Women can have different beauty, but if someone challenges your beauty, what should you do? Together to see how the three actress brave to defend their own heart of beauty bar!

Honey, do you think you're "beautiful"? And who can define "beauty"? From small to large, we received a lot of media information, tell us what kind of body is beautiful, is worth pursuing. Looking at the network Victoria ' s Secret models, and the beautiful buttocks, slim legs and waist, rounded full chest, so we looked down at ourselves, began to feel a little inferiority, a bit embarrassed.

Hey, in fact, we can always pursue their own idea of a more ideal appearance, but we must put this thing in mind: "Only you, you can choose their beautiful blooming appearance." "If anyone dares to question or criticize the way you choose, be sure to fight back, because the world needs more gentleness, more tolerance, more difference, and more beauty."

Let's take a look at the three actress Ariane Anna Grande, Gabre Tippy, Renee Zellweger, and how to be confident against those who attack their appearance!

Ariane Anna Grande: My butt is really flat, don't remind me of that. So?

some days ago, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj played in the NBA All-Star Game. Nicki Minaj later on Instagram released a lovely film, the film, they are shaking their butt dancing, enjoying the stage. Ariana Grande body type thin, and plump Nicki minaj form a contrast, netizens will be in the film under the message, said "buttocks good flat", "she shook what thing?" "These messages let Ariana Grande angry, in the bottom message counterattack."

Ariana Grande The counterattack on the Instagram.

"People are sometimes really ignorant. Do not try to let others feel inferior to their own body, there is a curve or flat , or different . Since when does this society accept that we are free to comment on other people's bodies? We were having a good time, dancing on the stage! Don't ask, "What is she shaking?" "I 'm Nicki , and I'm rocking my little cute butt, and our two hips are great!" Why don't we try to respect the boundaries of other people's bodies and let each other feel loved, no matter what their appearance looks like? It would be nice to see people trying to knock others down. --Ariane Anna Grande (Ariana Grande)

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Ariana Grande Just want to say, "I know my butt is very flat, do not need you to remind me!" "Dear, maybe everyone's body is different, but that is our most natural appearance." No matter The, it's not too hard to let everyone feel loved and cared for, isn't it? (Recommended: The beauty of the film, embrace the true postpartum Body Photo album )

Gabre Tippy: My time is all taken to practice the dream, you still have the space to criticize my appearance?

after the 2014 Golden Globes awards ceremony, the heroine of the movie "Cherish Life" Gabourey Sidibe Because of his large size, suffered Many netizens have sour words. A lot of people are taking a message under his red blanket and attacking his appearance, "My goodness!" Who did the modeling for Gabourey Sidibe? "This kind of talk keeps appearing.

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Gabourey Sidibe, after seeing these comments, left an intelligent response on the individual Twitter.

"For those of you who have left a bad comment on my Golden Globes: I must have been sitting on a private jet in my dream world last night because your words were crying." -Gabre Silk Tippy (Gabourey Sidibe)

Gabourey Sidibe on Twitter to respond to negative criticisms against her

Gabourey Sidibe This passage, is telling people who are free to criticize: "When you're free, you're free. to criticize other people's appearance, I have walked on the road of practical dreams, closer to my dream, and mercilessly dumped you behind! "

Renee Zellweger: You say I look like a whole shape? I'm glad you think I'm different from the past!

Renée Zellweger, who won the 76th Oscar for best Supporting actress in the film "Cold Mountain", attended the 2014 Elle Hollywood Annual Women's ceremony (2014 Elle Women in Hollywood Awards) It was thought to be "very different", and public opinion began to suspect him of a knife-shaping. Many said his face had become sharp, and he had a far cry from the meat image he had previously had in the "BJ Bachelor diary." (About plastic surgery: Do you know what "Bad Queen syndrome" is?) )

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(Photo source )

For Renée Zellweger appearance of change, netizens have expressed unacceptable, and even the media to do "Do you think Renée Zellweger become ugly or become beautiful?" "vote. In the face of this turmoil,Renée Zellweger, in addition to the criticism is very "stupid" (silly), also published a graceful response, so that many Hollywood stars are standing up to the end.

"It looks like these ambush in front of my porch, trying to dig out some of the ugly facts that do not exist, before I come out of the door is not to retreat myself." I'm glad people think I look different! I had a long time Live A very irregular life, also do not know how to take care of themselves. But now I am living a happier and more fulfilling life than ever before, so I should look more energetic. All my friends say I look calm and healthy. --Renee Zellweger (Renée Zellweger)

Ariane, Gabre Silk Tippy, Renee Zellweger lattice, in fact, are saying the same story: "My beauty, define myself!" "Often , we forget to be gentle, and don't forget to think before you press" send out "on a social website, and then treat others in the way you want to be treated. And if someone reviews you, you can always choose to be as brave and confident as the three stars above! (same field Gayon: Malala, Allempe ji, kee Lanatri!) 20,146 time for a woman's counterattack )

Honey, never be afraid to do the right thing!

Because one of your little moves can be a ripple for a better world, and when you stand up for yourself, you are also standing up for everyone who has the same fate as you. You are the only one who can decide how beautiful you are. Working with women fans to believe that there is a better possibility in this world!

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