In the new year, in addition to the , we need to re-examine ourselves, over the past year, to refuel the overconsumption of energy in order to get away from the low tide of the past, to transform into a positive emotion , to usher in a new beginning and become a better self !(Extended reading: Harder at the end of the year!The Three Wish Departure of Brave )

The Lunar New Year is approaching, and the new year is about to begin. If you happen to experience a low ebb, it is time to turn the tide and greet the beginning of the new year. If your front line is like a rainbow, you need to keep good luck at this year's transition. Come on, test, what's your new year?to get you to a better one in the new year!

Please think in your mind: ' What power do I need to add to the new year?and then choose the new clothes that you want to wear in the following figure, the new year in the new year!

Red , Orange , Yellow , Green , Blue , Indigo , purple (click here to see answer)

1. Choose red, you need to supplement Health power

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Red, representing you need to satisfy your own physiological needs, like eating food, or keeping your body in good condition, to meet the challenges of the new year, to be physically satisfied, as well as your feelings of security and stability, so that you can confidently and confidently pursue your dreams.

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The Food Channel : The first step in satisfying the physiological needs is to eat delicious and healthy, and the M.F.K. Fisher says, " If we have to eat before we can live, we eat gracefully, and we eat."We can't choose not to eat, but we can choose what to eat, and the new year starts with a full stomach!"

The Health Channel : Health is a happy New Year's gift, and Sophia Roland once said, "If you live in a unhealthy way, any cosmetic surgery will be useless."" I recommend you to every single person who needs to take care of your body, whether you have a health care problem, or you want to move, and look forward to finding help here.

2. Choose an orange, you need to add "intimate" energy

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Orange, which means you are very eager to connect with others, get along with someone close to your family, and have a close touch with your lover, and you can help you have a healing ability to heal, regardless of the new year's challenges you can find!

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The family : Home is the source of life and a part of itself.Learning to go home, learn to face each knot, learn to find his own place at home, and get us back from home to find our lost self, find our own hearts, and get our hearts and minds.

blush red : sex is not a sin or a desire. It is a natural thing to enjoy. Enjoy the beauty of the two human bodies, achieve the integration of the body, the heart, and the soul. Let the intimate relationship become the source of your full strength. The new year begins with the red and the ocean, the red of the ocean!

3. Select the yellow color you need to supplement the Power

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Yellow, on behalf of you in the new year, eager to move forward with ambition, hope and passion to fulfill your dreams, so you need more active energy to help you achieve yourself in the new year!

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My career : Life is dark, unless there is a hope; all expectations are blind, unless there is knowledge; all knowledge is futile unless there is work; all work is empty unless there is love." In addition to working hard at work, we also want you to be more positive in your work because of your love work.

fan politics : political representation in society is closely related to all of us, because it is believed that everyone is the power to change society.So we can all create history. In the new year, the political channel will bring you, more positive and positive forces, and let's move forward together for the dream!

4. Select the green you need to supplement Love's energy

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Green, which represents you need a lot of love, between friends and friends, love and forgiveness, love and forgiveness, and love and warmth for others, as a new year that can help you get richer and richer energy.

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love : We all have the ability to love, no matter what color you can remember, forget to believe in the existence of love and become more aware of ourselves because of love. So in the new year, let us continue to take our path further and steadfasterless.

The Sex : Your love can be more than dedicated to yourself and give it to everyone in the world. We know that there are many people who can't really do it because of their gender. So the new year will require you to embrace the world with tenderness and determination, so that the world can be more free and better!

5. Select the blue you need to supplement the Discover Self energy

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Blue, represents you need to face real self, discover your inner desires, and use a variety of creative ways to show yourself, so you need to revisit your inner and external, discover your beauty again, and shine and emit heat in the new year!

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Fashion : The fashion legend, Ms. Chanel, once said, " If you want to be irreplaceable, you have to be a different kind of fashion, not a self-objectiable little sister. By contrast, we can discover more selves by fashion, new, new, new, beautiful life for ourselves!

Beauty : Makeup is not only for your own people, but also for yourself. We can try to find out more of you in different forms, be it cute, elegant, hot, sexy, and so on. Let's make it a century queen in the new year!

6 . Select the indigo you need to add the energy of the Awakening

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indigo representatives, you need to venture out on life.In a long-busy life, you may lose your sense of environment and your ability to sense yourself. So in the new year, you need to regain your observant, imagination, creativity, wakeup, your inner self, to find out more of life in your life!

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Charming : Everyone is a good book and a reader, so we can learn, get started, new year, let's have a good book in the women's reality library, enrich our lives with their stories, and inject more money into their own lives!

Gone Play : Odely Hepburn said: " People live in the world, and the most important thing is to enjoy their own life." In addition to working hard, we also have a responsibility to enrich our lives, for the new year, to let us learn to enjoy every moment and to make life fun and turn the world into your playground!

7. Choose a purple one, you need the energy of Smarter

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Purple, represents a unique intelligence that connects consciousness in the brain, the intelligence of the universe, and the ability to reconcile, inner self and the outside world. So, in the new year, you need to nourish your heart and heal the pain in your heart.

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Mind : Hugo said: "The most important thing in the world is the ocean, more spacious than the sea, and more spacious than the sky.""The spirit of the heart is wide, so many wounds are accommodated, so we can grow up and grow stronger. Let us join together in the new year to learn the most truthful and true self."

Fate : Norn is a goddess of fate in Northern Europe's mythology, the daughter Uddy, and the second daughter Viv Danzi palm "Now", the little girl Poetry "The Future".Their mission is the line of the destiny of the world of textiles, and at the same time, the line of life, the new year, we enter the world of the Noran Persona, and we look at the texture of the line of destiny ...