In the universe of love, Hawking's eyes firmly said: "If there is a formula can explain everything, do not feel very beautiful?" 」

What is Love? It was probably the second big question of human life besides "Who am I?"

So the length of life, we have talked several times in love, a few degrees to believe in affection, a few degrees of suspicion of love, several times in the name of Love witch-hunt, a few degrees of love as self-defense but attack other people's weapons. Several degrees, we feel that we can no longer understand love.

Why does love hurt people so much? Why does love hurt?

In the universe of Love , Hawking's eyes firmly said: "If there is a formula can explain everything, do not feel very beautiful?" "If you can explain love in a formula, it must be a beautiful thing," said the man, "what formula do you want to explain love?"

Take a look at the video below, for love, you may have a deeper understanding.

Love has no gender, no sex,
Love, no race, loves has no race
Love, no disability. Has no disability
Love, ages, loves has no age
Love, do not stick to the label has no labels.

Without the secular label of Love, under the naked X-rays, we return to the most original state, like the newborn, we are not who, but everything. So what, different and what, why can't love? (Recommended reading: The true picture of gay love, love, have blood and sweat)

Love is not entirely beautiful, the world will not because of faith in love, there will be no quarrel, no unhappiness, no war, no death. But love is like a fire Phoenix, after the injury, just call it, it will come back alive.

Love is not necessarily the essence of love is too much too many difficult to fathom, everyone has their own, and in front of love, we are equally humble and great. Love does not know how to label labels, Love is love, do not need too many reasons. (Recommended reading: love, is to have the courage to hurt )

On the eve of Women's Day, if you can think of the person you love, if you can love their own people, if you can fall in love with those who did not love, it will probably be the best women's Day gift, give you this film:) (Recommended reading: Warm design: Hug the wall )