tomorrow is the 3/8 International Women's Day, how would you like to celebrate it? If you Fashi want to nest at home, let us recommend with 43 female voice accompany you a good day!

Women have all kinds of gestures, all kinds of voices, hoarse sexy, wildly thick, charming, neutral ethereal, whispering charm, what is your idea of the woman taste, what is it like?

Spotify invited supermodel Kate Upton (Kate Upton) and the independent rock band from Canada Tegan and Sarah (Tegan and Sara) to pick their favorite songs for women's Day! Listen to the woman in their mind, what is the appearance?

Supermodel Kate Upton (Kate Upton) Women's song: It's wonderful to be a woman.

"I can't change the size of my breasts, they are born like this!" I live my life, I love my body, this is a gift from God. I am full of confidence in myself. It would be a wonderful thing if I could make other women fall in love with their bodies, too. "---Kate Upton (recommended reading: don't put fat women and skinny Women on Libra )

The 23-year-old American supermodel Kate Upton, who was a sexy creature in the Union of women and people, has been selected as the annual model by vanity world, and Marilyn Monroe on the 100-year cover. She has a plump, voluptuous figure. Some people like to be complacent, but Kate Upton the atmosphere said: "I do not care about others, the body does not like the good." 」

Wipe the red lip, roll up the blonde, Kate Upton the Marilyn Monroe.
Image source: Vanity Fair

Kate Upton selected her favorite 25 women's songs, starting with the Hero of Mariah Carey, ending with the Phoebe of Super Nova Mine Ryan, each woman being her own hero. I feel like a woman. Scream together!

Indie rock band Tegan and Sarah's Woman song: Be Your Own warrior

"I fell in love with a girl who wanted her to be with me and do what she could." The idea didn't hurt anyone, but it scared some people and they looked at me like monsters. "---Sara Quin

"You are you, because you are you, you are born to be you, so be proud to do yourself." "---Tegan Quin (same Gayon:Mary Lambert humming Gay from the name of Love )

Canadian twins Tegan and Sara (name is Sara Quin and Tegan Quin Sisters are correct), is the independent music industry two personality female voice, in debut when both generous out of the ark, 17-year-old They have recorded the first album, walked all the way in the pop dance for 17 years, No affectation, singing want to sing, say to say, posture free, voice delicate and unrestrained.

2013, Tegan and Sara and Taylor Swift performed together

Tegan and Sarah's Woman's song, heard the strong woman choking spicy taste. From the beginning of Sia's elastic Heart, the Landa Keep of Jessy moving, the woman in this single song has The Taste of warrior, we gladiate but I guess we ' re really fighting Ves.

Supermodel and indie rock group, seemingly Bishi combination, on the eve of Women's Day, because the identity of women, together happy. What about you? sexy and neutral, are also women. 43 Good songs wish you a Happy woman's Day, this day, let good music accompany you, proud of being a woman. (same field Gayon: March topic, woman, you can define your own beauty )