Jonathan has gone through three generations of love songs, singing the youth years, humming life hundred states. When you think of love, which one do you miss Jonathan?

Some people say that he is the godfather of Chinese pop music; it was said that he was the most important music producer since the 20th century 80, and that he had created a classic across the ages and helped countless outstanding generations, and in the years that followed, we could not escape a Jonathan.

Jonathan's creation, which one did you escape most? Let's savor the good song of the golden producer across the ages.

"The Price of Love": Go, go, people always learn to grow up/ go, go, life will inevitably experience pain struggle/ go, go, for their own heart to find a home/have been sad tears, also sadly heartbroken, this is the price of love.

If there is a song, listen to the first sentence will be red eyes, the melody continues to tears already wet the paper towel, that this will be "the price of Love." This song wrote Red Sylvia, 20 years later Jonathan in his concert as a finale song, the opening will be choked, then his dry daughter Leong, many years of friends Sylvia, Love Acts Xinzhe appear, this touching classic chorus, is the time left the most beautiful gift. (The same field add : write to ten years later: I hope you still believe in love, think of the past will shed tears )

When Love is past: There is love, there is pain/ one day you will know, life without me will not be different/ No you will be different, life has been too hasty/ I'm so afraid always misty tears, forget I have no pain It's no use forgetting you, leaving the past in the wind.

1993 for Linyilian made "don't care who I am" This record, "When Love has become the past" sung in the "Farewell My Concubine" starring Leslie, also hum out the feelings. Linyilian and Jonathan Love, married, and in 2004 two people end the marriage relationship. The Jonathan of the talent overflowing but love, through the wind and rain of marriage,in 2014, he was in concert with his ex-wife Linyilian "Chorus", That man left tears, some people said he artificial, but I still believe that tears true, because we, have been in this song choked. (You will be happy : The 20 marriage secrets I want to know before I get divorced: the heart of Constant Love )

"Understanding": How painful the understanding, you have been my all/ only I look back to every step of the road, walk A good lonely/ How painful understanding, You have been my all/ only wish you break free from the shackles of love, the bondage, arbitrary chase/ don't suffer for love

A song of understanding, how many people's hearts were broken. This song Let Sin Xiaoqi a debut, also let Jonathan be positioned as gold producer. Sin Xiaoqi once said, this is Jonathan eldest brother after hearing her feelings of injury story, this song also changed her life. The man who jokingly dubbed himself an uncle seemed to know more about women than women, and who could sing like that, but it was a whole turbulent youth. (same field Gayon: Sin Xiaoqi: Time take not walk naïve, the years gave me the growth )

Jonathan created countless classics, but in fact, he only had one solo album.

1986, Jonathan to release the personal album "The Spirit Of Life," and then non-stop to make a classic album Red Many singers, this is the first and today is the only Jonathan personal album.

He was 28 years old when the album was released, and he didn't know or think about where the work would take him or the songs, What kind of role you will play in your so-called musical career. so the creative motivation of this album is the purest, least attempted, complete expression of itself. (The same field Gayon honest creation : "Back to light Sonata" director Chanxiang: "Over the youth line, let life more publicity impact." ")

1986 years old, 28-Year-old himself , now exactly 28 year later, Jonathan decided to "complete the classic album" Concept of the concert, he describes himself : "This is the dialogue between the two Jonathan." "

Looking back to 1986, two Jonathan of dialogue

Decades of music work down, now the Jonathan in the mentality is not so hard forward, but more want to see their footprints, looking back to their path. in such a mood, "The Spirit of Life," the album naturally emerges, and by singing this album of this Act, so that the current Jonathan with the time of their own dialogue, that is, two Jonathan dialogue. So after so many years, then to sing that time that Jonathan Psychological confusion, longing, emotion, perseverance, frustration and so on, and then go back to what he thought was the situation ⋯ he thought to do such a thing, It is very meaningful to you now and expect to gain more power from it.

Jonathan, who has just finished the Taipei Little Giant Egg Concert, is dueto hold "Jonathan 1986" concert in 2015/3/1 at Le Gacy Taichung , which is different from the large concert of thousands of people, and this performance will be only nearly 700 fans, The show is more intimate and intimate Jonathan on the road of music in the first course, close to listen to the first solo album of Jonathan singing career "Wizard of Life" all tracks.

Jonathan Love songs, there is always aftertaste taste, but also sing a tolerant, forgive the arrogant and not the affair. If you have a Jonathan song shed Tears, this performance is very suitable for you and Jonathan together to commemorate that year's own. (In the same field add : write a letter to the past have shed tears, have been injured himself )