Rachel's first stop came to Banff, Canada's small town, followed by her footsteps and thoughts, and ran away with her new self.

In fact, I do not know why I am so lucky, at an ordinary point in time to decide to do an impulsive thing, although the process is hasty, but no matter what happened, the problem is solved. One months ago, I booked a cheap ticket to come here, so one months later, after 24 hours of flight and turnaround, I was in a friend's dormitory bar, in the morning of BANFF, tapping the keyboard ready to talk to you about what I experienced here.

When you really want something, the universe will unite to help you. You will meet the right person at the right time to accomplish the thing you want to accomplish. --"Sheep Boy fantasy Trip"

Never thought I would be here, recall a few days ago dragged luggage ready to go to the airport, but a little admire the desperate himself. I send a "jamie on the Facebook message, can you lend me your couch? "And then they set off. (Extended reading: Female Solo travel: The beauty of the scenery is not yet met with people )

I will not forget for a lifetime how the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is a graceful reflection of me after getting off the feeder bus from Calgary airport. Jamie came to Canada last August to start a part-time vacation, came to Banff five months ago to work in the Banff Springs Hotel , and I was fortunate to borrow the couch at Banff Springs Hotel staff dormitory.

Since the first sight of the house every morning is the dream castle that appears only in fairy tales, it seems too unreasonable not to introduce it.

The price of the hotel, from the room of about 400 yuan per night, to the VIP suite with RMB 3500 yuan (NT $100,000), that is, the pocket is not deep enough people really can not easily try. When I was in the local tour, the tour guide was a young Canadian girl who said that the restaurant was expensive not because of how advanced it was, but because of how much its history was. (recommend you see: let us sweet holiday go!) The world's top ten romantic hotels )

The discovery of BANFF's hot springs in 19th century when three workers were building the Canadian Pacific Railroad was a cause for concern, as was the Banff National Park. And in the hot Springs, railways, BANFF This small town opened the door of sightseeing, Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is born in that background.

Day and night Banff Springs Hotel is very different.

Because the Banff Springs Hotel is so majestic that it's hard to view it from a single angle, only on a mountain path named Hoodoo's Trail, It is magnificent to look at the whole hotel as clearly as possible.

This picture on the Banff Springs Hotel website was taken in Hoodoo's trail.

In fact, now the BANFF Springs Hotel Has not been the original appearance, after the construction of 1888, after two times after the fire robbery and reconstruction, only to become the present appearance proudly stands beside the Rocky Mountains. It is clear from the photos below that the two pillars that divide the space are not the same, the left pillar is old, and the right is rebuilt after the fire. (Share with you: The World's top ten luxury hotels )

BANFF Springs Hotel It is a popular hotel for celebrities, and many of the celebrities who have lived there are probably the most famous of the American actress Marilyn Monroe who has been filming for 1953 years. At that time, the film " River" (River of No return) in Banff frame, Marilyn Monroe lived here for eight days, recuperate her injured ankle. In addition, when Presidents visit Canada, they often stay here for a few days . (Extended reading: Mistress of History: "Naked makes me more comfortable" Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy never said the story of the Export )

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The pictures of Marilyn Monroe hanging on the hotel wall

In addition,BANFF Springs Hotel Most let everybody relish, probably is here the ghost story! Haunted for us, is a very scary thing, but Canadians are often a joke on the mentality of this matter, and therefore, the restaurant is not haunted not to make business worse, but attracted many people to come.

Among them, one of the most famous ghost stories, was also made by Canada Post to sell stamps. Legend has it that a bride was married here, but her wedding dress was too long, accidentally put the candle next to the stairs, burned up, she was panicked by the wedding dress, fell off the ladder and broke her neck. From then on, many people said they had seen her dancing in a restaurant in a wedding dress.

The "Haunted Stamp Group", published in 2014 by Canada Post , is the Ghost bride at the bottom left corner of the Banff Springs Hotel.

There are ghosts in the Post Office Bride's version.

In addition, there is the story of room No. 813. In Banff Springs Hotel, a lamp should be corresponding to a room, but the room No. 813 but saw a lamp alone in the ceiling, not its door. Because the room had a homicide homicide, was emptied into a wall, it was said that the scene of the incident was blood-stained, startling. (Together: follow the movie to travel: Grand Hotel "Déjà Vu" Classic love )

when I took this picture, a few Canadians were jokingly to this wall to make a frightened expression, this kind of humorous attitude, really let me this to the ghost of the fear of the Taiwanese people.

Door No. 813 is torn down to fill a wall.

In a corner of the hotel, there is a statue of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police force, many of which say that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police maintain peace between whites and Indians, but as a Canadian RCMP,Jamie's friend P but there's a different story. He said that it was the Canadian Rangers who took Banff this place from the Indians, and Canadians were able to develop in the area, a history that was important to Canadians.

And I don't know what the real story is. George Bernard Shaw once said, "history is false except for the names of people," and perhaps this is the best way to describe the history of the White and Indian world. And the only thing we can be sure of is that the RCMP is a really important spiritual symbol for the locals.

in the Banff Springs Hotel, each room is a view room, the Rocky Mountains in the mist of snow, no matter from all directions can be glance. If you're like me, you can't afford to have such an expensive stay, because you just have to come to BANFF and you can go into the hotel and visit it as much as I do. (Thinking about love in the Rocky Mountains: If you have the ability to love, please embrace all the good and real love in the World )

BANFF The history of this small town, deep in Banff Springs Hotel in every corner, and this more than 100 years of each profound story, definitely worth our careful taste! If you want to come to BANFF, don't miss this beautiful and fantastic castle.