There is a saying: "It is the infidelity that sustains the marriage." " Today I'll show you the relationship between Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy.

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"Mistress History", spanning 4,000 years of Mistress Territory, the story of 70 mistresses, the flip of the history of female third party. The Economist commented: "The book is not so much history as a mistress anthology, so that these women who have long been in the shadows walk into the sun." (Recommended reading:"Power is my Mistress," Napoleon's Eternal Love )

The Conqueror's role as a trophy trophy is the most well-known of Marilyn Monroe. The love between Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy in the Incarnation of Miss Green (Miss Green), and not just love. The story of a password not to be told, finally has the opportunity to be heard all over. In spite of the interest and power involved, Marilyn Monroe was still in love, and such a dismal love led to her eventual death.

The European royal Family has mistresses, and in the United States, the democratically elected President, who is the most powerful man in the world, usually has a friendship. However, elected officials hold a higher moral standard than the royal family. This allows them to be cautious, even in the face of attractive women who want to be assertive and show off. Until recently, successive presidents have been able to avoid exposing themselves to disorderly deeds by avoiding media coverage, so that they do not have to be judged by American voters. The scope of the exemption, of course, does not include rumours and gossip about enemies and allies in politics, nor is it possible to conceal from friends and disgruntled relatives, and to seal off the mouths of departing servants. The presidents who cheat and cheat know that history is different from news reports and that they will not let go of the small mistakes they made in bed. (Recommended reading: The world's most famous small Sanluwenski: Clinton and I love each other )

Among the presidents before Clinton, the beloved John. Kennedy is a character-loving predator. His father Joseph. Kennedy's condemnation of his son, "if they can do it, they will put a woman to sleep," to his heart. Little Kennedy and the film actress are not clear, and he slept with the government colleagues, including the wife, socialite, Democrat party, secretary, stewardess, model, cabaret and call girl. At Georgetown, the social and life town of suburban Washington, Kennedy's demands of sex has become legendary. "Not with a woman, I can't sleep," he said to Claire. Cloth silk. Ruth (Clare Booth Luce) said.

Kennedy wanted to "make a woman" entirely out of lust, without emotional factors, a pressing need to relieve stress by ejaculation, and the often-painful back pain that plagued little Gump as a child forced him to lie flat under his partner's body. He has no interest in women getting pleasure, and the ability to be in bed is "a bad name." Xiao Gan to and actress Anji. Emily Dickinson, Angie Dickinson, was proud to have sex, but ironically said that sleeping with John was "the most memorable 15 seconds of my life." 」

When Kennedy became president, it was also the beginning of a revolution in the concept of sexuality, and it was a great opportunity for men to exert their sexual inclinations. Writer Nina. The Burleigh of Bethlehem describes the Kennedy era of Washington, a "male-dominated world". The condition of the testicles provides a metaphor and a way of expressing ideas for Washington politicians: "Peel the testicles" or "castrate", the man is "kicked in the egg", and the aggressor is "caught in the egg". In the Kennedy Era White House dialogue, "poke" (prick), "dry" and "crazy", "illegitimate child" this word, become the standard commonly-called sinks.

In a world of "sexual interest", Kennedy wants more than just orgasms. Like his father, he was fascinated by the glamorous attractions of Hollywood's flashy world. Kennedy wanted to get, not much more, just like Gloria Asia. Swanson such a well-known mistress. In the 1960 's, women who met this standard were extremely sexy and talented movie actress Marilyn. Marilyn Monroe. (Recommended reading: They are brand names!) Five classic women of fashion pronouns )

The combination of the American president and the sexy goddess is a big victory driven by desire, and the degree of vanity is beyond the imagination of common sense. The president's mentality was as determined as the goddess's determination to ignore the significant differences between the two men. He is a good-looking and beloved president. She is a bright and admired big screen red Star. If his wife and children were no problem for him, it would not be a trouble for her. He was preoccupied with conquering the most striking object of all Hollywood. She was also in the same mind, trying to capture the man who had been so gracious to her, that he had the power to bring her what other men could not do: to make her existence valuable.

In John. Fitzgerald Kennedy and the stage name for Marilyn. Monroe's Norma. Jane Between Baker (Norma and Jean Baker), there is a huge gap between social and economic status, separating the two growing worlds.

1926, Norma. Jane was born in California near Hollywood where her mother was a divorced woman, Grace Daisy. Monroe (Glady Monroe). Grace Daisy gave birth to Norma. After Jean, she fell into a sad hopeless situation. The baby's father, Stan. Kiefer (Stan Gi_ord) refused to marry Grace Daisy. Because of the high discrimination in society against unmarried mothers, Grace Daisy had to take little Norma at the cost of every Friday dollar. Jane Foster was in front of the neighbors. Every Saturday, she would visit her daughter, but according to Marilyn. Monroe recalls that Gretty never hugged or kissed her, or confessed to being her mother.

In fact, Marilyn. Monroe is the third child of Grace Daisy. At the age of 14, Grace Daisy conceived the first child, refused to take it away, and then, with the acquiescence of her mother, married her father, justify, who was older than grace and had a hesitant attitude. Baker. The fetus in Grace's belly was born after the two men were married, a son; less than two years later, the next daughter was born.

The marriage was short and painful. The adolescent bride is a lazy housewife, the groom is addicted to alcohol, and often under heavy hands to beat his wife. After the two divorced, he took two children out of the way, and, as before the abuse of Grace Daisy, as the brutal treatment of his son. Grace Daisy found his whereabouts, tried to fight back custody of the child, but ended in failure.

Grace Daisy returned to California to attend a party at Venice Beach (Venice Beach) to escape emotional fluctuations and Stan. Kiefer fell madly in love. She was looking forward to getting remarried, but the divorced Stan was determined not to take on any more obligations, so she left him and soon married the Norwegian worker Edward. Mottansen (Edward Mortensen). She wanted to live a stable life with Mottansen, but it was a dreary monotony that she could not bear. Four months later, she left Mottansen and was with Kiefer. Stan broke up with her after Grace Daisy got pregnant. Grace Des Jeannoma. Jane's surname Mottansen to obscure the fact that the daughter was born out of wedlock.

After a few years, or a party spree to escape the reality of Grace Daisy, received a blow to her news: her 14-year-old son was tortured by the father of the child died. According to a friend close to her, "the cause of the deterioration of Grace's physical and mental condition is her guilt and remorse." "Grace Daisy converted to Christian Science, one day, she was eight years old, still in other people's home, Norma." Jane announces that she will build a nice house so that they can all live together.

There were two months of time, Norma. Jane lives with her beautiful mother in their beautiful White House. To help repay the loan, Grace Daisy sublet The second floor of the house. One day, her tenant was against Norma. Jean hands, because it is unbearable, Norma. Jean tried to tell her mother about it. But the mother angrily stopped her complaining about the "star tenant". Norma Jane cried to sleep, she felt very want to die. She did not look short at last, but began to stutter.

Soon after, Grace Daisy's physical and mental state collapsed and was sent to a nursing home for treatment. A few years later, she was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. The beautiful White House was sold to repay the debts she owed. Norma Jean was taken away and sent to the orphanage in Los Angeles, screaming and stuttering, to the orphan number No. 3463.

Mother's friend Grace has been trying to convince her newly married husband to be Norma. Jane picked up to live with them. Before Grace succeeded, the dean of the orphanage suggested Norma. Jane looks for a foster home to live with. So, once again, she became a dependant child. After the referral and restriction of the orphanage, she had lodged in nine families until she removed her legal "orphan" status.

That's it, Norma. Jane grew up in the midst of a tortured human poverty. The families that adopted her were all poor people who struggled with the Great Depression by hosting orphans. Norma Jane can only take a bath once a week, she is the last person to use the bath water, if anything goes wrong, she is the first person to blame. She has two identical clothes: a faded blue dress and a white shirt. She was nicknamed "Mouse", but in her dream, she was wearing bright red, golden, blue and green clothes, radiant, beautiful, walking through the people around the time, so that all eyes are inseparable from their own.

Finally, Grace managed to get her to live with her, Norma. Jane believes she has finally found a home. Five months later, a drunken husband forced Grace to bring Norma. Jane sent it to Grace's aunt Anna. Aunt Anna was very poor, but the man was very kind, Norma. Jane likes her very much. But outside the House of Joy and piety is a more grim life. The kids at school made fun of Norma. Jean two identical orphanage suits, the boy called her "waste scum Normajan" (Norma Jean the Human Bean). She has no friends and hates going to school.

Image source:Wikimedia Commons

At the church, Norma. Jean's heart was constantly haunted by an eccentric and startling idea: she wanted to take off her clothes and stand naked in front of God and men. This fantasy does not cause "any shame or guilt, imagine people looking at me, let me feel less lonely." I am ashamed of the clothes I wear, the faded blue clothes that never change, for poverty. Naked makes me feel like a normal girl. 」

One day later, Norma. Jen is much different from other girls. She didn't notice underneath her white shirt, her breasts were bulging and rounded and plump. She borrowed a sweater from a younger friend and put it on her body and went to school. That was the last day the children at school called her "waste scum Normajan". The body has become her "some kind of magical ally," and she knows how to dress herself with lipstick and mascara. Where she went, people were staring at her, and she knew that she was no longer a Norma in the orphanage. Jane's.

But Norma. Jean's troubles are not over yet. Aunt Anna could not continue to look after her. This means that before she reaches the age of 18 (two years), unless her boyfriend, the 21-Year-old employee of Lockheed (Lockheed) factory, is Jimmy. Dohoti (Jimmy Dough¬erty) married her or she would have to go back to the orphanage. Grace made this marriage to Jimmy, and he accepted it. To be the Norma of Jimmy's wife. Jane loves sex, and anytime, anywhere, she can start to love with pleasure whenever she has a desire to hit it (quite often). Even "undress to go to bed can always arouse sexual desire, and ︙︙ if I am taking a bath, she opens the door, and what happens next is always the same thing: love right away," Jimmy recalls.

Norma Jane also liked the feeling of having a family, and she tidied up the house spotless. She made sandwiches for Jimmy, put a love-wife note on his lunch-box, and tried to cook a decent dinner: the dishes were usually green beans and carrots, because she liked the two contrasting colors. She hangs her stuffed animal toys and dolls on top of the furniture so they can see what's going on in this happy family. "She didn't have a childhood and now wants to make up," Jimmy said later: "You will vaguely feel that someone has not been loved for too long and has not been popular for many years." 」

It was during the war, and one day, Jimmy decided to go to the army. Norma Jane knew she was in a hurry and didn't know what to do, but Jimmy went to join the army according to his plan. She moved in with her husband's mother and found a job at the aircraft-manufacturing plant. He wears a uniform and works on the assembly line. Jean, by Sergeant David of the Air Force. Conover (David) is a photographer who wants to record civilian life in wartime America. She had dreamed of a gaze of admiration from people, and now it is beginning to come true.

Jimmy went home for a holiday, but when he got his leave, Norma. Jean fell into a melancholy sadness again. After that, she decided to call the biological father she had never met before, when she tried her best to get his phone number. Kiefer told her before she hung up that he had nothing to say to her, and that she would not call again. Norma Jane after a sad cry for several days, has not been able to recover from frustration.

A "war widow" in the army of her husband, Norma. Jane started her famous modeling career and took her to Hollywood film Factory, where she was just a little actress, and finally became a star and a superstar. She learned how to dress and makeup, how to comb the fluffy hazel hair, how to show the sun-like smile and sexy charm. She earned the first income she had seen in her life and moved out of her mother-in-law's home, which she did not approve of for her career. When Jimmy gave her an ultimatum and asked her to choose between a model and a marriage, she chose the former.

Norma Jane never stops thinking of her sad, sick mother. She picked up Grace Daisy to live with. One until Grace's physical and mental condition intensified, forcing her to go back to the hospital before she was treated with Norma. Jane tried to build a relationship that had never been before.

Norma Jane began to dominate her acting career. She succumbed to pressure from the industry to turn her into a blonde, and later found that the appearance was better. She and 20th Century Fox signed the basic actor contract for 125 dollars next week. She then cooperated with the company's request to pick a more vocal stage name, so Norma. Jane became Marilyn. Marilyn Monroe. She studied acting, sat quietly in the classroom with her pet dog, and worked hard to learn. At home, she reads carefully for the same reason, as she did in the short time of being a full-time housewife, struggling to read an encyclopedia.

With a firm determination, Norma. Jane gradually transformed into Marilyn. Marilyn Monroe. She took part in several film shows, and in 1950, finally got the attention of John. In Houston (John Huston), the suspense film, The Asphalt Jungle, plays an important role as the mistress of a corrupt lawyer. 1952, in a show by Barbara. Barbara Stanwyck, who starred in the "Joan Curfew Dream" (Clash by Night), for herself and for the role in the film, has been glowing for a long time, and Monroe has leapt to become a movie star. While she was spending her energy on the popularity of the audience, Monroe and the baseball superstar Joe. DiMaggio (Joe DiMaggio) developed an impulsive, unwise relationship. Although DiMaggio has a very heavy sense of jealousy and possessive, and is extremely opposed to Marilyn. Monroe's lifestyle, they are still married on January 14, 1954. DiMaggio often yells at her and punches her when she can't restrain her jealousy and frustration. This short and extremely unhappy marriage ended on October 3, 1954 in divorce.

Mary Lotus. Monroe's next husband was a playwright Arthur. Miller (Arthur Miller), he is a brilliant wit, but at least like DiMaggio, not suitable for Monroe; Curiously, how in the world did he get down to the right idea that the marriage would be over sooner or later, in June 1956, into the wedding hall? However, the creation of the famous drama "The Death of the Salesman" (The Death of a salesman) Rivilly. Roman (Willy Loman), the writer of the successful role of Miller, is apparently being Marilyn. The sexy beauty of Monroe is lost. "She is like a natural magnet that attracts the quality of the male animals in him," he said with admiration. His sister found Marilyn. Monroe has a glow of joy, and this must be from the heart. Behind the photo at the wedding hall, she wrote "Hope, Hope, hope." "

In this marriage between Monroe and Miller, Hope is as fleeting as happiness. Shortly after her marriage, Monroe discovered her new husband, nicknamed "Dad" or "the Nose" (her first husband, Jimmy). Dohoti "Daddy", the second husband, DiMaggio "Dad", doubted the decision to marry her. He had compassion for this boyish woman who was later more enchanted by her charms, but her endless demands of emotion killed his creative ability.

When he mentioned her, he called her a "prostitute," and told her about Lawrence. Oliver (Lawrence Olivier) commented on her: "She is a troublesome tramp," and he thinks it's probably true.

If you only judge from the film that Monroe made, at this time she is already in the best state of acting career. The director and the crew who cooperated with her found that she was becoming more and more unstable, was always late, and sometimes she simply did not show up, her attitude was rude and arrogant, she lost her judgment, and couldn't remember her simple lines. In filming the film "Fire" (Some like It Hot), the actor Tony. Curtis (Tony Curtis) had to wait a few hours a day for his dream dew, and after 14 times in a show of intimacy he said, "Kiss Marilyn." Monroe, it's like kissing Hitler. Mary Lotus. Monroe's marriage adventure, at this time has presented an irreversible tension. She tried several times to find the short. She miscarried once, and with great sadness. She and other men have had several, half-public scandals, including John. Kennedy included. Despite her psychiatric treatment, Monroe sank deeper into the mire and was overwhelmed by the desperation of alcoholism and drug abuse. After an embarrassing attempt to commit suicide, when a friend asked how she was doing, Monroe with Jiuyi, drunk back to say: "Terrible, incredibly still alive." "In John. The same day that Kennedy became president, Marilyn. Monroe flies to Mexico for divorce.

Mary Lotus. Monroe began to focus on President Kennedy, who had just settled down at the White House. She and Xiao Gan in the middle of the 1950, through Kennedy's brother-in-law, but also Hollywood star Peter. Laufer (Peter Lawford) 's introduction; Laufer is an amateur pimp who specializes in media deals between Kennedy and a large group of sexy female stars that can be acquired. Kennedy likes to "brand", because not only does it stimulate the feeling of excitement, but also to feel the pleasure of his father's experience.

Xiao Gan has "lifted" Jane. Tiny (Gene Tierney), Anji. Emily Dickinson, Jie Tu. Mansfield (Jayne Mansfield), Li Yi. The famous actress, such as Remick Lee, was impressive, but he "lifted" Marilyn. Monroe, perhaps the most famous woman in the world, won his father's conquest of Gloria. Swanson's record.

From some points of view, Monroe and the small Gan Jin is a natural pair. They have also climbed the highest peak of their careers. They are outstanding people who dare to take risks. The two of them also distributed charming attractions, admired, become the media darling. Two people's attitude towards sex, the same indulgence casually, not ashamed, are looking forward to find a similar emotional relationship in return to comfort and affirmation of themselves. They are both eager to be noticed and successful in attracting eye focus. And the two of them, through sexual conquest, to satisfy their own needs, they desperately need each other, but also with each other and vanity boast.

But Monroe is a woman with a mental bias, she needs a lover must have both husband and father two roles, this request is impossible to be satisfied. Her mood was unstable, her sanity was difficult to maintain for a long time, and her habit of relying on prescription drugs. For Kennedy, all this was no secret.

In 1960, Kennedy and his campaign trader knew that if Marilyn. Monroe's public talk of an underground relationship between two people would be dangerous to his choice. She is not the only source of possible leaks-at the White House, at the Carlyle Hotel in New York, and at his sister Pat. Kennedy and his brother-in-law Peter. Laufer is located in Santa Monica, Calif., Kennedy is simply a blatant and brazen affair with women. Fred, who served as cabinet secretary at that time. Dutton (Fred Dutton) laments that Kennedy "is just like God, no matter who he is, as long as he feels that he has to go to someone, no matter when." "The president relies on a culture of cautious self-control in the news media, and waiters, drivers, restaurant boys, and other service personnel after being intimidated by the submissive seal; his agents will make these people understand," you will see something, but you will not speak out; you will hear something, but you won't say it, you've heard it. " 」

This concealed seal of work also contains Marilyn. Monroe's whereabouts. If she wants to meet Kennedy (she really does), she had to meet him at a rendezvous, usually on Air force, and she would wear a light black wig, or a red wig with a printed handkerchief and sunglasses, disguised as a female secretary, with a shorthand book and a pencil in her hand. ) in Peter. Laufer was uneasy and warn't talking to her, she scribbled on notebooks. When she called the White House to find her boyfriend, the name assigned was "Miss Green" (Miss Green), and her call would be immediately forwarded to the "Mr. President" (the Prez), whom she adored and adored.

It is hard to believe that Monroe expects Kennedy and Jackie to divorce and then marry her, several writers have mentioned. With her often seduced by men, and her personality to abandon herself, she must understand the limitations of this relationship between the two people. Kennedy was always careful to arrange the rendezvous of two people. After socializing with his other guests, the two will come out together to get a quick sex--like a rooster in a chicken house. Bang! Bang! Bang! I also often remind him, "Zipper to remember to pull ah." "Whether it's in the White House (where a few visitors have seen Monroe), or at the Claire Hotel, or in the Laufer home where two people have the most frequent tryst, Marilyn. Monroe is always with Kennedy and his friends or colleagues.

In hindsight, she was always in a state of drunkenness, or she was drinking champagne with a tall glass, trying to put the world behind her head. She would deliberately wear provocative clothes, apparently without underwear; her hair was disheveled, but always sexy and glamorous, and all her intentions were to accompany her lover: The president of the United States.

Surprisingly, although Kennedy had a reasonably legitimate concern that she might have leaked the affair or had leaked it to the outside world, he continued to maintain a relationship with her. Monroe has never been discreet about this for years, and this has been confirmed by many, including her friends, journalists and colleagues. During Kennedy's campaign for president, it was an important task for him to restrain his words and deeds in the control of Monroe. The stakes have risen since he became president, but he seems not ready to deal with them.

In the 1962, the film "Love in the heart difficult to open" (something ' s Got to give), let Marilyn. Monroe composure come over and grasp the reality of the situation. She was hit by a series of blows, the heaviest of which was ex-husband Arthur. Miller married a woman she suspected had been secretly with her husband in the aftermath of her marriage, and the newly married wife was already pregnant. That year, Monroe bought a house with a price of medium (35,000 dollars) and was in a position to monitor her body and mind. Near Greensen (Ralph Green¬son) physician's clinic. Although she was famous and worked hard, she paid for the house, or to her former husband, Joe. DiMaggio in installments.

"Love is hard to open in my Heart" was filmed in April, with actors, cast members and director George of the whole show. Chuck (George Cukor) are all nervous watching, see if Monroe has a way, or can match the pace of filming, she can manage herself, remember lines, on time to arrive on the set, or according to the date of the shooting. Their fears are justified. Even if she shows up on the scene, she's late, and she's always puking before the show. She swallowed a lot of Greensen's pills to deal with the melancholy symptoms that devastated her body and mind, and the whole person looked confused and unprepared. She was suddenly ill and the doctor confirmed that she was suffering from an inflammation of her throat. Sometimes she tried to get to the field, but soon fell down or dropped out of the game.

Chuck to try his best to stall for time, he first filmed a play that had nothing to do with her, and then waited for the big star to show up with all the actors and the other 104 crew members. May 14, Marilyn. The Dream dew body State fully restores, returns to the film field to shoot. But the whole crew was relieved and the new anxiety followed: There were rumours that Monroe was leaving for New York to attend the birthday party President Kennedy held on 19th. The 20th Century Fox Company's lawyers scrambled to dissuade Monroe from the scene. They warned that if they did not listen to dissuade, they would constitute a breach of contract. Monroe sought a lawyer's advice that the lawyer was no other than Rob. Kennedy (Bobby Kennedy), Federal Minister of Justice. Rob has been worried that the DPJ's top brass might object to her birthday party, so she wants Monroe out of the body. At this time, although the media reporter has not reported, but are already talking about his brother and Monroe this is a poorly veiled underground situation.

Robert, who is the Kennedy family's think-tank and Kennedy's decent and reliable brother, sees this as a perfect time to manage the crisis. But Kennedy insisted that Monroe attend, and Marilyn. Monroe also refused to lose the opportunity to sing "Happy Birthday" to the president of the United States in front of 15,000 Democrats in Madison Square Garden, New York.

Marilyn, who had no way to get up and read his lines in a muddle. Monroe, while carefully planning to attend the Valentine's birthday party wearing costumes. She instructed her costume designer, Jean-Louis (Jean-louis), to design a stunning flesh-coloured gauze silk evening dress, studded with large rhinestones all over her body, which she could not wear any more. (The dress cost 12,000 dollars and fits exactly the size of one palm.) She put on the dress and took out a white mink coat from the 20th Century Fox wardrobe, and put the bushy blonde hair in a fluffy, attractive curl. Even on such an important occasion, Marilyn. Monroe is still late. When she finally arrived late, Peter. When Laufer introduced her to the crowd, she joked that she was "the late Marilyn." Monroe, "(The late Marilyn Monroe, translator: Late word pun, also refers to late, where the author implied Monroe's ending. She walked up the stage, the posture is bright and beautiful. There was a picture taken from behind her, Kennedy was standing alone, looking at her, and the First Lady, Jackie (her slender and gaunt body, dressed in a dress made by a famous designer with simple elegance), refused to stand up in the scene of the Dream Dew's love for her husband, becoming a small foil.

"Time" magazine's reporter Hugh. Sidi (Hugh Sidey) recalls, "You can smell the taste of desire." I mean, Kennedy was probably a soft foot, or something. We all stared at the woman with a definite stare. 」

Mary Lotus. Monroe sang the happy birthday of the special arrangement and the whole audience clapped wildly. Kennedy came to the stage and stood beside her. "I can retire from politics now that I've heard this happy birthday song that I sang and sang so sweetly and refreshed," he said. That night, Monroe stayed with Kennedy for two hours, but after that she never saw him again.

Monroe back to the "Love in the heart difficult to open" shooting film. Her filming of the famous swimming pool naked scene in the future made her once again the focus of public opinion. For the next few days, her filming was progressing well. Then, on a Monday morning, she looked so distracted that everyone was guessing that something terrible was going to happen on the weekends.

"Love is difficult to open in heart" (as good as It Gets) scenes in the drama

It's true that something terrible has happened. Jack Kennedy, who had previously vetoed his brother Rob's request to "cancel Monroe's appearance," was also Peter. Laufer arranged a helicopter, so that he went to "love in the heart of the eye difficult to open" Film Scene to meet the Monroe to the airport lover, finally accept the warning, to end the relationship between the two people.

It was an unforgettable meeting that made him horrendous. Five days after he held his birthday party, the FBI director Edgar. Hoover (J. Edgar Hoover). Hoover gave the president a warning: he and Marilyn. Monroe's relationship, especially with Mafia concubine Judy. Campbell Exner (Judith Campbell Exner) 's underground romance, at the height of the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis, will put the president in a very dangerous position.

On the same day, Kennedy called Judy and ended the relationship between the two men. He also cut off the original used to marry Marilyn. Monroe contacted the hotline and instructed the White House telephone switchboard not to answer her calls again. He did not intend to personally deal with the breakup of Monroe. This unpleasant, and perhaps even dangerous, nuisance falls to Peter. Laufer on the head. At this time of Marilyn. Monroe, also intoxicated by the sense of achievement in this event, has confidence in her beauty and unparalleled stature: slender legs, plump breasts, and curvy, particularly Kennedy-admired hips-great butt!!!!! "He gave such a remark. The owner of this "great butt" can't understand why it's being abandoned.

According to Peter. Laufer's last wife Patricia. Schitton. Laufer (Patricia Seaton Lawford) narrated that Peter decided to confess the cruel truth. She was told that she could never speak to the president again and that she would never be the first lady. "Marilyn. Monroe burst into tears, and Peter made up a sentence: "Listen, Marilyn, you are just a woman by John." 」

All weekend, Marilyn. Monroe was repeatedly asleep after taking a sleeping pill. In Monday, she returned to the film field. Even though she had difficulty standing at the moment, and looked "exhausted", she had been filming for nine consecutive days until June 1, her 36 birthday. Director Chuck banned any celebrations, but the crew defied his orders and bought five of dollars of cake and coffee to surprise the Monroe. And her old partner, the supporting actor Dean. Martin (Dean Martin) brought champagne. Later, Monroe followed a scheduled trip to a benefit for muscular dystrophy at the Dodge Stadium.

Now he is not in contact with Kennedy, and he ignores the letter from Monroe. Peter Laufer apparently read these letters, describing them as "really pathetic". Monroe complained to Laufer, and may have complained to Kennedy himself, Gan Jia brothers "used you, and then put you as a rubbish to throw away." "She was so bad that she couldn't get on with her work that week," she said. The factory can no longer endure at this time, so on June 8 dismissed Monroe, and told her to ask for 1 million yuan. Mary Lotus. Monroe now wants to stay sane and fight for the future of his career. She contacted several influential film factory executives and received enough support to sue the film factory for the lawsuit. After one months of media bombing, she accepted the "fashion", "Life", "Life Little Red Book" and "Cosmopolitan Dan" and other magazines, photographs, and also provides the "Love in the heart of the difficult to open" and the stars in the picture, to many media coverage of the use.

During Monroe's struggle for his contract and claim, she was frequent with Rob. Kennedy met, and Rob was sent by President Kennedy's emissary to shut her up immediately and persuade her to stop trying to get in touch with John. Monroe and Rob finally reached a deal that she might have promised to keep quiet about what happened with President Kennedy, while Rob had to unblock a friend of the plant. So, in the 16 days after the contract with Monroe, 20th century Fu company to higher salaries, recovery and her. However, for some time after the incident, Rob stopped answering her phone. Monroe felt angry and hurt, trying to pull him out. She made eight phone calls to the Ministry of Justice and then directly to his home. "Rob was furious with Marilyn for being so presumptuous," Peter. Laufer's daughter sent Trixie recalls.

Monroe was equally angry and felt deeply hurt. "I'll simply run a press conference. I've got plenty of things to say anyway! "She told her friend Robert. Slazer (Robert slatzer): "I'm going to expose this whole fucking thing!" For me, things are already clear: the Gan Jia brothers get what they want from me, and then they just go! 」

But before she exposed the whole story, Marilyn, August 4. Monroe died because of an overdose of sleeping pills, or did she take a sleeping pill on her own, or was she forcibly drugged by someone else? is still a mystery until now. Curiously, a lot about Marilyn. The evidence of Monroe's death is either destroyed or disappeared. However, this does not stop people from searching for the truth. Too many writers and journalists continue to trace her death, uncover new information, and present new assumptions and explanations. So far, the theories they have put forward contain a lot of credible data enough to justify a deduction: whether intentionally or accidentally, Monroe was killed by someone injecting an overdose of sleeping pills. But in the absence of direct, critical evidence, we still don't know exactly what happened that night.

Ex-husband Joe. DiMaggio to arrange her funeral, he forbid Xupeter. Laufer couple, Frank. Sinatra, Shan mi. Davis (Sammy Davis, Jr.) and other entertainers came to see her photograph, and he thought the performing world was the most responsible for Monroe's death. Another ex-husband, Arthur. Miller decided that Monroe was suicidal, and said the outcome was unavoidable. Only Jacqueline. Kennedy said the absolutely right cliché: "She will never die." 」

Mary Lotus. Monroe in the relationship with Kennedy, think of finding a noble and powerful man, enough to satisfy her desire. It was hard for her to understand that Kennedy was just toying with her and using her; his constant contempt for women also included her, and she could not understand that she could not have had a chance if even the wife, who was well-bred and well-connected and had given birth to many children, could not restrain his conduct.

Mary Lotus. Monroe is not even Kennedy's most important "primary". A few days before her death, Monroe had seen Kennedy for the first time. (Recommended reading: the fireworks of the short gorgeous Marilyn Marilyn Monroe )