"24 hours a day is so long, can we leave 18 minutes for a poem?" "Chiang Hsun once said so. Leave some monologue for your life, and the woman's obsession is reading poetry for you.

If you can not forget
I'm sure I can.
Always remember
Make a knot in your heart
When the heart jumps, it becomes a butterfly.

--〈 Read, Jinmingshin "You have no better destiny"

Good morning, this poem, to the dearest friend: Hey, I will never forget you.

How long have 〉〉 been dating friends in the name of poetry? forever more than lovers of the land--sisters

About Love I
Red, yellow, green.
After me, you
You can keep it.

--Chen Khawa, about love

Do you understand me? This poem, like Love, is so beautiful. From a doctor, a poet , a comrade, a man eager to love.

In the name of poetry 〉〉 love, no different

You wait for me, waiting for 10 years of long meditation.
You are the legend of the world, you are the only one.
You let me spend a whole youth, to find you.
Five Four Three Two A Him and her mystery. Begin......

--Xu Zhimo, "mystery" excerpts

In the name of the poem 〉〉 everyone in the world waits for someone who can understand you.

Some have said to you, life is dark, and when you are tired, you echo the words of the weary. And I say life is really dark, unless there is desire.

All desires are blind, unless there is knowledge,
All knowledge is in vain, unless there is a job,
All work is empty unless there is love.

--excerpt from work, Gibran the Prophet

〉〉 work in the name of poetry , Love will make you happy

If we were a wave to the beach
All the tears come from the sea
Just to the same coast at different times.
The ups and downs of tides
Will it stir the same spray

If we are flowers, grow in the same tree
Just blooming in different seasons
Will it smell the same?
Kissing is something.
It's one thing to walk through the wilderness of flowers and smoke

--〈 continued the chorus, Robing "I can only die once, like that day"

Good morning, imagine the waves, the ocean, the sun, the beautiful day, and the beginning.

In the name of poetry 〉〉 heart is the most vast ocean