Today, I want to share with you another type of hypertherapy on the island of an island animal that is over-healing, so you immediately want to book a plane ticket to the arms of small animals!

Japan is close to Taiwan's Bay of Taiwan, and because of the effects of cheap aviation in recent years, the devaluation of the Japanese yen, and so on, making Japan a choice for many Taiwanese tourists, such as the New Year or 228 vacation days, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, three days and two nights.
fact, there are a lot of ways in
to go to the northern island of Hokkaido to enjoy the snow and fish in Tokyo, where you can go to Tokyo to appreciate the cherry tree, and to see the atmosphere of the dream come true.

This day is shared with you, some special, a healing process that makes people's heart melt, three islands full of adorable animals, you can have a young girl's heart, or you take your family out together, and your friends must have a great holiday!(About outbound travel: Don't be afraid to leave, true growth is leaving )

[Japan Kansai] Deer Island

Nara Park in Kansai, Japan, is a tourist attraction for many tourists who have bred over 1,300 years of deer. Because Nara people believe that deer with white hair is a descendant of the emissary, if anyone sees a deer with white hair, it will bring luck!

But for visitors, the ability to interact with this large group of deer is a very special experience. There are sales of Xian deer in Nara's parks for visitors to feed deer. The clever deer tend to be a total rush, and often see the tourists being chased by the deer.

But actually some deer are very polite, as long as you say to him, "They're like," they start eating, they start eating, they don't attack you too much, and when you don't have any immortal, you remember to lift your hands, so that the deer go away you.(Laughter) (Laughter): 14 laws for images: child and animal virography )

Although the deer is a wild deer, there is a deer and a deer for the deer in Nara, which is specially designed to prevent the deer from turning over the trash can.

In the spirit of the deer, the deer, and the deer, Nara and the deer have become old friends and good neighbors who live in harmony. If you have a chance to travel to Kuanishi, don't miss this classic scenic spot!

Recommended sights:


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are many Buddhist temples in Nara, and none of them are most famous. Because there is the largest Buddha statue in Japan, many tourists come to visit the temple, and there is a big pillar behind the Great Hall. There is a hole in the middle. I hear that the people who can go through it and love will be able to follow along well!

the temple, temples are listed as valuable cultural assets, and are regarded as important treasures of the world. After the deer, they can also visit the temple to feel the solemn atmosphere of the Buddhist temple.

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Spring Festival Club is also recognized as a world-class cultural heritage, where special celebrations are held every month, such as the first sacrifice of 1/1-21 of the lunar new year, 5/5 with the special ceremony, 8/14-8/15, and the lantern, which can be seen as a spectacular and spectacular ceremony.
year (October
, the deer's ceremonial rites are performed, but there is no need to worry, since the antlers are not suffering from pain, the male deer does not feel pain, but because the antler is a symbol of male males, every year, this ceremony will only be completed successfully with the deer.

[Japan Dongbei] Tahida Isle of Tat.

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island is a small island in the waters off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture in northeastern Japan.

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There are also interesting stories on the island, such as the behavior of observing cats, to predict weather conditions to predict whether they want to fish, or whether there is a black and white cat on the island: Black Jack, if you just touch him, you can get a whole year of luck, isn't it funny?

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Unlike Nigel, the health of cats on the island of Cat is not allowed to feed on their own initiative, while dogs' natural enemies: dogs and dogs, other than the dogs, are not allowed to carry on the island.In addition to enjoying the freedom of life, the kittens also regularly ask veterinary surgeons to check their health, so as to ensure that every cat is able to live in a healthy and healthy way on the island.(Shu pressure recipe: Cat slave love!)(b) the treatment of the cured animal therapy OIE))

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island is not on Japan's main island. It needs to pay attention to traffic patterns by going to the Sendai station. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the port of the island. It is not easy to see the charm of the island. It is not a easy thing to do!

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But for people who love cats, such a boat is definitely worth it, and there are many legends on the island that add a lot to the adorable meats, and add a lot of the secrets of the gods. The spirit of respecting each other's rights to live together is also learning and borrowing!(Sibling: This is the cat!Railroad fans and Cataloos' trams in Japan and Goeto )

To recommend more cat slave sites

1. Cat: Qingdao

2. of love and care

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you don't want to wait for a boat class, and if you don't want to wait for a boat class, you can take a look at the Wusheng Station of a Martian. Then you can walk around 15 minutes on foot, and you can get to a famous cat temple in Fukui County, near the city of Fukui, to the temples of the birth of the temple!
the temple houses dozens of stray cats who have been abandoned and sick, it has gradually become a place where many cat people must visit.
they live in the temple, monks, or local residents and tourists, they can help and take care of these cats, so as to allow the establishment of cats to be a home for cats and cats.(In the same place: )

[Hiroshima, Japan, Japan

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island, which was formerly a chemical weapons base in the Sea of Japan, was once known as a "gas island" and even a "island disappearing on the map" because of its military secrets. So why is it now a place where the legions of the rabbits live?

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Since the end of the war, the rabbit was destroyed in the laboratory, but the rabbit was destroyed in the laboratory. But after the country's free time and the Dageno Gas Museum, eight rabbits were


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to the rabbits, the rabbits are not suitable for eating rabbits or chasing them, and the rabbits are not suitable for eating rabbits or rabbits.

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island is the island of the rabbit, it needs to pay special attention to the traffic. It can take JR train to find the nearest station of the dock, and then take the ferry to the island. When it comes to the island, it will be time to pay attention to the island.

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addition to playing with rabbits, the nerve gas museum and many Japanese have been subjected to psychological and psychological pressure on the history of this war. I hope that we can take a look at this historical, unforgiving experience of the past, to understand the damage caused by the war, and to make more efforts to promote peace.

Recommended scenic spots

1. Peace-learning Hiroshima from war


Hiroshima is the place we've seen in the history textbooks, because it was the first city in World War II that became the atomic bomb, and in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, there were many traces of the war that were left.

Although I look back at the pain of pain, I can't help but feel very heavy, but neither the Peace Timing Tower nor the ruins of the original 'dome', etc., are all hoping that we can learn the lessons of the past, regain the power of peace from the war, and stand up again!(Extended reading: Hurt in the world: War is not human, it is love )

2. One of Japan's three scenes: the Great Bird in the Miyako Sea.

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At the entrance to the shrine, there is a building that is known as the main gate of the shrine, which is known as the "birdhouse", which is the common folk who live in the world. Because the island has been colonized, many of Japan's birds have been used as raw materials, but from the temples of Taiwan!

most famous of the Miyajima, the Shinto shrine, was built in 1873, and the Japanese used ancient architecture and the power of their own fans to make the red birdwatch-looking bird standing in the sea, thus being known as one of the three scenes of Japan.Because the Shinto shrines are located on the intertidal zone of the seto, the entire shrines are built on the sea, and are thus certified as world-class cultural heritage and, in time, to look at this stunning maritime war shrine!

Is it very heart-hearted to see these few Japanese scenic spots that have been cured by animals?Start planning for a continuous holiday in 2015, not being a person's travel, or the warmth of a family, a sister, a lover, who can recharge yourself, and return to the workplace and meet the new challenges.

But you want to remind everyone, after all, small animals are precious lives, and to visit these places, don't destroy the local ecological rules, and respect life begins with each small place, and wish everyone a happy and happy game!