Women fans Fashion essay The first time, I can not understand fashion, but I have to see the whole life fashion. Let's feel the heat of the fashion industry this year.

This year's fashion ads, there is no age, sex, love the object of the border, let us start from Céline, to Tiffany&co knot, feel the subversive vitality of the fashion circle.

Céline: A writer, a ballerina, a model and a variety of feminine tastes

Let ' s Start with céline! in Céline's latest release of the 2015 spring and Summer image ads, Joan Didion came! The 80-Year-old, prolific American critic and feminist writer, a type of silver Bob Head, "omniscient" general black sunglasses, gold necklace decorated with black clothes, the camera appears to be silent, but Joan Didion do not speak, then swore her time is coming back.

"I never knew what I was thinking until I wrote them down,"---Joan Didion

Outside of Joan Didion, Céline also invited the French ballet artist Marie-agnès Gillot and the 15-year-old British model Freya Lawrence together to deduce a variety of feminine taste Céline. A thorough observation of the pen, the meticulous wild dance steps, the delicate model of the new generation, contributing to the Céline 2015 spring and summer women's image of the chemical changes. (Recommended reading: The gas field is super strong!) The world's most senior 83-Year-old model Carmen Dell ' Orefice

From that year Phoebe Philo took over Céline, daring to move the French brand's office to London, since then Celine more independent and elegant temperament, Phoebe Philo once said "I want to reorganize, the Céline become strong and strong, It has a modern minimalist art style. 」

Like English use the face to describe the spokesperson, a faces, more than words. Through this image advertising spokesperson, see Céline brand ambition and a clearer brand tone. Extremely simple, Leng Yan, unwilling to be ordinary.

Prada: Four-bit-style male star with a feast of eyes

Ethan Hawk cut black and white photos, Jeck Oconnell holding a water cup, Melstelle holding pen in hand writing, Anser Elget peel orange peel ... (Wait, why is it orange peel?) )

Prada 2015 's spring and summer ads, found in four-style male stars, Jecko Cornell (Jack O ' Connell), Melstelle (Miles Teller), Anser Elget (Ansel Elgort) and Ethan Hawk (Ethan Hawke), the word lined up, The story of the lens atmosphere, the day-to-day scenes brewing calm sexy Prada style, like waiting for hunting the warm Lion group.

"Not only women are diverse, but men are also diverse," says "prada.

The lens is provocative, Zoom in Zoom out, scaling men's private field, behind a group of common desire for them, the desire for Prada men and women. Of course, this group of handsome men in the movie circle for too long, it is time to return to VIES magazine page. Perhaps I should admit that this fashion advertising is a little selfish of women, have to share to the camera before you, together desire. (Recommended reading: nosebleed To do the public good!) 2015 British Rowing Team Almanac )

YSL: A hearty, lively, rebellious folk rock idol

Fold-music Badass Rocks on!

If the Céline enable Joan Didion for the brand to add Leng Yan's literary breath, also enable the 71-Year-old model (allow me to use this more accurate on the other side of the word) of the YSL, bring everyone back to the 1970 rock age, that wandering and freedom is the life of the highest pointer of the era. The best way is to summon the ballad Rock idol Joni Mitchell. (same field Gayon: eternal Love and peace!) Colorful Hus-Drag music festival )

The 71-Year-old Joni Mitchell is not only a legendary musician, but also a painter, poet, visual artist and social observer. Advertisement, Joni Mitchell closed his eyes fiddle guitar, a bohemian folk costume, country hat, time as if frozen, we can still roam and freedom, chic suave a little live.

YSL has always been unconstrained, as Yves Saint Laurent himself said: "You do not love me forever, or you will never love," to be the ultimate, flattening out forget it, if not good is big bad, so life is more enjoyable. Joni Mitchell embodies the unruly spirit of the wild horse, while using folk rock to add a gentle vision of life. This is the season's YSL, I see the cool inside there is temperature.

Tiffany & Co.: Support Gay issues for the first time

"Today, the road to marriage is no longer linear, true love should happen more often, love stories can have more versions." "tiffany's spokesman told the media so.

"Would you like it?" "will you in the image of advertising, the lens of the two people are not models, but living in New York gay couples, this is Tiffany for the first time openly support gay issues. It seems that 2015 of the fashion ads advocating "vegetarian people", but also want to dig the real life behind the beautiful, more want to connect with the daily life and society, incubate the new era of fashion imagination.

In the film recite the true meaning of love, all the years, memories have a voice like this, firmly believe that we can go to the end. And we, regardless of the object of love, believe that the mood has never been different.

"Love is patient, the love is kind." It does not envy the It does not boast and it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it are not self-seeking, it isn't easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. "

Love is patient and gracious, let us use Tiffany ring to touch, to the eternal love.

To loves, for the love, at the beginning of 2015, I felt myself overflowing with the fashion industry.