Think of astrology as a delicate knowledge of life. I believe that there are some things that are doomed, with Susan column to understand this mysterious science.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, three rational and lively wind signs, what about the March horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (same field Gayon:"Susan Constellation" Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio: The March horoscope for the water sign )

Aquarius (January 20 ~2 month 18th )

March Aquarius Keywords:
Short-term romantic travel, commitments and agreements, places where there is sunshine, pay attention to money problems

At the beginning of the month, there will be good news! March 3, bringing gifts and lucky planets-Jupiter, as well as a planet full of surprises-Uranus (also the Guardian star of Aquarius) will be a good partnership.

Jupiter is in your house of husband and wife (seventh House), and Uranus is in your brother's Palace (third house). Could it be that your sweetheart will take out two surprise tickets to a romantic country and then propose to you there? Or is this a honeymoon trip? The power of Jupiter's cooperation with Uranus may come in a variety of different forms!

You are also likely to establish a formal business partnership or to sign some formal agreement, in short, the Brother Palace (third house) in charge of any formal agreement. You will be satisfied with any decision you made in March, so any promises you make with your spouse, co-workers or partners will last for a long time, probably forever!

March is a great time for a short trip, and you should find a way to a beautiful and sunny place (Mars will be in Aries, and Aries is a fire sign, so choose a place with sunshine). If you have a week off schedule, be sure to schedule the March 10, because Mars and Jupiter will work together to create a perfect trip for you!

Although there may be Bai for the reasons you travel, it would be a shame to miss the chance to experience romance. Don't be content with a second-rate hotel, remember to find an upscale one and enjoy the luxury! Watch a few more packages, and you'll find a good choice for you to miss. (Share with you: let's go on a sweet vacation!) The world's top ten romantic hotels )

You should pay special attention to the money issue around March 5. You may receive all kinds of bills, or you must repay your debts. The tax business is also in your to-do list, but you can do it soon, because the full moon will bring you a steady stream of energy.

Although you may lose some money in the first week of March, you will start earning a lot of money later in the month. A new moon and Eclipse will appear in Pisces on March 20, and you will have a chance to see cash inflows.

There may be many sources of this money, such as selling furniture or real estate, or bonuses, commissions, advances, royalties, and so on. Another possibility is that you will receive a claim from an insurance company, or get a sum of money from venture capital, bank loans, student loans, and financing programs. In short, you will have a long time to worry about the money problem.

Saturn will be in perfect sync with the sun on March 25, hinting that a friend might be able to pull strings for you to get a new job or take on a new case and get a chance to make more money. The friend may be older, and you respect his opinion very much. It's also a good day to meet important clients or advisors, especially if you want to talk about funding.

Gemini (May 21 ~6 month 20th)

March Gemini Keywords:
Friends play an important role in life, work hard to be seen or lead, family planning dust settles, take a friend to travel

Your friends, even nodding acquaintances, will play an important role in your life. You are likely to be involved in important group activities, such as a professional organization that invites you to address your area of expertise. TV, the Internet is likely to appear on your visit, you may also be mentioned in the publication.

Watch out for this special day on March 3, when Jupiter, the happy one, will receive the glow of Uranus from the surprise planet, so there will be exciting good news. If you're working on a charity or community project, you're likely to take on a leadership position and raise the amount of money you have in mind, and you'll get a lot of applause.

The plan for home will be settled and you will find new kitchen designers and contractors. Alternatively, you can search for a new home at the full moon on March 5, a perfect full moon because it is not disturbed by any planet and Saturn will help stabilize you.

Always give you gifts and lucky Jupiter, is slowly moving to your family house and arrives in August for a whole year. So after this Full moon, your family plan will stop for the time being and you won't be busy again until the middle of the year. Now, get the big decisions you need to make, so you can find the right people to help you, whether it's designers, architects, contractors, painters, real estate brokers, or other professionals.

From now on, you will be at work for the whole March. March 20, the Eclipse meets Crescent effect plus many, will light your tenth house (career Palace), let you get honor, reward, achievement and reputation. Even better, you'll have a good chance of dreaming. In addition, the eclipse will also carry the most supportive Saturn to help stabilize your body. (Recommended reading: want to be successful in your career and make gender your asset rather than your debt )

There will be exciting news on the job, and after receiving the message, your decision will affect your future career for a long time and bring you a stronger sense of job security. Your communication skills may be able to achieve or ruin your career, but you don't need to worry because as a Gemini your communication skills should be outstanding.

In the social life, your friends will play a big role, they have a lot of plans waiting for you to participate. Since Mars meets Venus--the sexiest combination of the entire solar system--you're likely to develop a relationship that's a little bit more in-depth and promoted to a partner or bed relationship.

On the weekend of March 6 and 7th, Mars will be close to Venus, but Uranus will also sneak in, so many things are going to happen at the same time, and may surprise you and your partner.

If you are planning a small holiday, March 7 to 14th this week is a good choice, and it is best to bring a friend together. Mars and lucky Jupiter form the ideal angle this week, linking travel and friendship. You are very likely to stay at a preferential price four-star hotel, remember to compare several travel agencies or the Internet to see if there is a preferential package itinerary.

Anything that happens during a trip will have an unexpected development, but don't worry, because most of the results will be good. Jupiter is now walking to Leo, and Leo dominates the sun, so don't take a cold ski trip and choose a sunny beach that won't be too far from home.

Libra (September 23 ~10 month 22nd)

March Day Scale Keywords:
Emotional stability, inability to control the overall situation, need to rest and meditation, new clients and new cases, colleagues come and go

Your feelings go through a lot of twists and turns, but you will stabilize this month and you will have a smooth and happy relationship. There is a glittering golden triangle in the sky, and Jupiter, the lucky one, is a member. Friends will be part of your campaign this month.

Jupiter will work with Uranus, the planet of surprise, in your house of spouses, and they will also be able to exert influence with Saturn in your migratory palace. Such a planetary orientation is not to be asked, try to live out this month some wonderful, and you love the people to a romantic escape!

There will be several planets moving at the same time on the west side of the chart (near the Aries around you), which means that you will need to cooperate or appease your partner, or even the enemy, that is, that you have no control over everything and that things do not go exactly the way you want.

This time of need for compromise will not last, because the planet is still in constant flux. You can find some good in this seemingly bad situation-you'll get a chance to catch your breath because you're finally out of control of everything. Try to take a back seat and let your partner provide more ideas, and you may find that their ideas are very good too!

March 10, take your partner to a friend's party and pick one of your favorite restaurants. March 11, your partner will give you a surprise you can not imagine, you will feel very happy. (Recommended reading: Stop looking for soul mates!) Cherish the present mr.right now)

Also, March 5, your spiritual palace is occupied by the full moon, and you will have a strong need for peace and rest. Remember to take good care of yourself in the first week of March and you may feel very tired. If you have the idea of learning meditation, this Full moon will give you the impetus to begin meditation.

The good news is that your health will be taken care of by the March 20 solar eclipse and Crescent moon, which is a good time to start a new fitness program! Thanks to Saturn, you will be able to stick to the plan for a long time. If you have any place in your body that needs medical attention, find a doctor who can understand your health and ask him to help you develop a workable plan that will help you find it.

This eclipse will bring you new customers, and if you are free, the effect will be more pronounced. You're likely to get a lot of new cases, and you'll have time to develop your ideas slowly because the date of delivery is not a rush. In addition, this eclipse may also give your company a chance to move to a new place or renovate it, and you will get new computer equipment or better software to make you work more efficiently.

One of your co-workers may leave, and you'll miss him very much. When the eclipse occurs, we see people coming and going, and very suddenly. A new co-worker will take his place, and luckily, you'll enjoy working with the new co-worker.

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