The invitation to the same middle as the Hong Kong popular writer, he said "not necessarily only love is equal to happiness" together to listen to his share with women fans.

"Now you finally understand why it hurts, in the sunset and sunset that only one of you remembers." The original how many like, will have how many heartache. 」

I think, will write down such a text person, should be in hand with pen, heart with infinite gentle person. Only the gentle person will use such mood to write down heartache, because too painful, so gently write, lightly, it is not a kind of memorial.

I have always felt that being a person of handwriting is, in some way, the witness of the Times, through their own filters, will be worth remembering the life of the specific taste of the written, although not necessarily old wine, but at least is the life of remembrance, to commemorate those pain ah, cry, laugh ah unreasonable moment, repeated practice, chewing into words, This is how middle, a Hong Kong writer who sits on 600,000 of fans, writes a memorable chapter in life.

Middle is mysterious, does not show his face, less talk about his own things, but his every word inside let us find their own shadow. Once a month, women are obsessed with Asian interviews, this time also special please to middle to talk about writing is actually honest to yourself, talk about being a writer's love, talk about the beginning of love, love of betrayal, the ideal of love, perhaps there is no standard answer, but at least we can be grateful to have such a person, patiently with our repeated practice.

1. You used to describe yourself: "Like to write, but not like to write." "Please share the beginning of your writing, and talk to us about the origins of Middle's name."

In fact, I want to write down the feelings and views of some things. Because some feelings may not be able to directly with the client, afraid will be abrupt embarrassed, but also afraid to say after will not be able to recover, so then wrote a short story, he wanted to say the words to borrow the story of the people to speak clearly. But after the story is finished, I do not know whether the client has read it carefully. But since then, the interest in writing has been ignited.

Hope to be able to borrow the words, to explore and express the feelings and feelings that may have been felt in different people, whether in the form of stories or prose, hoping to cause some people or even one person to be together, to reflect, to face some things they have neglected or have been avoiding, such as ideals, such as love. Even if there is not necessarily, but can at least once again to identify themselves. Middle This name, in fact, is reading when the classmate randomly changed the alias, not too special meaning, but this name has accompanied me for many years. (Recommended reading: How to become a writer )

2. Many readers think you are quite a mystery! What would you say if you could describe yourself with three adjectives?

I do not have anything special, people think that the mystery, perhaps because I usually less to talk about their own things. Can you say it's a kind of self protection? Or a lot of writing people have a common problem, I compare to enjoy the time alone, to think or to observe others, but I do not like to be observed or watching the one, is a bit contradictory mentality.

3. "Once, there is such a You" is your fourth published work, this work you want to share with you what, hope to read this book people can take what kind of mood to go?

Some friends laugh that I am always writing feelings, but in fact, I would like to remember life or growth has been the Troubles, myths and people's face. or may not be able to provide an answer or a way out, but I think that the courage to recognize themselves and confess to themselves, is also an important lesson in life. (same field Gayon: No one can influence you!) Listen to the most honest voice in your heart.

I hope this book can be a mirror, so that people find lost the true self and self-confidence.

4. Are you currently a full-time writer, or are you interested in writing? Do you think it is the happiest and hardest place for a writer?

Writing is my hobby, but it's still a long way from full-time. Know a lot of writers, every day very hard to write, writing columns, and my personality is relatively lazy class, so "writer" this title I really feel guilty, I have a lot to learn to improve the place.

The happiest time to write is to be able to express some ideas or feelings perfectly, although this will not be too much, but when it happens, it will be enough to make yourself happy for half a day. But when writing poorly or without inspiration, it is the most painful time. Words in my case, is the best partner to express feelings, fall on the hands of different people, there will be different meaning and meaning, is a never learn to finish the lesson.

5. In Middle's writings, many feelings about life and gender are always felt. I would like to ask you to give us some advice on love and get along!

When young, perhaps a lot of people will think that it is difficult to be with the person you like to be together, can be together is satisfied. But when you know more people and have more experience, you will find that two people get along with each other, which is a more advanced learning. (Recommended reading: The condition is temporary, get along with is a lifetime )

I have no reason or practical suggestion, because I always feel that different people will get along with different problems, there will be no million try to get along with the skills or know-how, but the most basic, or more face-to-face with each other, do not rely on mobile phone or screen, only face-to-face contact, you can really know each other, and understand each other more, Then we can find a way to get along with everyone.

6. What do you think is the most important thing about two people?

I think the most important thing is to allow the natural synchronization of each other.

Even if people are busy with their studies, work or life and lack the opportunity to communicate, don't forget that two of people share the same memories, set goals together, they are not alone, and you need each other as well as you need yourself. Many times because we are always too easy to lose heart, but also lack of confidence in each other, and let the pace of two of people gradually no longer consistent; not synchronized, you will find even if how close also uncomfortable, the heart is not satisfied, how to ask is also less.

7. What is the best relationship you have in mind? Do you have such a relationship now?

Or get along with nature, you can in front of the people who like to express their true self, in fact, is the most valuable.

Some people may be very easy to do, some people think they have done, but it is not, and some people are too concerned about themselves, and forget to get along with the need for interaction and cooperation. This is actually a not simple, need a lifelong study of things. I'm glad to have this relationship with the other half now, when I'm bored she is bored with me, when I tell jokes she will give me a bad reaction, outsiders may think that there is nothing special, but we are very cherish these small happiness. (Recommended reading: The most difficult, is the well-being of stability )

8. Many people say that our love is becoming more and more fast, and the rate of change is getting higher, what do you think of the phenomenon of "cheating spate" now?

It is hard to say if there is a mistake, each story has a different cause and error. But because see better object and repeatedly let oneself cheat, own heart also never really settle down. Perhaps some people will think that there is a better choice, why not try? But looking back, who's to say we should go out with a better object?

If that's the case, everyone will eventually become the pursuit of better conditions of the object, is already in the score, whether it is to people or to themselves, but neglected two of people rare meet to know, the sense of connection, that point only happened between you two fate, in fact, is extremely important. (same field Gayon: love is not accidental!) 36 psychological problems that make you fall in love with a stranger

9. We all feel the pain of breaking up, in the face of the breakup can not get out of the pain of boys and girls, you will give them what advice?

If all is said to be impossible, I think it is very difficult to suggest any method. Just want to say a word, let yourself relax a little, it is impossible to immediately forget the pain, back to the past of happiness, this may be a long journey, perhaps tomorrow, you will still be lost and dazed or heartache, but how painful, but also will always pass.

How to be able to live, each individual has their own practice, but relaxed, can let oneself have a breath, the room to start again, don't because want to avoid pain and push themselves too tight, this way, they will gradually forget how to happy again. (Recommended to you: Final Push after breakup: Our feelings are still good when we're apart .)

10. How do you see "Friends up above, lovers are not full" of the pink confidant relationship ? Is there a pure friendship in the world for you?

This relationship is always not able to sustain for a long time, even in the beginning is how much sweet, but the development of a relationship is mature, if it is a serious view of the other, the importance of this person and friendship, will naturally think and decide what this is a kind of relationship, and will not let each other have too much uncertainty and unease, is a good friend is a good friend, Lovers are lovers, not always "lovers are not full" this subtext-even if one side is still seriously like each other, still thinking about their future may become lovers of the opportunity.

If the development of a long time, but two people still cling to this specious relationship to get along, for the parties may be a torment it ... Since we like each other, why are we not really together? Since we should be together, why have we missed each other again?

11. Do you have a love motto that you specifically believe in? Please share with us, why?

In front of the corner, hope

"Mr. Cheap-fine."

Life, often we will be in front of the blind Alley, but the first erosion of their own strength and confidence, but what we have seen is not all the things and the world, in some we do not mean or deliberately miss places, often buried can let us start afresh, a better way.

The same is true of love. Do not because of a temporary result and let oneself too unhappy, the story is not finished, just see how you play down.

12. Can you please give a woman the reader to "find true love" encouragement and practical methods?

Find true love ... As mentioned before, different people have different situations, so I do not have too specific practical methods. But it is very important to be happy, whether you find it or not, to enjoy the process and make yourself happy and comfortable, it is very difficult to celebrate.

Even if this day has not met the right person, but at least did not let their own white, not necessarily only love, to find the truth can be happy, in the face of joy to know how to smile, when the gentleness to know Thanksgiving, in fact, is already more than many people to be happy. Come on. (Recommended reading: 12 questions and answers to love from Hong Kong writer Yu Junyu )