Did you know that coffee addiction started as early as 800 years ago? Women fans invite you to enjoy coffee history with coffee, from Ethiopia to Europe.

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"History of coffee Addiction", March women fans of the month theme is beautiful. In the election book, this month to talk about the beauty of micro-objects, inadvertently small details are actually learning. For example, this cup of coffee in our hands, how it was born, how it was demonized, and how it was worshipped today. The book's author Stewart Li Hu Allen steward Lee Allen, from Ethiopia, through Arabia to Egypt, Iran, Turkey, to Europe, personally visited a trip to the ancient coffee beans, traveled three-fourths of the world, to answer the coffee mystery. Travel and historical overlap, a history of a civilization full of coffee incense. Since then, often pick up the morning coffee cup, can use a different tender vision.

To you, the coffee cup in the world history, the origin of coffee beauty.

A lot of people advised me not to take a night train from Kenya to Istanbul, saying it took twice times more time than a bus ride (nonsense), and that it was not safe (rambling) and muggy, and that it was hot enough that the passengers ' clothes were on fire (that's true). This is the 1920 's train, the inside of the chair does have a strange taste, day and night according to make people look like the death of a Turkish fluorescent lamp. When the train arrived in Istanbul, I felt like a living man. The next day, I had to transfer from the station to the ship to get to my destination.

There is a huge mosque guarding the seaside in Istanbul, surrounded by the minarets of the mosque. On the right side of the shore, although the snow can still see the city of Istanbul once the city wall, now collapsed remnants, although the ruins, but still towering. To the left of the shore is the castle of the Ottoman Empire. The whole place was dark and heavy, and when the ship drove across the gloomy shores of Bosphorus, I suddenly burst into a melancholy.

The coffee was introduced here during the most powerful period of the Ottoman Empire.

Around 1555, two Syrians Hakem (HAKM) and Shams (Shams) opened a café. In fact, in Iran and other places, there are already many cafes, but only in Istanbul coffee House is really a local secular flavor. Here, there is no religious purpose, men are mostly lying smoking, tasting coffee. Some cafes offer poetry readings, some are more puppet shows or female singers, but the biggest use of the café here is to provide Sangu rushes, the length of the Taoist. Even the scholar who likes to taste coffee, is finally replaced by boring jokes and exaggerated stories. (Modern Café: Eight Taiwanese coffee shops, must have your favorite )

"The café is full of academics, false mystics, and idle people ... Everyone was so crowded that there was no room to sit, and everyone said that there was no place like a café for recreation or rest. "In order to win the guests ' favor, the café in Istanbul also offers special coffee, a condiment that mixes seven drugs and spices in coffee, including black pepper, opium and saffron." A small snack, including a honey cake, and a mixture of minced meat, marijuana and tobacco, can be used to pump pipes and stir in coffee, which produces an Islamic ecstasy.

Katip Celebi, a famous author of The great man of the province of Hubei, wrote, "This is an object bestowed upon the living." The addict is worth the sacrifice.

At the time, sex was still an evil choice. According to the 17th century British traveller George. The café here is actually a brothel where there are "many beautiful boys who are here to entertain guests as male prostitutes," said Sandys George. "The moralist in Tuman describes a café as" a cave that makes people do disgusting things ... The young people there are all marked by their boundless passion for desire. "In order to increase their sexual interest, the rich Turks will cover their cups in a charcoal bowl that burns" myrrh, which is also the traditional technique of Bedouin women to incense their genitals before making love. Others drank more than 30 cups of ambergris (ambergris) with an aphrodisiac composition. (Recommended reading: Red blush of sex nutrition )

About this, Edward. "The most common way is to put a dragon's saliva in a coffee pot, dissolve it on a stove, and then use another coffee pot to make coffee," wrote Edward Lane in the 1863 book Modern Egyptians. People who want to drink can put some in the coffee cup, and then wash the brewed coffee in. In general, a dragon's saliva can be used for about two to three weeks. 」

I am very interested in this kind of thing and want to find out for myself. After asking a few modern Turkish coffee shops, I found that this kind of sex coffee is the past (Do you Want "Love coffee"?) )。 So I went to the spice grocery market in Istanbul, a mosque formerly a Bosphorus dike, that has now become a place to sell parrot fodder. The grocery market in Istanbul is very modern because it has just come from the more primitive Yemeni market. The biggest difference is the sidewalk, which is paved with rough gravel, while Turkey is paved and flat. The Yemeni market has small booths to avoid street clutter, and in Istanbul, because there are no compartments, the goods need to be packed separately. Even the businessmen in these two places are different. When you meet a Yemeni coffee merchant, you can smell coffee from him, while Turkish traders stink of copper. (same field Gayon: Five You should know the Turkish drink knowledge )

However, Turkish businessmen can speak English.

"Yes, yes!" Of course I can speak English. I can also speak German and French. I went on to ask him, "Do you speak Spanish?" "I ask because I find that although the businessman in Istanbul speaks German, the businessman in the Spice Bazaar speaks Spanish." The shopkeeper said, "These are bullshit!" Not all because of commercial competition! As long as one store says it has Spanish service, other stores will follow that. I asked him if he had a dragon's saliva. After listening to some confusion, he found a boy who was fluent in English, but the boy said he had never heard of that kind of thing, "What to do?" It is an aphrodisiac, used for love. 」

"Oh, for love!" He took a bottle from the cupboard and came down. There was a pink heart-shaped piece of paper on the bottle with a strong, muscular picture of the macho man, "this thing is better than that." Is this a dragon and saliva? I know people used to drink ambergris with coffee ... The man shook his head and said, "That's old stuff, and this one is scientifically based." All Turks use this kind. Have you ever visited a Turkish family? Generally used a lot, the usual home not only a couple of bottles, but three or four bottles! They take two tablespoons every day. This bottle is a large bottle, suitable for the whole family to use. Excuse me, do you have a family? No. I replied, pointing to an erect African portrait on the lid, saying, "It seems really good, and you see, there's amber in the material!" He said: "Oh, there are many treasures in it!" There are 17 kinds of materials in total. This is the prescription of the Sultan's king. Is it true? That's why I say it's the best. Sultan King has a huge family, he has more than 300 wives! He waved his hands excitedly as he spoke, "Have you ever been to Topkapi Palace (Topkapi Palace)?" The Sultan has his own factory, which is used to make the top and the freshest ... What do you say? Passion pill. There are specially produced for men's factories, there are specially made for women's factory, yes, both have. "

I bought a bottle and asked, "Do you not sell amber that can be added to the coffee?" "Amber" added to the coffee? He flicked his finger and said, "What you want is not amber, but the" Anbar "inside the fish. (The English "amber" of Amber is similar to "anbar" pronunciation). I forgot the Arabic "a n B A r" is the English "ambergris" (ambergris), so it is wrong.

"The Dragon Saliva fragrant" comes from eats the deep-sea giant squid the sperm whale. This black, smelly secretion touches the air and condenses into a resin-like material. This kind of material is very heavy, just drop a drop on the paper, even after 40 years, that flavor still exists, and feel fresh. They are usually found on deserted beaches, and Turks are considered treasures. If the found person is not handed over to the Sultan, he may be sentenced to death. But no one knows where it came from, and China called him "the Dragon's saliva," because they thought it was the saliva of a dragon sleeping on the seashore.

Now in order to protect the whale, Ambergris has been listed as contraband, but the young man did not know where to get a piece, about m&m chocolate size, dark color, and a little sticky. We buy a cup of coffee in a nearby café, pour some drink, the smell of truffles is very heavy, warm, fragrant and exciting feeling, it is no wonder that it is considered to be able to promote sexual goods. (Recommended reading: Five kinds of foods that make you more passionate )

I asked again the custom of Tuman: "If the husband cannot provide enough coffee beans, the woman has the right to ask for a divorce." "I got another answer." The boy said: "Friend, I think this question should be a translation problem." That is beans, the so-called not enough beans! He grabbed his testicles and said, "These two are also called beans." If you're not strong enough, then take this! "He took the medicine jar of Sultan King.

Coffee, whether or not to add the dragon saliva incense, can promote the idea of sexual ability is actually not entirely correct. Coffee does not affect the performance of men and women, but when the sperm contact with caffeine will swim faster, so it is easier to fertilize, people think that the man's "beans" more powerful. Strangely enough, the idea of the people of the province was just the opposite of the medical basis of the time.

One theory is that coffee is a "dry" ingredient that sucks fluids out of the body, especially men's sperm. According to another scholar Simon Gates. Polly (Simon Paulli) says that coffee makes men infertile and Sung. Some people believe that coffee addicts can cause urinary incontinence to death. A religious booklet notes: "People who drink coffee will suffer from a deteriorating health condition and eventually become emaciated." In the late 16th century, doctors at the Masai Medical school claimed that "ashes" in coffee would dehydrate the body, especially the central nervous "dry ..." resulting in prostration, weakness and impotence. 」

It is a very serious thing for a London woman to find the man's manhood fade away. By the year 1670, London was full of coffee houses. When the medical report became commonplace, a group of women wrote petitions to the Mayor of London in the hope of banning coffee from the area to ensure their sexual life was perfect. The seven-page petition presents a number of compelling reasons. It says, "British gentleman" is the most sexually capable of Christianity ... They maintain their descendants for more than 800 years. "Their fierce sexual prowess began to get worse because of the advent of coffee," he said. "Bad coffee makes them dry all over except for their snot, and no other parts of the joint can harden." 」

The more complete excerpts of the year are as follows: This is a humble petition sponsored by more than 1000 women. Our glorious motherland is considered to be a paradise for women, but we also face the sad feeling of being difficult to say. We find that once heroic men seem mighty now, but only some fragile rooster, Sparrow. We blame it on harmful coffee. Coffee not only weakens the power given by nature, but also makes them more irritable. Men's brains are becoming more and more obscure, otherwise they will spend a lot of money in black and thick, difficult to import and annoying, bitter, smelly, disgusting, and like puddles of muddy water (also known as stupid soup and Turkish porridge)? They even put the money for the children to buy bread for this uninteresting drink.

So we asked the mayor to ban people under the age of 60 from drinking coffee, and recommended beer and ale (Cock ale) 2 As a general purpose ... so that our husbands could prove that they were real men, not just a beard. At the same time also can avoid the wife secretly use artificial penis, or be caught in the dilemma of cheating. For glorious and glorious reform! London, 1674

"I'm addicted to coffee!" Bring home the history of coffee addiction.

If you're addicted to coffee, if you want to take a more loving look at the cup of coffee, follow the travel trails of coffee , and become more fascinated by it, just write down your favorite coffee flavor at the end of the text (and, of course, welcome you to tell us the taste we never imagined), we have the opportunity to smoke The history of coffee addiction allows you to experience the history of the world in a coffee cup.

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