What is Beauty? The evolution of the fine count of beauty, every woman is beautiful. Today, with us to explore, Jin Yong's works of the first beauty is who?

If you want to choose a beautiful classic works, the heart of the first flashed the idea, in fact, Jin Yong 's martial arts full set. Jin Yong's intention is no longer to talk about beauty, but because everywhere attention to beauty, compassion and beauty, Miss Beauty, and nowhere to talk about the United States.

See Jin Yong grew up boys and girls, are unforgettable Jin Yong's writing that a flexible now beauty. But if you really want to say, who is the most beautiful beauty in Jin Yong's works? Flying Snow Sky shooting White deer, laugh book God-Man on the blue and more women sword, 15 works, which beauty qualified to pick the most beautiful crown?

It seems that since ancient times, who is more beautiful is the gene competition game. In Greek mythology, Sheila, Athena, Vienna three goddess to take the symbol of the most beautiful golden apple, with all the means to sacrifice power wealth, glory prestige, Beauty and love, open a part of the genesis of the Golden Apple and beautiful Helen Trojan War. The Greek poet Homer's long mouth, the epic weight of the battle, behind the several goddesses of the United States and the spirit of disobedience.

To fight who is the most beautiful of Jin Yong's works, I am afraid also to comment on the sword dozens of back, fragrant sweat dripping, regardless of who elected as the first, certainly some people are not satisfied. Who is more beautiful, probably the same cruel as the war it.

Turn to Jin Yong grew up, the memory of the sword in the always have the beauty accompanied. Jin Yong wrote the beauty of life, live color incense, jump on paper, Kim Lou Pen of the fight screen is wonderful, if no beauty Tim, I am afraid also let the reader less a lot of fun, not to mention the female role often hold plot deduction of the Holy Grail, the big martial arts if no beauty walk, that how lonely?

"Book Sword and Hatred Record", only eat flowers, refined to the armed forces stop the fragrance of the Princess Li-Xiang;
" God carving " in, do not fall into the red, such as the fairy descended like the Dragon woman;
the The day of the Dragon's Slaughter " , the appearance of handsome eyes trenchant, the United States with heroic Spirit Zhao;
the Ding Lu Kee " , let the World man lost soul, well-deserved peerless beauty name Chen round;
the Tian Long Eight department " , the elves are eccentric and gentle, and the beauties of the troubled times Arjuna;
the hero of the shooting carving " , cleverness, a light shirt skillfully disguised as men's Huang Rong;
There are too many beauties in Jin Yong's works.

Jin Lao did not say who is the most beautiful beauty in his heart, but admitted that Zhao is his most women, visible preference. In Jin Yong's works tumbling come and go, will find, to describe the beauty, skin white as snow, eyed (still have to make eye flow, the eyes of God to calculate the passing), the hair is black, red face, the body of Nadia, almost is the beauty of Jin Yong's works of the necessary conditions.

There are factions in the martial arts, golden old to write beauty, there seems to be beautiful faction and the context can follow. Selected a few out to see how Jin Yong wrote these beautiful, visible clues, but also recalled how Jin Yong write live these beauties, as long as the scrutiny, you will find that Jin Yong has never used the same adjective to describe two women. (Recommended reading: women, not only one way )

Like a fairy in the refined

such as "The Spirit of carving" cabin of the ancient tomb of the Little Dragon woman, such as "book Sword and Hatred Record" to let the armed forces stop the fragrance of princess, such as "Tianlong eight" in the immortal sister Wang.

Xian Qi is pressing! Li Jotong version of the small Longnu and Gutianle played with the son paired, each vote "the most classic Dragon Girl", Li Jotong are home first.

"Dressed in a veil-like white, still like the body in the smoke in the mist, it seems about 77 years old, in addition to a black hair, the whole body white, beautiful and vulgar, but the skin between a layer of blood, appears pale abnormal." "Dragon Girl like the image of the immortal, as well as the beginning of the tomb, because not familiar with the secular world, thinking that the purchase of things do not have to pay, take things to go, but not to attract the beauty of money."

Chen Jialou saw her face, one heart was pounding, and thought to himself, "where is this beauty?" "I saw her comfortable sitting in the lake, bright and holy, bearing not square objects, white reflected in the water, falling petals a petal to fall on her head, clothes, shadow on." He is usually unrestrained and comfortable, at this time unexpectedly am hesitant words to say. "This paragraph writes Chen Jialou meets Incense Fragrant princess, is also a scene to see the line which can not say the words, marvelled in the world unexpectedly has such beauty."

Smart, clever.

This kind of heroine, also often female disguised as men or smart outfit easy to play, cheat male lead around, show its lively place. such as "Shoot carving hero Biography" tricky cute Huang Rong, such as "God Carved heroes," the outrageous and Qiao Lu Matchless, such as "Bi Sword" Emine Wen Qing, such as "Smile proud of the lake" intelligent and decisive Ren Ying. (same field Gayon: Queen Mary disguised as a peasant girl)

Athena Chu version of the Huang Rong, paired with Zhang Zhiling, very in place! Image source: Baidu Encyclopedia

"Saw the stern of a woman with paddle boating, long hair shawl, body white, hair on a band of gold, snow a map, is resplendent light." Guo Jing See the girl dressed like a fairy, can't help but see. The boat slowly swing near, see this woman when Shao age, but 66 years old, skin, beautiful without snow, charming, not stare. "This piece of writing silly boy Guo Jing again meet Huang Rong, see all see stay."

"Shingzhi see her to wear women, beautiful Phoenix eyes, jade Cheek cherry lip, was a stunning beauty, the heart of the Dark scold own Hu tu." Such a beautiful person who all see out, oneself should be so honest, to her hide these many days. "This paragraph writes Shingzhi to see the brothers Wen Qing became in front of the beautiful woman." In Jin Yong's book, there are such "sex" revealing scenes.

She said this and turned her face sideways. Star Moon under the light, white face seems to emit a soft light, make fox rush heart a move: "This girl is actually more beautiful than younger sister", treat me so good, but ... But...... My heart is still in love with the little sister? "Call the San Gu, resourceful, work also decisive, in the boyfriend make Fox rush before, but is another pair of gentle daughter appearance."

The United States with heroic spirit

such as "against the Days of the Dragon Slaughter" in the Zhao, such as "book Sword and Hatred Record" in the Hui women Hoqingting. (Recommended to you: neutral, beyond the sex of the United States )

Soft with just, dare to love to Hate Zhao, from 1979 Liza to modern Ady, which generation of Zhao let you most impressive?

"A few rounds of wine, Zhao Wine to the cup dry, is heroic, every dish up, she always take a first chopsticks to eat, seeing her face pan-rosy, slightly with wine halo, countenance more li-colored." The beauty of an intruder, is not genteel beautiful, is delicate and charming posture Mei, this Miss Zhao is very beautiful, but also with three points heroic spirit, three cent Hao state, at the same time elegant, own a pair of end Shing, awe-inspiring, dare not stare "heroic and unrestrained, Zhao absolutely afford Daewon first beauty this name." Impressive lines, "Zhang Gangzi, do you think I am beautiful, or the beauty of the Zhou Girl?" "Very can show Zhao free and easy personality!"

Yellow shirt is the symbol of Hoqingting, 1979 Liza played Zhao also played Hoqingting.

Suddenly there was a bright, yellow-shirted girl riding a green horse, riding a trot, and passing lightly. The girl, beautiful in a trace of heroic spirit, light mining, when it is really Lijo Chumme snow, God such as Autumn, the frost, cheeks, Xia Ying Cheng Tang, Binocular jingjing, Moon shot Cold River. "Hoqingting of the United States, such as the moon shot Cold River, Cui feather yellow shirt, heroic spirit free and easy, and sister Xiang Xiang Princess Walk is a different path."

Beautiful and elegant

such as "on the day to slaughter the dragon," a pleasant small Zhao, "God Vulture" in the beautiful gentle Chengying, such as "Bi sword" long ping Princess Ah Jiu.

They have all played small Zhao, although a bit distorted, less gentle, but most Taiwanese viewers most impressive, probably in the film version of Small Zhao, smart chingmy yau it.

Look at her one eye, see her complexion is odd white, the nose is taller than usual female, the eye is faint have the blue meaning of the sea water, say: "You are the local western region person, is not?" "Compared to the women in the central Plains, there is a good look." Little Zhoo Xi eyebrows slightly, way: "I would rather like your central Plains girl." "Persian beauty Small Zhao, its mother purple shirt dragon Wang Daizi Silk (Golden Flower mother-in-law) also has the first beauty of martial arts."

"See her at 77 years old, with an expression of innocence, cheeks dizzy red, white and greasy complexion, a pair of eyes resplendent bright, although young, but is tolerant color lucid, elegant, really more than the painting in the people also want to look good, can not think of thieves, there should be such a pearl Jade general June couple of character. Qingqing always conceited beauty, by contrast, consciously quite inferior. "This section of Wen Qing Ah Jiu first sight of the beautiful, conceited but have to be convinced."

Yang past the front of the bucket is bright, see the girl's face crystal clear, skin light such as snow, oval son on a small dimple, micro is shy, although less than the Little Dragon woman so beautiful and vulgar, but also a wonderful girl. "Chengying beautiful gentle, although not beautiful dragon girl, but Jin Yong has openly said, in addition to the Dragon Girl, Yang convinced role is actually Chengying."

Have a distinct character

such as "God carved man" in the beauty of the devil Li Mo, such as "Tianlong eight" in the provocative and lovely Mu Wanqing, such as "the spirit of carving " in the charming Guoff.

The Guoff of the Chenzi function edition

"In addition to the person in front of the dress, but still delicate skin, like a good woman in the past." Her hands whisk gently waving, the demeanor is very leisurely smell, the United States eyes eyes, peach blush, if not know she is a murderous monster, fixed road is a rich lady with hair practice. 」

"Duan Yu saw her chin sharp, face white greasy, as its back, smooth crystal, even half a small pock-free, a cherry small mouth dexterous, lips very thin, two rows of thin teeth, such as broken Jade General, can not help the heart of a move:" She ... She is a stunning beauty! "At this time the stream has not shed from the finger seam, splashing Mu Wanqing half of the face are water points, like Yucheng Pearl, flower condensate Xiao Lu." Duan Yu Yizheng, then dare not to see more, turn head toward elsewhere. Duan Yu hand Mu Wanqing water, can't help but see.

Yang saw her such a smile, still like a rose flowers suddenly open, bright and delicate, the heart does not feel a move, a slight red face, the head turned away. "God carved the beauty is not uncommon, but the whole book looked down, Guoff is actually the only one to let Yang look at the first blush, turned her head to look at the woman." Even in cut Yang after the arm, Yang after all because saw her delicate appearance, but not bear revenge. To really say that there is love between two people, may not necessarily, but is definitely from childhood to each other "care about each other."

The beauty of Jin Yong's works is too much to say, at first glance, it is inevitable that Jin Yong's beauty ratio is too much to be true, but more likely from the old Golden Eye look out, the world is almost no one is not beautiful.

Even if the initial described as weak, Nash Chengling, also in the eyes of Jin Yong gradually became beautiful. "A pair of eyes as black as the paint, long like autumn waters, on the face of thin powder, delicate and beautiful in the color, unexpectedly like the more the more the United States, smiling face such as spring flowers bloomed, muddy not like be made early when the skin yellow thin, gloomy, a word a smile, its own a charming wind, quite feel pretty. "The beauty of Chengling, lifelike, with the chapter deduction in her face into a flower petal."

Words are difficult to compete with, and beauty is. Jin Yong's sentient works, each beauty has its own beauty law, a paragraph of text, only belong to a person, limit a life, assigned to a beautiful posture. Each character, all become a kind of beautiful memory, stop in the hearts of boys and girls.

It's probably because of this, every read Jin Yong grew up boys and girls, Heart have secretly thought who is the first beauty of Jin Yong's works, have been missing a role of love laugh Crazy, also in the bottom of my heart to make the future want to become Huang Rong, Dragon Girl, Zhao also or fragrant princess desire. We walk in the modern rivers and lakes, but also along the walk to find the most comfortable with their beautiful posture, have their own walking lake of a recruit half style, become irreplaceable role.

Beauty is also a lake, weak is the United States, Fortitude is the United States , refined is the United States, the WTO is beautiful, gentle is beautiful, outrageous is beautiful, Emine is beautiful, love is gentle beauty. Huashan on the sword difficult points first, in the United States on the competition, we can finally free and easy to say, not the first and how, I have their own beauty law. (Same field Gayon: the "size" of the United States is more than one )

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