Now let's take a look at how the country sailor Dikrou has smuggled coffee into the new world!I invite you to taste the history of coffee together in the coffee.

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Coffee Addiction History > , the March theme for women's fans is beauty.In the selection of a book, this month I would like to talk about the beauty of the matter, and the unintended little detail is actually a matter of knowledge.For instance, the cup of coffee we have in hand is how it was born, how it was demonized, and how it was worshipped today.The book's author, Stewart Lee · Steward Lee Allen, traveled from Ethiopia, via Arabia to Egypt, Iran, Turkey, and Europe, to visit an ancient coffee bean to transport three quarters of the world, and to answer the mystery of the coffee.The history of travel and history overlaps with the history of the history of the civilization of the country.Since then, every morning coffee cup can be used in a different and gentle way.

For you, the world's history in the coffee cup, the origins of coffee and beauty.

In Europe in the 1700's, coffee consumption was very large, and there was a problem with demand and supply.It is said that in the late 1600 period, Louis XV spent more than $15 000 on his daughter's coffee.By 1740, the price of the coffee was reduced to 50 cents per cup, and even the homeless were able to afford it, showing that the coffee was flourishing in the three continents of the European colonies.

At first, the first to sneaking out of the sea was Baba.In 1616, a Dutch master, Pieter vander Broecke, stole more than a dozen coffee trees from Mecca, and planted the name of the coffee from the Moka to Mocha-Java.Also, the most impressive thing is that in 1720, there was a French aristure called Gabriel de Clieu, who sent the coffee seedlings to the new world.

When I read the Dickrou story in Paris, I think of the Vienna spy, Kolschitzky.It's like a novel, not only a pirate, a spy, but also a story that's hard to do.When I investigated his data, I found that almost all his stories were based on the letters he wrote.

When I got deeper, I found that there were many versions of the story, including a French doctor who had won 60 caffeine seedlings in 1714 (6 years ago), and even as a result of an extramarital affair with the countess of France, the wife sent a coffee flower.In addition, the monks of the St. Francis Church have also appeared in the records.(Extended reading: Coffee and milking oil and jumping out of new flavor!)Bullet-proof coffee )

After seeing so many records, no one knows how the coffee is transplanted to the new world. It is only because the story of Dikrou is most interesting, so everyone is accurate in his story.I tried to find out more about this French sailor, but I was looking for a week of information in the French National Library, and I was only told that he was born in 1686 in a small town called "Anglequeville."He was governor of Guadeloupe, an island of approximately 7,000 kilometers from France, but no one knew where he was buried.I tried to find a town where he was born, and I finally found out that there was no such place.The only clue was that the town was located on the north coast of the French Atlantic on the north shore of Norman.

Later I was able to find out if Dikrou was right, and at the same time that I couldn't wait for the French post office to help me find the news of Rajapanj's paintings, I think they might not find those paintings, so I went to the Norman train.In this journey, the scenery along the way is beautiful, giving people an autumn breath; green pastures are dotted with a lot of milk-white sheep, and apple trees are also strong.We went through Rouen, Auffay, and several towns, and I found that the smaller the town, the longer the name was.

After we arrived at the destination, we didn't see an Anglequeville, but soon I smelled the ocean's smell, and the train stopped, and I realized we had arrived at the finish site, Dieppe. After leaving the station, I rented an affordable room upstairs in a nearby bar, and started my exploration.

My visit is not totally unfounded.Although I don't know where Anglequeville is, the name seems to be French Anglais Ville's abbreviation, English Town, English City.Since Dekrou is a French captain and in a town with a relationship with Britain, he should be one of the ports in the area.All I need to do is to search for these ports, or to ask anyone who has heard of the DiClu family or one of them to visit the hotel.(sibling: Marseille, Marseille, France, abandoned by angel of angels)

Depei is a lovely little town, and some people will roast herring on the street, and there is a small supermarket next to the church, almost all of the 45-year-old overweight, old-aged.The first port bar I visited was the Caf é Le Crystal, and a man wearing blue drawers was whispering, " Fish fishing, we also fish, so fish are our brothers because we are all fishermen, right?"

I will have a beer.The man continued to tell me, " Fish is fish.Don't you understand?If fish catch fish, they are fishermen.So we're fishing.But we are fishermen, too!So we're eating our own people, aren't we?"

" Oops!A blonde who sits in the back of the bar says: " It's not!Fish eating fish is a similar type of food.We are just capturing the same species of animals. What is wrong with them?The animals of the same kind are disgusting, damn things!"

Right!Moreover, my friends, fishing fish are not fishermen, but fishing fish!A skinhead, dressed in leather, made a supplementary statement.

The man wearing blue drawers insisted: "No, no matter what I say, fishing in the sea should be brothers."If the police eats another policeman, is he not a cannibor?"If he was a pig, he wouldn't have had it," he said, "If he was a pig, then it wouldn't be!""

In this sentence, all the people in the room are quiet.I took the opportunity to ask if anyone had heard of Dikrou or his place of birth.

The men in the drawers said, " Ask the fish!We know everything."Dickroux?"The bartender says, " I haven't heard of it.I would like to explain: "It's a very old name, and I'm not quite sure … the bartender." "… don't know!"Thank you for your attention. Goodbye!At this time, someone put his hand on my shoulder, and I looked back, and he said, "Listen, I don't know what Dick DiClu family is, but there's a Dikro alley next to the train station, maybe they're staying there.""

When I went back to the train station, I saw a sign on the wall of a pharmacy, and I was happy to eat at a simple bar.I had a flounder, a flounder, a fries, a salmon cheese, and a caramel.I talked to the service lady about a book I was reading.

After I had a few glasses of liquor, I decided to marry her.We still live in Dupey, and like other people, I go fishing, and in the summer, there will be a lot of tourists coming here.I will have a lot of children with her, and there will be many children in the future, and they will continue to do so.

Yes, Yes.I'm Gabi.Dickrou once had a great-great-granddaughter.It may not be the case, but I cannot be sure.Kessalin.Boone.Ms. Catherine de Beaunay-Cotelle said on the sidelines of her own finger.

It's hard to believe that your luck is so good, because Dieppe is not only the birthplace of DiClu, but also his only descendant living here, and she is a very serious French woman dressed in black and white.The next day, she downloaded me to the office next door, and three years later, this woman has been documentien the great deeds of her ancestors.

" You don't have to suspect, I can make sure that my ancestors brought the coffee saplings.This is a proven history, and even a book is dedicated to this record.She handed me a yellow book, a book named "Gabriel de Clieu: Hommage au hevalier, Catherine."Boone.Cottereau.

"But this book was written by itself!"I question the accuracy of this book.Of course.Who would be better than his only offspring?She asks me, in turn.

Makes sense.She also has letters to prove that Diquero is indeed a pioneer in the new world, from Louis XV, Martinique, the colony's nobles, and an American biologist, who named a coffee category named Dikrou.She even had a photocopy of the emblem of Diklu, a hawk with a mouth, ready to fight.The eagle has three grains of sand on its head, standing on the land of silver.

I said to Catherine, she looked like a book on the book Dekrou.The book Dickrou is wearing a wig with a pair of grey eyes. It looks very mild, but it is not a grandfather who can joke easily.As a matter of fact, Kessarin is also serious.

When she saw me looking at her eyes, she said, "This is something that I'm very passionate about, and it's a lifelong career.""I'm sure she has Dikro's eyes."

In addition to logging Dikrou to the New World, she also wanted to open a museum, which meant that the main purpose of the coffee was to explain the importance of coffee in French history.Recently, she established the Dikrou Association (I was the 251 member), and persuaded the nearby 17 villages to jointly buy Sir Dekrou's abandoned castle as a museum presetting.(Extended reading: Dream museum collection: I don't have anything to say, except I love you )

According to Kessalin, her ancestors were listed as aristons because of the relationship between King Charles VI and King Charles VI.Dickrou was born in Dieppe in 1687 and joined the army in 1702. He spent the next 15 years in the Caribbean Sea of France, and he married after winning many honors.For most of the time, he was idle and idle.In 1717, he heard that someone had died of the illegal entry of the caffeine seedlings, and soon afterwards, he decided to accept this challenge.In the end, Dikrou succeeded, he was appointed Governor of Gudellup, and was the commander of Saint Louis, a hero of the world's coffee community.

" He was very poor when he died in Paris, even though he was a governor.I heard that he was a very good governor.When he didn't have the money, the people of Guadlupu had plans to send him 150,000 francs, but he refused.Kessarin said.

But he also owns the land?"Yes, the descendants of his family still have about 80 hectares of land, but he is still poor and broke, and after the free revolution, most of them have come to this end."Kessarin was picking up her notes and said, "But my ancestor's contribution to the world is absolutely wrong."Think about it!One person can bring so much joy to the world."

" Yes, it's really amazing!"I paused immediately and I really didn't know how to express irony."" Is it true that what he has done at sea is true?It is really hard to believe that this whole thing is going to be true."

" Ah!It's really amazing, isn't it?Please come and see.She takes me to a building full of flowers."Did you see that?" she said.I looked around and looked at it, and I didn't see anything.Suddenly, I found a wall behind a flower and ferns, and there was a wall where Dikrou was at sea.There are pirates, mermaiers and sailors who are dying of thirst, and there's a storm in the sea.The last picture was Martinique, where Dikro's wife, Dikero's wife, sat on a monkey, and an African slave was giving her a cup of coffee.Some of the paint on the painting has begun to fade.

" This is his destiny.Kessalin then said, " I also checked his constellations, and the constellations of his birth have Saturn, indicating that he has an unyielding spirit; and that Mercury represents him on a long journey.His symbol on the Gregorian calendar is the right hand holding the basket, and the man holding the seeds in his left hand.This means that he will sow great seeds for the world."Can you tell me who he belongs to?"" We assume that he was born on June 30, 1687, and it belongs to the Cancer." Really?That's my horoscope!She laughed and said, " I don't believe in this stuff.But if you're going to go the same way as my ancestors, remember to bring a bottle of water."

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