grown up with, and we all want to learn how to put ourselves in the right place. Sometimes, we always love too fast, get too anxious, and finally give a lack. In a "I Want to love, work, academic success" and so with the desire of worldly, "oneself" but gradually disappeared, neglected in the ambition, not everything is not to go into the meaning of it, so we are poor only to complete each of the established goals. (Read on: write down three things you should be thankful for and make you happier every day .)

when life is left to be done, the heart of gain and loss will be particularly heavy, and be extremely sensitive to external "loss" , There's always a disturbance in the mind. . The noise outside the noisy isolation, practice with their own dialogue, thinking that can not bear any loss of their own, will find that the day has passed. Then finally understand: truly profound success is not how much applause you received, but you can in every ordinary day to adhere to their own gentle, the people around you love, the world.

January Small red Box packaging we have been learning how to "gentle insistence"

Especially like this month small red box design, there is full of hibiscus flowers blooming, flower language is "gentle insistence." Looking at the pink orange and rosy-red crisscross the Beautiful box body, a warm influx of heart. Think of that night and sister's conclusion, secretly expect their inner can be more abundant soft, can remove sharp resentment sigh, gentle to embrace the beauty around. "Do not cry, do not laugh, also do not scold, just understand and understanding." " may occasionally still be lonely, still will be puzzled, will be angry, but learn to relax the heart to see what happened in their own body , accept lost in their hearts, but the loss did not devour me, I will not be hard to lose away."

"Hear the whole world rushing for us--the days are a beautiful book." "--〈 Travel Rehearsal

I am glad that in this ordinary day, there are small red box with me a trip to the heart of a small trip. Let yourself enjoy every moment of life, in the course of time will never repeat, even lost, lost, sad is special, even in the day-to-day life, do not forget to be gentle. (You will also like: the key to practicing happiness: believe in the strength of persistence )

Take care of yourself and sleep soundly every night.

Open this month's small red box, content or as usual to cherish each woman attentively. Full spread out, there are Miss Sweetheart table calendar, Shiseido MQ Lip color card, Renee Night with safety pants and sanitary cotton, Lotus Chef Light 98 Fresh Valley drink , every day beautiful mask.

The first thing that caught my eye was Renee's super instantaneous suction night safety pants. For the physiological period of blood volume of me, how not to night leakage has been my troubled problem. Because I am not used to the use of cotton strips, but the general night health cotton still has the risk of side leakage. After using the night with safety pants, feel that although the shape and diaper some similar, but the package is not sultry design, really can change a good night's sleep.

I have been in the physiological period to sleep well, this month in the use of night security pants, let me throughout the physiological period to maintain good spirit. In addition to night safety pants, a small amount of days on the use of Renee Tampons, and night use of safety pants to use the same comfort, let people even if busy also feel very refreshing. Have a good spirit and maintain a refreshing body and mind is my past in the physiological period of the most distressed things, when the lack of sleep, it is easy because of a small matter and feel irritable, and afterwards for their own not gentle regret. With a good spirit, you can have more energy to embrace the surroundings. (Look together: the misunderstanding is big!) Cracked 10 physiological periods of myth! )

Let the appearance is beautiful, the mood is also beautiful

Continue to flip through the contents of the box, the second is Shiseido's lip color card. There is bitterness and joy is life, sometimes we laugh loudly, and sometimes we bend over and cry. Since can not change the reality, then at any time to return to their own zero, at any time to find can let their mood lightsome gentle method. I think that a little change in appearance will allow me to return to zero because of this difference.

Never in the same lip color, to know oneself. Who said that the way to make yourself happy, must start from the heart? You can also start with the gentle face of your appearance. Try to grasp the details of life, do not blindly follow the bandwagon, but the quality of life in fact from the exquisite, in order to let the inner interreligious gentle, Shen Dian in the passage of time, so that people can not be picky.

Lotus Light 98 Fiber Valley Drink , so that the body and mind are lightsome

Physiological period is always easy to hungry, but also afraid to eat too much junk food. This month, the Little red box offers you some easy ways to supplement your dietary fiber! A simple brew helps you start a healthy circulatory metabolic system from morning onwards. Only 98 cards per pack, in addition to health can enjoy, small red box to help me find the physiological period of the principle of slim diet .

We always think that there are a lot of time to love themselves, always think about tomorrow, and then do, some of the accumulated bad habits of life, but unknowingly ignore their own health. life is very long, also very impermanent, all the way to their own choice, will create every "now" you. from skin to body, take good care of yourself in a healthy way. (Take a look:Light your Light life )

Miss Sweetheart, the proposal to practise a happy life

Miss Sweetheart is a heart that looks very tender and sweet, but if you look carefully, you will find that there are big and small wounds in her body. I guess it's just like life, right? life has always been a two-sided, not entirely beautiful, with some outsiders can not see the scars, but in the dry tears, it is a new day. Miss Sweet looks like she's telling us, " dear, when you may have doubts or dissatisfaction with yourself, but don't forget to remember what you are really like right now." "(The exclusive limit of women's obsession!) 2015 Miss Sweetheart Table calendar )

The world must feel frankly. will hurt the wound to, gently rub. When you are held tight, go and have a brave blessing. When you are not understood, believe that you are worth The dream that you have done forever. --Zhang Hung/dear

On the first day of 2015 years, I wrote a letter to myself about Miss Sweet's happiness proposal. Write a letter to face their once afraid, hesitates, put down the trouble, after writing will find that we are actually more courageous than we think. Gentleness is the most powerful force. When we stand at the crossroads, the gentle voice in our hearts says: "Don't be afraid, you have yourself." 」

In the face of the past, wipe away the tears more firmly to the future. 2015 of their own, please also give a lot of advice.

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