Which country in the world has its own people who know their blood type?The answer is Japan and South Korea.The people of these two countries have become a very strong funny story of blood type, especially when most people in the West don't know, or don't care about what their blood type is.

In Asia, Japan and South Korea are the countries most prevalent in the "blood type theory". The books, comics, songs and surrounding goods derived from this concept are sold in the market.On the South Korean version of Facebook, netizens may even show blood types on their own personal data, and are tied to other important personal information.

Although such popularity has subsided in recent years, it is believed that the population of blood type theory is still not to be underestimated, just as the people of Western countries believe the constellations are the same.

type personality

on this theory , the blood type of one person can predict his personality, personality and interpersonal patterns.In response to the personality of the various types of blood, the most mainstream is that: A type of person is very thoughtful and very creative, but it is easy to assume that the "O" type is a social expert, but the "O" type of person is more rational, but the "B" type is more rational.

Below is the work of the cartoonist Park Dong sun, which shows how the various types of blood will react under certain circumstances.The Park's blood type personality series is regularly contained in South Korea's largest portal, Naver.com .

Even if people criticize his work as being oversimplified, Park's work remains popular in South Korea.(The following picture originates from the Blog of Park, not his official page on Naver .After most of his work was published, Naver was bought by Naver, so there was copyright restrictions)

ABO-type people spend summer vacation: Type A people spend a lot of time in the vacations, while the A-type people spend a lot of time trying to stack up the sand, while the AB is far from everyone else.

The most sagged A-type person complained, "Who did it charge?"AB is blamed for the "harvesting" of luggage "harvested" by type O and B, while the two men were blamed for playing in the sea.

The furious O-type people are blowing away heat from the fan and complain about the hot air temperature.The B-type person was quickly insane and nearly smashed him in the face of a fist.The AB type people sit beside them, regardless of whether they are.

The most rare AB type is always described as an outsider, or even an alien.In this picture, the AB is floating in the sky floating saucer, while others sit on the grass.

To learn more about the personality traits represented by the blood type, see This article , published in 2007 by Hyejin, on the Global Voices website.


Is it a joke or a dark past based on the characters in the blood comics?

In cartoon comic books, the theory of hemorrhagic personality is an obscure past in which the theory of hemorrhagic personality is unwound.It can be traced back to scientific racism, from 1920 to 1930, when the Nazis and its subsequent Japanese imperialists were used to promote the age of race and the superiority of the nation.

It was a stunted discovery when Australian scientists first discovered that humans had four blood types.This discovery also rescued countless people who could have been killed in the delivery of the wrong blood type.However, when a follow-up study found that the distribution of blood types was in fact disproportionate, it was used by racists and imperialists to publish a bloodless personality theory with a non-statistical study.

One of the names of the study is from the Japanese scholar Furukawa . He has come to the conclusion that, in the case of Taiwan, which has more than 40 % of its O-type population, which is the most difficult to obey, he must have more people in Taiwan with the Japanese to dilution of the "rebel-held blood" prevailing in the Taiwan island.

Even if the theory of blood type personality has subsequently been questioned in Japanese academia for lack of scientific knowledge, it has survived several major social shocks, thanks to the curiosity of the media, and has been circulated to the present day.Since the late 1990s, the blood type fever has spread to South Korea, and since 2000 it has accumulated considerable attention to the population, and since then it has become even more popular.

The South Korean tribal guest Age of Production Type Romance is a reflection type of blood craze for the Korean audience.Although this tribal visitor acknowledges the lack of scientific evidence, his personal experience has convinced him that it is a rule of success that succeeds in categorize people:

" [even if there are many voices of criticism] it has been proven that it works in most of the time.Of course, there will be exceptions.I had a type of A person who had a rectum, a narrow heart, a little bit of a cool O-type person.[…] But when applied to other people, nothing is more convenient than the use of blood type to see personality.There are still a lot of things in the world that cannot be scientifically measured or fully …."

The tribal visitor Unalpha was originally a loyal filament of blood type theory, but now it is not.According to the analysis of this tribal client, the reason why blood type is sound is reasonable, primarily because of the cold reading method .Cold-reading is a series of techniques that have been used by psychics, astrologers and cheaters to convince people that they know themselves well:

"You are a person who looks like a bold, inner self-sophisticator."Even if you have a good decision, you often look back and ask yourself, " Do I really do it right?"You are friendly to others and can maintain a good relationship with them, but it takes some time for others to get to know who you really are."[…] When reading the paragraph above, you must identify with the location, right?This is because everyone has a different orientation.Even the most fearless and fearless Chinese can have hesitation. A person who often seems to be out of his mind and who often seems to be out of his mind, may seem to think of a good deal at some point."

This is clear in the Barnum Statement (Barnum Statement).The Barnham statement is an open narrative that seems to be applicable to many people, and in fact applies to many people.Wawoooo, a school child, refused to speak in front of the class as a school child. Condemns The role of collectivism in Korean society is backed by national reconciliation of blood type theory:

In South Korea and Japan, the two countries with special interest in collectivism, the people have been educated more seriously than individuals.Whether it is appropriate for yourself to spend time with others and others' attention to their own evaluation.[Once the blood type theory is deeply rooted in society], the effects of the blood type theory will be maximized, as people are forced to accept the views of others, their elders, and their own groups, and respond accordingly.

Picture Source: The above picture is from a blog by a comic artist Park (using CC-BY-NC-ND authorized use)

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