wine path (The ways of Wine) was filmed according to the personal experience of Charlie Artura, the world's most famous wine master, Charlie Arturalola.The process of loss of taste by Charles himself and the journey to search for the soul of self-redemption.At the Berlin International Film Festival, the film was applauded by the crowd and caused a lot of reverberation. His famous quote: " Life is not good or bad, and always has to be a good drink of wine, and it's the right time."

Charlie is the most authoritative wine master in the world today. He has the most acute taste of his taste, and he can easily taste the quality of the wine with the taste of the tongue.The brand, which he has recognized, is often the best-selling global wine, and as a result, he has always been invited to become wine in the world and enjoy the most extravagant lifestyle.

But in an event at the top of the ” Premier VIPs " feast, ” found that he lost his most arrogant taste, and he could no longer taste the changes in the mouthfeel of the wine, even if he had not been able to distinguish between the wine.His world collapses in a moment, not helplessly and panicked. …

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Active Time: 2011/10/17 ~ 2011/10/24

movie premiere: October 26, 21:00, National Guest Center @ Changchun Square (one person can get two, and we will randomly draw lucky ten people)

Active method: When Beethoven loses hearing, when Saudi Arabia is blind, the wine taboosts lose their sense of taste, they seem the most serious, but they never give up and find the most authentic self.As long as the Comment says something that you don't want to give up, you get two tickets to the "Wine" and the "Film".


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