The Bell Wen Yin: "To life, people do not have the right to arrogance." With humble heart, I am a few times more gentle than my gentleness. 」

In the café near the point of light in Taipei, even a few clean windows are constantly revealing the kind of sunshine, space in the days of quiet good afternoon atmosphere, the head is still like winter shivering disturbed, waiting to talk about her long journey in the literature on the road, is a lot of people will mentor. For a while a man went up the stairs, with a less-than-city-like fall-vulgar, open and generous smile, then melt waiting for the unrest. She is Chongwen, the millennium began full-time writing, known as the 1990 's rise of the outstanding novelist , has won more than 10 Taiwan important literature Award, today, accumulated more than 20 works. Her creative volume is astonishing, introverted words but revealing the spirit of unrestrained avantgarde, leading many people in the literature on the road, on the word or on the generosity of life, we all call her a teacher.

Every word, is tolerant

We asked the teacher to talk about her words, she talked about last year was adapted as a TV series "in the left bank of the River", which describes the 13-Year-old girl and the Tang uncle between the emotional relationship, many people will say that contrary to Germany, but the teacher more trust in the weight of human emotions.

The teacher said: "I think there is also a possibility between people, screen in addition to age, gender, social role." I often feel that those who are alone in a place of the people are very poor, because the world conditions, class said, there will be lonely people. People use their hearts to communicate, regardless of the changes in the world, Love is finally one. "(You will like: the condition is temporary, get along with is a lifetime )

The teacher's writing will have the normal world can not understand the "abnormal emotion", in fact, the deformity is not a lonely person, but the conditions of speculation love us. Because of this, the teacher often put emotion into a flower in bud, vague tolerance and understanding, to stay in the reader to understand, reading flowers can bloom, the result. (Does the so-called normal exist?) Don't use "order" to suppress me! Peeping and the true voice of sexual minorities )

"Literature is the heir of my spirit."

We are curious about how the teacher accumulated more than 20 works in more than 10 years, some of the literary masters only two masterpieces in their lifetime, the teacher's energy for creation is endless, the teacher said: "Because literature is my spiritual heir." 」

This sentence is the teacher by Woolf in the "Beautiful Woman Orlando", the book mentions: "Women without offspring there is no inheritance." So Woolf the protagonist into a hermaphrodite character. The teacher began to think, why women can not have androgynous characteristics? The integrity of a woman does not necessarily need a man to fulfill. (same field Gayon: Jennifer Aniston: "The value of being a woman is not just having a baby!") ")

Chung Wen Yin: "I rarely rely on the other half, I rely on the surrender of freedom." I wrote literature, is the continuation of life, so every book is my heir. I did not deliberately go to this state of life, this is a human opportunity, but just happened I did not meet a secular life and I connect the other half. 」

The teacher said that he did not go to a group of family steps, so that literature became her heir, also become her companion. Writing is like repeatedly feeding the embryo floating in the stream of consciousness, and constantly dragging a child to grow up in spirit.

Not afraid of the reader is not, I'm afraid people forget to read

I'm curious to see if the people who write with their lives have ever had painful won't be between the lines. The teacher said that writing is never painful, it is difficult to use the reality to support writing this matter. The hardest part, she went on, was, "I knew who I was for, and now it hurts me not to know who I'm writing to."

"Pain is not the writing itself, it must be done outside the creation, to achieve this thing." 」

Talking about the reading habits of modern people, the teacher said, "This is the time when reading is the most collapsibility." "She said that the older generation of readers are at the crossroads of life, facing the choice of marriage and birth, most of them have to think about life, no longer in mind to read, when the new generation of readers did not follow up, the natural reading of the population less." Listen to the teacher said, I think her sad is not the reader, but we abandon reading in reality. (Hey Dear: Enjoy reading, give yourself time and space to calm down )

Read back to your soul strength, slow but full

The teacher talks about reading to her, she understands modern people's "fast food" characteristics, like absorbing fast, novel and convenient things. The opposite is the nature of reading, which is not as full as eating a piece of cake, and people like to reward them in time. But reading is slow but solid, always in your life a certain chance, in time to save.

Zhong Wen Yin: "The Taiwanese are accustomed to disarm". Many people love reading and literature when they are young, but are apt to disarm their ideals and passions when they are young because of marriage or love. Compared to the volume of foreign books sold, the Netherlands on average each year will buy 14 books, Taiwan is more than two, there is a book or face. 」

Therefore, the teacher in the new book "The Last lover: Ju-ha Silk coast ," the French writer Ju-Hass, because Ju-yan in the literature on the road of tenacious good and bad, her life is uphill, the more recent years later in the literary world shine. Even if the legend no longer, but the spirit of Ju Hass still respectable. The teacher said that this is what many oriental women desire, the kind of only for their own living paranoia. Talking about the love of literature, the teacher thinks that Taiwan is "premature aging nation" for reading, compared to France is indeed a lot less exports. (Recommended reading: as sexy as a child, why can't French moms grow old?) )

You don't have to live like Paris, but live like you do.

"The Last lover: the Bay of Kazakhstan" follows the French legendary writer, Ju-ha, walking through the land of her life. With the eyes of the writer, to trace the exotic scenery, under the fundus of the life of Ju ha silk. We are curious as to why the teacher said that Taiwan is "an aging nation" compared to France, and why he said that "Paris is an endless city" in the search for its own way.

The teacher said that Paris, like French grammar, was both sensible and rational, and that the different qualities of the three women she had pursued in France satisfied her imagination of Paris. These three women are: write "Lover" Famous Ju Hass lust and bullying, with the "second nature" Immortal Simompova have a rational and strong Simompova, because of the destruction of Luo Dan's honey son Talent and Madness , the former two are writers, only Camille is a sculptor, although the media materials are different, but the same creation, the same lonely . (Recommended reading: Do you know them?) Three women writers who have elevated their love to higher realms

The teacher went on to say: "We do not have French women's autonomy and independence, fall in love to the death of the kind of spirit, the difference in the environment has developed a different character of the woman characteristics." Taiwanese women, who are always too quick to press the Expiration button on their own time, do not allow themselves to be more likely to quit the love and career market quickly. 」

In France to see the French fall in love, the teacher said they are not to keep up with the old, but live to old love to the old, until the last moment to love the life of passion. We are too used to oppression, or even mistakenly think that the repression is "introverted", in the moral view of the longer life will be more not to make public, but that and "the heart frankly accept life" is different. Because we are too in the eyes of others to live, afraid of being countered by the environment, I think Taiwan and France is the difference between the two world system. But we should learn to use more bold thinking to practice life, one time, why not live more comfortable? (same field Gayon:"People should have edges and corners!") Don't be so tactful that you don't recognize it. "An interview with Hong Kong female writer Denethor poem )

"Three points born, seven points to join the WTO life." 」

Speaking of freedom, she said: "Three points born, seven points to the WTO life." 」

The teacher said that in fact she and everyone's reality is the same Pentium Cup of hot water, have a mother to take care of, have a job is responsible, but why she can continue to create? In addition to the love of literature, it is "to try to return to their own state of life."

We are afraid of loneliness, too accustomed to the collective life, but less with their own space and dialogue, to leave a net, to their hearts. The teacher said seven points to the WTO, is that we can not give up the real life, there can not be discarded emotional relationship, into the "Alive" inside, you do not waste every breath of life. And the birth of the third, is to keep the distance between themselves and the reality. I see the teacher follow the road thoroughly, no matter is the road of life, or according to the journey of the writer's life, are lonely and difficult, but she does not suspect that he still carries the love of literature. (You will like: Golden Horse actress Chen Lichi dialogue record: the export of life, with pain to exchange )

The Bell Wen Yin: "To life, people do not have the right to arrogance." With humble heart, I am a few times more gentle than my gentleness. 」

The teacher said that people should toeing reality, is not the defeat, the living, is originally happy and painful, the pain is the specific survival of the difficult, happiness is to survive in the world to be satisfied, as teachers in the literature feel happy, each of us, must have a "make Me feel Happy" bar. Such things should be treated with humility and gentleness, with a grand attempt to possess them.

Ju-ha-Fan mania: Love is magnanimous

Read the teacher's last lover: Ju-ha Silk coast , especially see her follow the Ju Hass fanaticism and infatuation, the teacher talked about the Ju ha silk forever like a fan caper, she said that Ju-ha even the United States, to the United States to describe the Chu-ha-DAO carved wrinkles, slouching hunchback senility. The teacher said that beauty is the energy of life. (Recommended reading: each age has its own poems: Enjoy the elegant process of aging )

The Bell Wen Yin: "Because of her writing posture, let her become the spirit of the Giant." The sharpness of her eyes, the intensity of her writing, made her wrinkles deep and charming. 」

The teacher talked about the unruly life of the people of Chu, and overthrew the world's imagination of women writers. Ju Hass once invited Saudi Arabia to look at her work, the Saudis said "terrible", Ju ha silk hated this person since then, because she does not accept other people's comments on their own creations, for the Ju Hass, her always the best. The teacher said the Ju ha silk carefree life more fascinated, life in love, people say her indulgence, and the difference between 40 years old lovers have a piece of literature and lust of the good fortune.

French writer Margaret Ju Hass (Marguerite Duras)

The teacher said: "She is 67 years old in love, in France will feel that they because of literary combination, Taiwan to see the culture is easy to see the vulgar surface, with conditions to comment on such feelings." Live in a infatuated with the island of youth, generally in gossip about other people's love, but the actual we do not have the courage like Ju ha love magnanimous swing. 」

I can gradually imagine the teacher in the body of the reluctant soul, she is like a reflection of the Ju-ha, also like a kind of ideal. Ideals in literature or in life we can practice such disregard of the sophisticated and no hesitation. Ideals we let go of a fight for their own life.

(The audience is coming, inviting the teacher to sign the book)

The teacher said that he may not be like Ju Hass with magnificent literary spirit to live to the last moment of life, may not be as she so "beyond the definition of the woman" alive, but she still remember how much she loved being a woman this matter. She said: "Women in a growing stage of change in their own, because different moods have different likes." "Let your mind grow with the years, in addition to the youth form, you can still love yourself what?" In fact, you still have a lot to be proud of the place, such as your Taste of life, reading to your full significance, you break through the sophisticated blind spot of independent thinking, you advocate living your life. (Recommended reading : develop the gentle face of life: From now on, you deserve more beautiful days )

You are so beautiful.

Reading the clock Wen Yin Two hours, I feel the spiritual level of the reborn. The teacher said that the reader is no longer, but I believe someone wrote it, someone is reading it, literature is not lonely, because there are such gentle strokes, with a few words fill our time gap, so we do not give up reading, do not give up technology can not replace the paper temperature, although people always read a whole life, reading those Giguan, is also happy. " Her attitude of life, let her into the spirit of the Giant." "So is the voice of the Bell , as you and I are."

Finally, the teacher also sent everyone such a sentence: "Dance with Will, and then become yourself!" 」