With the London Olympics in full swing, athletes are on the screen without a good look. The brightly colored people have focused on all the eyes of the crowd.But you know, to become an Olympic athlete, how much sweat would you have left behind?

to statistics, an athlete who takes 12 years and 90 miles a week to attend the Olympic marathon race will be able to enter the world's spectacular Olympic competition.It is not hard to imagine that the number of people who dream of the Olympics will be countless, but those who can endure through 12 years of loneliness and perseverance are afraid that they will not be able to make a single one.

This time, Womany caught up with the efforts of the women of the Olympics who didn't know when they practiced. Let's take a look together!

The Rachel Vanderwal of the British women's basketball team and Natalie Stafford are in ice bath after training to help relieve fatigue and muscle regeneration.

Women's boxing is the first time in the event of this year's London Olympics , Italy's lightweight female boxer Romina.Romina Marenda will be Italy's greatest hope. The photo is a figure of Romina's efforts to train the Olympic Training Center in Rome.

The Canadian woman weightlifter Tanganiya.Tonya Verbeek is in the process of gravity training.

South Korean Volleyball player Kim Yinjing is undergoing acupuncture treatment.South Korean athletes have chosen to use traditional Chinese medicine therapy to ease their pain and sprawking, in order to keep their bodies peak in the peak.

A Beautiful figure in Australian Flower Swimming Two-man practice.It's a 22-year-old.Nadine Brandl and Livia.Livia Lang trained eight hours a day and seven days a week for the London Olympics, and will show the world the results of their efforts.

The 400-meter hurdle, Charlene, Costa Rica.Scott is a serious posture to prepare for the Olympics.Charlene is one of nine athletes from the Costa Rican Olympic Games.

days are not yet light, and Stone has only just been trained to leave from the cabin at the Charles River in Cambridge.Stone, the United States' first female double-oar player, missed the 2008 Beijing Olympics but will show her strength this year on the Rangoden field.

You see the seriousness of these women's efforts to practice, and let us look forward to the exciting events of this Olympic Games. Whatever the outcome, everyone takes their strong will to become their biggest winners.

Womany with you, Crazy Leno

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