Zeng clear eyes, no more than seven years to finally send a piece of impatient, but there is a curiosity about everything, and adhere to the Zeng way to complete the courage of the dream.

Singing, is a long round dream

"To participate in the singing competition is My life's greatest adventure, this adventure, let my life completely change." 」

Zeng The first sound, is Na Ying's "dream", fresh tone in the hearts of everyone left an impression, after the "fool", "No Smoke Day" let everyone on this short hair a little boyish pure female voice has more profound understanding, Huang once said: "Zeng really is a very can sing the girl." "Yes, she will sing to win the sixth place, also sent a music collection, but such a Zeng in the music on the road is not smooth, the real open visibility, but in the drama stage, and the original singing dream, a full wait for seven years."

"I don't know if I'm ready, just know I'm really good at coming up with albums." "Because I feel like the change in the show is very big, so until the signing of the present can not believe that, some of the pessimistic planet Tzu feel that before entering the studio there are variables." "Because this thing is too important for me!" So would care more than anything, this kind of care is like a fairy tale princess really married Prince's unreal feeling. (Recommended reading: a Dream without action, not a dream )

She was nervous, she was disturbed, because she hoped this time can succeed! "Although there are some conditions in the early stage, but in the late actually enjoy the whole process, know that you want to explore the music on the road more possibilities."

During the year of the Vegetarian singer's rise, everyone stayed in front of the TV and waited for a wonderful song. Let us relive a beautiful classic song, but with singing program singing red singer But if the number, mostly, by the reality of the torrent rushed back to the original world, standing on the stage of the day, become a good memory of life, And Zeng in will be washed away in the torrent caught a corner, and then struggling to stand up, seven years later, finally let us see again, she stood on the stage of singing.

If I can't sing, I'd rather not stand on the stage

"I never thought of being an actress, and if I didn't sing I wouldn't go to showbiz." "When we ask, what if we concentrate on the development of the drama circle?" Zeng resolutely to say this sentence. Is so firm, also so not hesitate, simple word, you saw Zeng to dream of persistence, and such insistence, perhaps is let her survive seven years of the key. Zeng said that mere acting was never her option, and she did not sing for her, she would rather have nothing!

"So give up singing to me is to give up all, give up when the entertainer, give up in the showbiz work." "The only time I want to give up, is to debut about four or five years, she is very clear that she must be in a certain aspect of the need to be widely noticed to be able to send film." "At the time, I thought the chances were slim, I couldn't see, and it was four or five years ago, and I didn't enjoy the fun of acting, so I thought I wasn't right?" "When Planet Tzu spits out this sentence, it seems to have seen the struggle of the eyes, she said she launched the door to ask her mother should not give up?" Mother simply said: "Anyway, I will support you." The strength of the family, in the moment of giving up to catch her back. (Recommended reading:"Yong do not give up" to help you find the courage to pursue the dream )

"Really love the same thing, how many laps, or will not give up!" 」

In the new song "Black Frame Glasses," there is a word in the Pei-tzu: "Sometimes she will feel that life is meaningless, but she can not forget, can't give up, dream here." "It's like talking about the story of Zeng on the road of singing, these injuries are definitely not light, those who struggle with a lot of heart, but the eyes of her after all this is more mature, for the dream is more determined."

Seven years, never give up singing

"Over the past seven years, the album, will want to be more responsible for this matter." Because singing these two words sounds very simple, but it's a wide range, I would like to sing in addition to singing, in the music of this road can participate in more aspects, so when I stand on stage singing, can be more practical. 」

She likes singing also likes acting, once could not find the link between the two, but until this time out of a personal album, only to find that everything is cumulative. "There are 14 songs in the album, it's like playing 14 people, so I set up the characters, scenes, and atmosphere of each song in an acting way so that people would sound like they were listening to one story after another." 」

So we heard the words "but lost a little bit" is always the heart of a good friend, we heard the "years later," singing the love of people in fact love another person's suffering. Every song, each story, has happened in Zeng body, so her voice has a natural sadness, there are no more true but free and easy, which combined the drama experience and singing skills of the 焠 Lian, so that this time the works are not the same. (Have to see: Listen to the heart, find your unique charm )

"I now feel that there is no such thing as a free lunch is a very real word." 」

"I dare not say that I did not stop practicing songs during the low tide, but in fact I have been working hard for seven years." "So I can't get out of the album, then I'll sing the title of the Idol play and grasp every chance and possibility to sing."

"Sometimes she also feels that life is meaningless, but she chooses to believe, not to look at the past, continue to go forward" black frame glasses

With a compact 30-minute visit, we talked about our dreams and talked about the seven-year journey that hobbled but grown up a lot. Zeng Unlike other entertainers, the total habitual feeding of the media is a good story, she will be in her head, thinking of her own answer, and then seriously say, she will honestly say she wants to help her mother change a big house, each answer may not be modified, but absolutely from the heart, you can see her sincerity, can also see her full of momentum as if to the world, in the pursuit of the dream of the road, she is not hesitate.