Let's listen to gay singer Mary Lambert How to talk about love, she told us, love, not because of gender and the depth of the difference.

A few years ago, Jolin Tsai launched a new song "Not the same as how", the same name MV patted gay love counter proposing let a person sad, each body is different, but love let different we have the meaning of existence. If you are also deeply moved by this MV, then you may also like the following music story. (Recommended reading: The true picture of gay love: love, have blood and sweat )

Same Love is not the same

You may also be familiar with this song that advocates marriage equality--Same love, which was sung by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The vocal chorus is impressive, she is Mary Lambert, Mary Lambert's voice full of gentle and sentimental rendering power, was praised the fusion of Adel's vigorous and Tori Amos magnetism. The chorus in "Same Love" is written by her own experience as a homosexual Christian.

She says I smell like safety and home she said I had a sense of security and the smell of my family.
I named both of her eyes "Forever" and "Please don ' go" I'll name her eyes forever.
I could be a morning sunrise all the time yeah I want to always be her warm dawn, forever
This could is good, this could to be good how wonderful it is.
And I can ' t change, even if I tried I can't, even if I try
Even if I wanted to even if I want to
She keeps me warm, she keeps me warm but she warms me, she warms me

Love, nothing to do with religion science, only people can answer

Mary Lambert a new song "She keeps Me Warm" based on this chorus, from which she began writing about the sadness and joy of lesbian love. The lyrics write down the conflicting values she faced when she was a child of gay identity and religious beliefs. MV Express same-sex encounter and then attract each other's relationship, but also for Lambert the contradictions and puzzles of the past and made the best reconciliation . , she believes that being a Christian is not inconsistent with being a lesbian, and that love is unrelated to sex, Lambert, the warmth of love is enough to melt all the barriers. ( same field Gayon:"God is not afraid of new things!" "The Pope's prescription is gay love."

Mary Lambert once said: "We can talk about theology, have faith, but we must know that the heart is always important, only through the exchange of mind, through the preservation of nature, to reach another person's heart." 」

It reminds me of the movie, "Blue Is the Warmest Color." Adel even and the man patted, on the bed, still can not lie to the reality, Emma's a look back, a second eye of the intersection, easily disintegrate Adel up the wall. Love is honest, wardrobe can hide for a while, can't hide for a lifetime, such as Lambert lyrics, even try to change, but you are born only to a certain hug, only belong to a certain eye, some kind of smell, The temperature of a certain person. Like a one-to-one function, love , only that person can answer. (Recommended reading:"Blue Is the Warmest Color" taught me seven things )

If you have heard the music of Mary Lambert, you will wonder how the young girl, who sings the sadness of a song, hums the worldly difficulties. In fact, Lambert not only confused the adolescent troubles of many comrades, but also often mentions childhood traumas, including violence and sexual abuse of native families, and even a sense of inferiority in physical identity,Lambert Mental disorders have also been caused by drug abuse and alcohol use . She honestly shared her weakest and darkest side through the secrets, andLambert said: "I use my own clinical evidence to encourage you to be vulnerable and to admit vulnerability." "Yes, the world always reminds us to be strong, but forget that it is also an important thing to be honest and fragile,Lambert like to tell us:" Those sad and unbearable past, say it is not a sad secret. (Hey Dear : You don't need to always be strong: Five ways to face the weak )

I ' ve got bi-polar disorder I have bipolar disorder.
My shit ' s don't in order I love trouble.
I ' m overweight I'm too fat
I ' m always late I'm always late.
My family are dysfunctional my family's not normal.
I don ' t care if the world knows what my secrets are I don't care to let the whole worid know my secret
I can ' t-i-straight, I ' m so gay, I'm a lesbian.
Sometimes I cry a whole day sometimes I cry
I love Me butt and won ' t shut up I loved my butt, I couldn't learn to shut up.
And I never really grew up I never really grew up

Are you also curious how Lambert humor dissolves the sadness of life? She said before becoming a singer, her goal is to become a music teacher, because she hopes to help more people through music to get out of trouble, after becoming a singer but because of seeing netizens comment on her figure and sad, but Lambert relative thinking, More is a lot of gay messages thank her for singing their hearts, there are many girls support Lambert so true to do their own. "If I could change anyone in the world through music, I think that's what I want." " Lambert said so.

now Lambert really did it, not only is the singer's outstanding LGBT representative personage, is also many girls ' hearts idol, she brought the value of pluralism and a more friendly gay perspective into the mainstream culture of American music, except continued to work for many comrades and vocal, but also "body love" to advocate all girls loyal to their posture and appearance, identify with the unique beauty of the individual. If you have any other incurable diseases,Lambert will tell you that you must love yourself, regardless of your sex, age, posture or background, there is nothing to define you, Except yourself. (Recommended reading: as a woman, we do not need to prove anything to the world )

Finally, with this song to change the fate of many comrades to end, love is not sex, gay at first sight, enthusiasts heartbeat, eyes of the ambiguous flow and heterosexual is no different, hey, fingertips touch the temperature, every kiss, every hug, is so deep weight.

Singing "She keeps Me Warm", please let us not give up for the love of voice, give everyone, also bless love.