From a Romanian photographer with a beautiful photo gallery to convey the same belief! Share to you and you in front of the screen, we are all so beautiful.

Beauty, can not only one kind of appearance?

From Romania, the 30-year-old photographer Mihaela Noroc, took her shot, as well as " The belief that diversity is the most beautiful thing in the world, with the money that has been saved over the past few years, has visited 37 countries, recorded the beauty of the camera and proved to the world that we live in a diverse society, and that beauty is so ubiquitous. We live in a diverse the world and there ' s beauty everywhere.

Beauty, not only a kind of appearance, even should have any kind of standard appearance. We are so different, so beautiful.

Mihaela Noroc 's filming plan is named the Atlas of Beauty, a beautiful atlas. In the beginning, Miahaela Noroc said, she named the project Beauty Around the World, and later renamed the Atlas of Beauty (The Beautiful Atlas), feeling that the latter had more to convey her belief: a record of female faces and cultural The Beautiful Encyclopedia of differences.

Mihaela Noroc in the album narrative: "In the photo album, I regularly upload the beautiful faces I met by chance." Because Atlas of Beauty means to capture the faces of women from all over the world and into their lives in a short staggered. 」。

Amazon Rainforest Amazon

"A few months ago, I stepped into the Amazon rainforest to capture the Atlas of Beauty." In the village of Kichwa, I saw this woman, dressed in her 15-year-old wedding gown, for filming her in the village (yes, she was wearing her wedding dress, where people were 15 years old when they were married.) In fact, I think in the Amazon, all the jungle is their back village. 」

Iran Iran

San Francisco San Francisco, USA

"Beauty is in the eyes of the viewer, but the viewer is always the other, and that's why I think beauty is diverse." Even now, after I've traveled through many countries, I feel like I'm only touching the beautiful side. But I want to be able to keep on the Atlas of Beauty plan, and let everyone see the real treasures of the world. 」

Tibet Tibet

Mexican Mexico

"She was the first Mexican woman to be photographed in the Atlas of Beauty." I noticed her on the subway and finally picked another scene that was more representative of the Mexican life. The Atlas of Beauty is not just about women in the world, but about the culture and society they are in. 」

Columbia Colombia

"We live in a global trend, and everything is going to be the same. I want to show "diversity is the best asset we have" with this photographic plan. It would be a shame to lose it. "we live in a world of globalisation where everything tends to become uniform. My goal are to show this diversity is the greatest wealth we have and it's a pity to lose it. (Recommended reading: Full of diversity! Four eye-lit fashion circle ads.

Cuban, Havana, Cuba Havana

Ecuador many Ecuador, Otavalo

"In Ecuador Otavalo this town, although the town has many modern introduction, they still maintain their old customs and habits, and deeply proud of the tradition." 」

Peruvian Peru, Mancora

"zoraya,21-Year-old girl, has a wealth of clinical treatment experience. She opened a treatment center with her mother and was the background of this photo shoot. 」

Peruvian Peru, Arequipa

"Before the Spanish colonization, Inca had a wealth of gold and precious stones." The woman in the photograph Zafiro is descended from the Inca Empire. 」

Brazilian Brazil

Singapore Singapore

Indonesian Sumatra Indonesia Sumatra

The Minangkabau in Sumatra, Indonesia, is one of the largest ethnic groups in the world's matriarchal society. I can't wait to come to this place and look for the faces of women in this group. 」

Romania, Botosani area, Romania

"The traditions of northern Romania have lasted for centuries. I have to write down this moment. 」

Burma Mawlamyine Myanmar Mawlamyine

Burma Yangon Myanmar Yangon

"In Burma, I met the most calm and Anne people in the world. Perhaps because of Buddhism, or perhaps the perennial war, finally in exchange for people's peace of mind. I wanted to capture this good and beautiful atmosphere, so I photographed Yu Kyi in this important Buddhist temple. 」

Burma Myanmar Bagan

Los Angelas, USA

New York, NY, USA

Chile San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Ethiopia Ethiopia

Georgia Georgia

New Zealand Zealands

Mihaela Noroc wrote such a sentence, "Beautiful so diverse, I traveled the world to find it." "beauty is diversity, and I travel the world to discover it.

In a beautiful face, from America to Ethiopia, from Chile to New Zealand, we seem to see ourselves. In different cultures, we live by the way we are accustomed; in the beautiful spectrum, we all have their own position, or thin or fat, or high or short, eyes or large or small, nose or high or low, face or large or small, skin color or black or white, are not enough to shake the beauty. (Recommended to you: beauty of "size" more than one )

When the beauty no longer needs stereotypes, so every face into a blossoming flower, we no longer desire to be others, just want to do their own good. Beauty is free, and we follow freedom.

Dear, no matter where you are now, we would like to say to you, you are beautiful, please continue to use such a beautiful posture to live it:)