Because we believe that, regardless of age, we can live a wonderful life if we know ourselves and be faithful to ourselves.

Models are highly competitive industries, and it is not easy to pick up the beauty of the beauty of the beauty of the demands of beauty.But abroad, a 83-year-old model: Carmen Dell ’ one of the most senior models in the world for 70 years at the Stretch table.

At the beginning of the cover of Vogue at the age of 15, Carmen emerged in the fashion circle. How did she take a place in the competitive modeling profession and become a legendary model that no one else could replace?Let's take a look at her story together. (Siemonne: Women's Voyage " Vivienne Westwood )

Strictly speaking, the modelling station's longevity is not long, often called "old" after the age of 26, while Carmen continues to be favored by the luxury fashion brand, such as the high-priced horologe and the designer Gayaultier, who has worked closely with her in her luxurious, unique, temperament.

the age of 83, she came to the spotlight and was filled with dazzled air. Instead of taking her beauty from her, she made her feel confident.More than half of the years, she is more important to find her most beautiful side!(Self-confidence makes you more beautiful: Where is the confidence?to make you a beautiful little secret )

As a model, I don't have an identity, just like a chameleon, just a silent actress.

When Carmen was only 15 years old, she was on the cover of Vogue, but at the age of his age, she said:

At a young age, getting on the cover of Vogue was not of great significance to me.Because I was completely unable to understand what I looked like in their eyes, and I couldn't understand what they saw in me.

To improve the situation, Carmen began a new life, and she was of "sex" in the fashion circle. She wanted to how to show her sexy side. was a beautiful but Jen-Jen- doll.

When I didn't know who I was, how could I be alive, "she said." When I spent most of my life, I grew up with Carmen, older, knowing how to be honest with myself. Now, for her, you are happy to be yourself. (with a playground: I'm going out of the stretch stand again: this time, I choose what I want )

You may not like me, but I am not going to please others for the recognition of others.

You don ’ t have to like me, but I ’ m not going to please someone for the sake of their approval

About shaping and natural beauty, why not?

Many people are curious, what did Carmen do?Her first husband used long-nose surgery to improve wrinkles and sunburn. She had surgery to improve wrinkles and sunburn. She had surgery to improve wrinkles and sunburn. She used images to record all of this before she was replaced by her.(About Shaping: Do you know what a Bad Queen's Syndrome Group is?)

Carmen said she was lucky to have had a unique skeleton, allowing her to walk on the table with elegance and self-discipline, so that she could still maintain a slim figure and a good skin.Even though she grew older, she still insisted on her beauty. Even after she had just finished his knee surgery, she insisted on wearing heels in front of everyone in her eyes.

A lifetime of romantic Carmen

I never wanted to get married unless I was in the middle of a love river

Carmen admits that she is full of hopesetics. She says that nowadays people are always full of hope, but in the course of their pursuit, they have missed a lot of life in their lives, but that's a pity!Because life is the only way to enjoy the chemical reactions between people and people, it is a beautiful spark that is caused by the friction between people and people.

the paragraph of her marriage, she married her only daughter Laura, but she stressed: "I have a marriage not to have a child, but to maintain a relationship " In her education, she felt the best way to solve her own life, and to be full of ambition for her life.(You'd like to: Jennifer Aniston: " The value of being a woman is not just a birth child!" )

Carmen never avoided a three-time abortion, even though she was illegal in her era, but she was a Catholic, and she respected her decision because she thought:

As a woman, it should not be a container for children, and we should be awakened from this.When women do not know why they have children, not only are they responsible for their lives, but the whole government and society need to spend more resources to care for the children.

About love and life

Carmen once found herself in her first husband, discovering that she was able to satisfy her own sexuality and desire, and that sharing marriage was a wonderful thing. She had been cheated by her lover, and she looked at it after old age, she said:

Maybe I've lost my love in love, but it doesn't change who I am, and will not change my way of life

her lifetime, she realized that she could find a soul mate in a friendship, but that love was not only confined to the two sexes, but was able to find love in every aspect of life.

Now Carmen enjoys a life of his own, a simple life, and occasionally a group of friends, 82 years old, not afraid of the inevitable outcome of that life. Instead, she continues to enjoy her own life. She continues to stand on the stretch desk with a fever and self-confidence, every day.(No need to find: The most beautiful thing is to let you find love from yourself )

Carmen's most recent work appeared in the 2014 journal, watched her 15-year-old Vogue cover, and saw her now, and felt that she had more glamorous flavor.It's like women's fans believe that every woman has a unique charm, and she may have been confused because she didn't understand her own particular. But as the age grows, she gradually knows herself, regresher her self-confidence, and even more in love, and also grows more.

The years have never taken her beautiful, but because of the stories of these days, she has become even more beautiful in her irreplaceable beauty.I believe that in the future we can continue to see the work of Carmen. Let's take a look at the collection of her past work and enjoy her mature and elegant charm.