Think of astrology as a delicate knowledge of life. I believe that there are some things that are doomed, with Susan column to understand this mysterious science.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Pisces, cancer, Scorpio these three gentle water signs, the March of the horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (same field Gayon:"Susan Constellation" Aries, Lion, Shooter: March Horoscope for the Fire constellation )

Pisces (February 19 ~3 month 20th)

March Double Fish Keywords:
Continuous case, emotional smooth, down-to-earth, high remuneration

Your life will be more interesting than the day! It is rare that the March 3, bringing gifts and lucky planets-Jupiter, and the planet of surprise-Uranus (also the guardian of Aquarius), will be a wonderful partnership.

You may take a big case and make a fortune. Don't be afraid to raise your price, there seems to be a top-priority client who needs your help. In the week of March 10, you will have the opportunity to take on more cases and get a good reward.

About feelings, the full moon of March 5, you will be engrossed in a person of great significance to you. This Full moon is very friendly, and the stable Saturn will also give you support, so you may be engaged with each other, cohabitation, at least with his commitment to keep. If you are married, you may be able to draw a new blueprint for each other, or rewrite your vows and hold parties to celebrate your anniversary.

If you don't have a serious relationship right now, then you can use it in your job-to sign a contract with a partner. Whatever you decide to do, Saturn will help you build a foundation for a stable future.

On the March 20, a new moon and a solar eclipse will take place in Pisces, another critical moment for you this month. There is a great opportunity coming to you that allows you to make money in a variety of down-to-earth ways and enjoy a stable and secure life. Jupiter will keep an eye on you to make sure that you do things in a practical way and get down to earth.

You may have a good but risky opportunity, you have been afraid to act before, but now you are more mature and more intelligent, so ready to face the difficulties, facing the challenge!

Let's say you follow Saturn's footsteps and concentrate on your career until the day it leaves in December 2017, and in those two years, all your efforts will be rewarded, calming all the voices that have criticized you. In short, you will become a leader in your field.

Neptune is moving in the direction of the sun, so this month you will have a chance to show up everywhere. You may be on TV or be written into a magazine, even in a newspaper that will have your story. Neptune entered Pisces in April 2011, so you should have seen the evidence of Neptune's magic. It takes Neptune 168 years to get around the sun and 12 constellations a week, so many people cannot experience it.

March is a very important one months for you, because other planets (and eclipses) will increase your chances of being seen by others and open the door to opportunities for you. Neptune is your Guardian star, so when Neptune is in Pisces, it represents "going home", which will bring you a comfortable feeling in your life. (Recommended reading:"Five years did not come home for the Spring Festival" Overseas Wanderer's Miss season )

It also means that you can easily and naturally receive the message that Neptune is bringing to you. It will give you the motivation to develop your talent and creativity, and don't be shy about expressing your ideas, and your ideas will be very forward-looking and consistent with your goals.

If you need to see an important client that can affect your career, or sign a contract, remember March 25 will be a good day. Saturn will take care of you and make sure your career is built on a safe and secure footing.

Cancer (June 21 ~7 month 22nd)

March Cancer Keywords:
Work brilliantly, good time to travel, overseas travel or immigration, papers and exams

In March, you will be at work with your feet and your head in the corner. Due to the rare interaction between Jupiter and Uranus, you will receive exciting news on the March 3, when you are likely to get a promotion and raise your salary. In addition, because Mars, Venus, Uranus, the location of the three is quite ideal, so you have good reason to look forward to the next surprise!

Obviously you've always had a good job performance and you'll get feedback in March and April. Mars will give you courage and energy, but Venus will make you a benevolent manager and everyone will be happy to work for you. You will undoubtedly become a very important person. (Share with you: 12 tips for being a good leader!) )

In the Calendar March 10, 11th with a red pen to circle it! Mars will meet Jupiter in your career Goncion and then meet Uranus. You will be the focus of all eyes, and your progress on the job will make you look good.

March 10, Mars will appear on the top of your chart, and generous and generous Jupiter in your Fortune Palace, this day has great potential, you must seize this day! Publish a report on this day, ask for the assistance of an authoritative person, visit an important customer, or mention a big case to the company's VIP.

And March 11, your reputation and status will be completely beyond the expectations of the development. The combination of Mars and Uranus makes it possible for everything to happen. Think positively and find your strengths, and these days you will shine in your field of expertise.

March 5, the full moon at the beginning of the month, you may witness a lively debate between colleagues and clients, and also receive interesting news from siblings.

If you want to have a little trip, now is a good time. You may talk about money with others when you arrive at your destination, the conversation will be smooth and the two sides will reach a consensus.

The March 20 eclipse will help you expand your horizons in an exciting way, and if your birthday happens to be around July 20, the effect will be more pronounced. You may get a chance to travel overseas and go very far from your country. If you have an immigrant plan, the eclipse will make a significant progress in your program, and legal issues can be further resolved, and if you are considering going back to college or research, your dream will come true.

Publish a paper or participate in a major test on a day close to the eclipse, and you will get good results in these areas because Saturn will stabilize everything for you. This month you will lay a solid foundation for your future.

Scorpio (October 23 ~11 Month 21st)

March Scorpio Keywords:
Work will be rewarded, earning the ideal salary, social life and group activities, finding true love or being emotionally stable with the other half.

Your career will be fruitful this year! March 3, when Jupiter (Good luck) is in your career house, it will receive a rare help from Uranus (surprise) and bring good luck to your job. The good news will come suddenly, and look forward to the feedback you brought to your serious performance. The size of this award will be proportional to the level of effort you have made before! March 10, Mars will send light to Jupiter in the career palace, it is clear that your assignment in March will help you reach the next wave of career heights.

August will be another key month of your career, keep working hard until Jupiter goes to Virgo on August 11. This time Jupiter leaves your career palace, will not return in 12 years, therefore, please seize this opportunity, lets your business prosper!

In addition, because there will be a glittering golden triangle in the sky, it will link your work (now should be a great state), status and prestige (climbing), and income. Although your boss is stingy this month, you will have enough reason to persuade him to get the salary you deserve.

You will be able to show the company's key customers that you have enough to do what other people can't do, so ask them to invest in you bravely and not waste money on someone who can't do anything. This month you will have a very good working condition and deserve a relative salary!

But you have to pay special attention on March 15, because your Guardian star (Pluto) and Uranus relative position is not good, cause you and the partner or the client's paper work, signing may not be smooth. So try to avoid this day! This day, Pluto's state implies that someone will take advantage of his power, while Uranus can turn things a little bit, but the result is probably not what you want, so, March 15 is better to be careful, even if you hide under the bed, similar not smooth or very likely to find you. Still, remember to keep faith, because you, shrewd and witty, must know what to do.

The universe supports you to have a rich social life, so say you want to go to a party, you are likely to receive an invitation, or a friend will invite you to a big dinner party, on March 5, four days before and after the full moon.

In addition, you are likely to be invited to a friend's wedding, and you must be there! Saturn (stability) supports this Full moon, so the people you meet at this wedding are likely to become friends with you and develop lasting friendships. (same field Gayon: Long Way to study: In the age of change, seek a stable friendship for a moment )

In the first 10 days of March, it is a great opportunity for community and community activities, as Chairman of a committee, if you suddenly have a strong desire to hold charitable activities or to help a philanthropist, please do so, because you will be very successful.

March 20, the eclipse, also represents your emotional life will have big things to happen. Thanks to the new moon, you will find true love, or develop a deeper relationship with the person you are dating. Neptune will be close to the new moon, with an endless stream of inspiration, and a perfect angle with Jupiter and Uranus, giving you a sense of security and passion for the future. If you already have the other half and want to nurture the next generation, this New moon will help you achieve your wish.

All the things about this eclipse will be positive. Your performance in your work will also allow everyone to see your talents because you are rich in creative project plans. Your fifth house (the Children's Palace) is in charge of the birth of all new things, and therefore, of course, is in charge of your ideas.

March 17, Venus will come to your husband and wife Palace and stay until April 11. Plus, the new moon will give the sweet energy to Neptune on the romantic Pisces, and you'll find that your relationship with the other half is going very well.

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