German photographer Jan Von Holleben is known for the Dreams of Flying, the most famous of his film production methods, using little things that can be seen everywhere in everyday life, and to lay people on the ground freely in a space of creative dreamity.

In the past, the "Dream of the Flying" is simply a " simple natural background, and a fun screen

The German newspaper ZEIT invited him to film a series about dreams and to feel what dreams and dreams mean to people.Jan Von Hollenben immediately thought of the dream of a girl.

He said, "Girls who work with me don't have to look like models, but she has to be very natural and fun."Because this girl's dream is very different."It's really making people feel a lot of different interesting girls' dreams, whether they're sitting on a cloud or having a pleasant drive out of the car and buying something," she said.


Van Jon Holleben is good at piecing together a different dream world in a variety of everyday lives.

You want to fly together, this series also makes people think of Oren Lavie's Her Morning Eligance MV !

Flying together in a dream
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