A woman's love of words. Illustrations to you, Happy Valentine's Day, whether you have company or single, as well as our loved, to the woman fascinated the most beloved readers.

Deep words, to shallow say, big world, I want to feel with you. Some words, always want to say to you. Because a little shy, I invited the mascot of the woman--sweetheart, with his first love straw, the interpretation of those in the hearts of the gratitude, and our ordinary no wonder the best time. (You would like to: love for the rest of your life!) From the psychology to see the relationship six secrets of the long

(same field Gayon: even if not perfect, still can love Ah )

I like it, you're like a kid in front of me.
I like the scent of the neck when you hold Me
I like it when you bury your head in my arms
I like it when you look at the wrinkles in my eyes when I smile
I like the look that you show up in front of me

(Hey dear: The feeling of lovers: Thank you, put me in your life )

When you take the bus
Watching TV, dozing off.
When I got mad, I went home.
When the tears are streaming down
When I look at the fireworks
When the stars are on the lookout
When we talk about the future.
The world has never been more consistent with my head-shaped skeleton, except you.
( here is a warning line: "Hello, don't Come near strangers." ")

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than to be a woman of your grace.
I'd rather be a masked yawn fart.
Admit it, I just like to wear Mickey's underwear.
No longer care about my armpit hair.
Still kissing when you get up bad
When you help me clean up the dirt in my navel.
To make you see the side of my tongue gossip
Together Happy fat
Looking at the Emperor Kangxi to laugh without restraint
Let love teach us to live our innocence forever
Be Your girl forever.

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I like your humor, so adapt to your occasional Bai and do not know the sense of propriety
I love your tenderness, I have to hold your hand when you are weak
I'm obsessed with your knowledge, to hear your tirade when you're talking.
I love your independence and firmness, and know that you are occasionally too stubborn and not to mention the fragile
In contrast, you are so in love with the defective Me

(same field Gayon: The conditions of happiness: feelings, to the separation of the )

The luckiest thing is, we have our own dreams.
can still picture the same future blueprint

The happiest thing is that we can stick around all day
Can also be left alone with each other white

The happiest of all, even if not for a few months
I still love you as ever

The same field Gayon blush Red

No one in the world is closer than us

Touch the cocoon of your palm
Touch your restless Dumb and thirsty
Feel your gentle whisper
Breathe the fragrance in your hair
Kiss every piece of your ragged goodness
Listen to you the finely sound of the forefinger slipping over the pubic bone
Soft to explore the deeper parts of your soul
match that a hug that's completely embedded in one's body

Hey, what I want to say, do you hear me, thank you for your thoughtfulness and care (also thank me for your bad temper will not abandon), in short, and then please give a lot of advice.

Illustration design: Miss Sweetheart's mother-Tintin.