In 1970, the "Light Mummery" was created in the manufacturing and sales of jewelry and jewelry products. You may be familiar with the name of "light murmus", but its jewelry and gold-related manufactured goods are exported abroad and exported to world and world famous brands!

The Kwangmummong Museum of Art, which opened in October this year, is one of the few tourism factories in the city. It is the first jewellery factory in the whole of Taiwan.

view of the current shift in Taiwan's jewellery and jewelry industry to creativity and design, we also hope that we can make a contribution to the industry's contribution to the sustainable transmission of knowledge and experience in Taiwan's jewelry and jewellery industry.(

Kuangkumm Museum of Art, which presents Taiwan's jewelry and history, opens the process for visitors to see how jewellery items can be designed, printed, molded, precision casting, and so on. The course of the tour will also introduce the jewelry knowledge and maintenance methods, and enjoy free cleaning and maintenance services.

Next let's take your online tour:


entrance is a story of the business history and proudly of light.

Then there is a whole wall of gold tool display!

Even if sightseeing is open, there are still factory workers working in the job.


In this multimedia interactive area, not only have seats available for visitors to visit, but also interesting interactive games and small knowledge to let everyone learn from the sidelines!

Scream boutique for women and jewellery enthusiasts

Eyes DIY

Art's DIY is ready at the Museum of Art, you can make your own decorations, or make a very good little for the other half heart. These are activities that can't be experienced elsewhere!

decorations DIY bag, you can make your own gold decorations even if you go home!

Misty art gallery
Address: 02-8601-4430 (
to visit the Kuangmong Museum of Art and DIY, please remember to make an appointment, please!

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