The world's girls are uploading their own films like a girl, forming a second film. Let's take a look together!

Remember, June last year there was a movie "Like Girl" #LikeAGirl?It reminds us that in our lives we often use the tone of ridicule to make fun of people, "you look like a girl," but why do you feel embarrassed like a girl?

One of the girls in the video says, "It is right for the girls to do what they do ."Even if they say, I balls like a girl, swim, walk, run ... and so on, so what?Because I am a girl, I don't feel ashamed of it at all!Anyhow, I'm going to do whatever I want to do, and that's what we're going to do.

And after this film was aired, it caused a lot of reverberation. Many girls uploaded their own film like a girl. Let's take a look. It's like a girl who is proud to be proud!

I'm like a

More and more girls are starting to fall in love with the sport, except for making themselves healthier, or having their own physical balance, some girls use sports to express stress, to experience different lives, and to challenge their own limits!

Their presence is on the field, on the ring, on a snowfield, and so on. They don't care how others discuss her appearance, or question whether she can achieve the goals, and read out her mind in her mind: I can do it!(You will like: The most beautiful Asian Games weightlifting gold medal!)Look at Lin Chi-chi's reinterpretation of women's taste )

At this time, female identity is not a limitation, but a tenacious determination to help them get through hard training periods, break through the painful wall of the wall, and finally show up on the stadium as a force that should not be overlooked. Her performance tells the world: I like a girl like a girl!(Sibling: Prepare for Olympics!)Women's athletes' efforts)

I'm "smart" like a girl

In Taiwan or abroad, many stereotyped impressions of girls are still unbroken, "Is it all right for girls to be mathematio?"" , can girls be engineers?" " "Can girls be scientists?"These potential challenges, limit the development of girls in intangibles!

But you know what?The first program engineer in the world is a woman: Ada Byron, the daughter of the British poet Byron, who was inspired by a mastulation-inspired mother, who wrote the notes of Charles Babbage, the father of her computer, and greatly influenced the research on many modern software engineering.(Sibling: an engineer's XDite Zheng-ting an engineer)

When others think, women's brains are unable to make mathematical logic analyzed, Lily Ablon has been the world's oldest and oldest hacker contests: DEF CON wins the second 200-odd number. When people are still skeptical of their abilities, these girls have already rolled up their sleeves and made their own talents, changing the world! (Extended Read: Women can be different: she walk in the daytime, at night writers )

I'm like a girl, "Try it out"

In the first wave of LikeAGirl's film, we found that when people were asked to do things in a girl's way, they were always a little daunting, and in our potential images, "like a girl" represented a timid, cowardly ...

But the fact is, there are many areas where girls are not afraid to come out and create more dance platforms that belong to them!India 16-year-old girl Marala, who bravely fought for women's rights, had asked more women to come forward to lead the world to a wider variety of directions, as the best actress for the Academy for Supporting Actress 1.7em; "> I am a Malala: Girl who has been shot for education )

From this #LikeAGirl Video campaign, we can also see that more and more girls are standing up to prove that they are unfriendly and still able to persist in their beliefs, believing that being a girl is a proud identity, and that it is absolutely not a limit to ability!

After watching each girl full of confidence in the movie, try a variety of possibilities, isn't it, does it feel that being a girl is a wonderful thing?Come on, leave a message and tell us what you're doing like a girl!