Do you feel like you can't make a beautiful photo that you love?Taking pictures has seven important tricks. If you can grasp these seven tricks every time you take photos, I believe your photographs will definitely be greatly advanced!


If you want others to be able to see your facial features, feel your makeup, you have to have enough light to shine on every corner of the face, and make use of the light to make the facial outline more solid!It is recommended that the "natural light" be used to achieve the best picture effect.


The elements within the picture can achieve a focused, beautiful picture, or, of course, a picture that does not appear to be in context. The best way is to adhere to "The rule of third": the composition of the composition, and also the composition of the composition.The method is to use two vertical lines and two dashes to divide the scene to be shot, like the Chinese word "well", so that four crossing points can be obtained, and then one of the four crossover points will be placed in one of the four intersection points.

The photo must have a focus, either in the foreground or the background end of the topic, and the obvious focus will be to let the reader know where you're going to deliver.


We usually set the camera angle on the average person's eye level, but actually you can try different angles, such as shooting down, shooting, or left and right, trying to pick up a different angle, and then pick out the most compelling one!

The background properties of the pair can help to enhance the topic to be represented by a photo.For example, what you want to do today is the Halloween party makeup costume, with some Halloween decorations taken together into the mirror, and you can even highlight your photo theme!


Remember the composition of the composition mentioned in the second point?The hue complements with the theme is also very important in a photograph, and the color used in other blocks is better than the one that is used by other blocks, after the theme chosen is chosen.


The background of taking photos is definitely one of the important factors in the success or failure of a photo!The background of the gap is even better than the messy room. If you don't want to make the background too monotonous, you can pick out some of the characteristics that are characteristic of the room.

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