Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

We like to read, because those who chew the words of time, but also digest the difficulties of the day, reading with the vast history of the intersection, can meet the distant smile, can encounter the world of sadness and joy. But our readers usually have some kind of fixed reading habits, like popular science books? Like the humanities? Paranoid books? Different reading habits will lead us to a certain direction. Today, women fans want to give partners more novel reading routes, let us go on the reading of a broader pace, look at other people's book list! (Hey Dear: Enjoy reading, give yourself time and space to calm down )

Are you curious about what books the editors, engineers, and designers of women's fans read? Two weeks of "Women's fans exchange good books," share each other's love of books, in small notes to write down the reasons for the recommendation! "Hey, let me share with you the nutrients to feed my soul," Our Love book to the team, but also to you, in the paper temperature, together to be a happy book-lovers.

" Some things, these years I understand " Charming Lab,lulu recommended

very happy to share this book to you, Ono can be said to accompany me grew up with the author, from the Childhood of the Penguin father, the size of the chicken, to the present book "Some things, these years I understand", life story-like description, is that everyone may encounter life experience problems, like this level and let people think, Learn to observe and reflect on the style. Hope that some things, we can find faster and faster to understand: (same field Gayon: The sooner you meet the better!) These five setbacks make you a better person.


" hated courage " X Lab,sophia recommended

Hope to make you like yourself more, live more comfortable, together refueling! (You'll like it: how long have you been smiling?) 10 small exercises that make you more comfortable

The money Game of the big media-why do people with power want to engage in media ? "Content Lab,rachel recommended

Dear the lucky guy who drew my book.
This book is a bit thick, but I think it's good to reflect on the current situation in Taiwan from the American experience. If you feel very thick can jump to see haha, I hope you will like: (Recommended reading: Taiwan media Listen!) Please let go of the involuntary public figures .

Love Rachel xx

" reading postmodern" Content Lab,ab recommended

"Reading postmodern" is like an exhibition room, like a silent theater on paper, to share with you not necessarily having time to walk outside. From film, literature to photography once satisfied. Postmodernism does not believe in the existence of absolute truths, so as to commemorate our growing up in the process of constantly overthrowing ourselves. (You'll like: Don't be afraid, "pain" makes you grow )


" Love Class--lovers ' 50 exercises " design Lab,merci recommended

To you who smoked this book: This is the only book I have bought so far about "love". Chenxue Teacher's words are gentle and exquisite, true and profound, read read will feel, whether it is because of love and happiness or sadness, are very happy one thing! (same field Gayon: even if not perfect, still can love Ah )


The qbq! The problem behind the problem "charming Lab,sunny recommended

Dear the person who got the book: He is the book will soon be able to read, two weeks after the absolute enough, but each chapter can savor, so that you have some study of life and the workplace, recommend 4, 14, 24 chapters, I have a lot of feelings, you read after we can discuss together. (Extended reading:"Go your own way, let your work match you" to a letter to the new workplace )


" If you think about it, go for it. " Service Lab, Crab recommended

Let me harvest a book full of!
2. Cultural! Wow

Small crab sincerely recommend (you will like: an interview with the Japanese legendary adventurer Takahashi step: "Action does not need reason, let the impulse pushes you to go")

"The spring of the Temple " (New translation: column of God) Service Lab, is the source recommended

And the story of the encounter is fate, just met a book adapted from this game, Taiwan publishing house on the new translation of the reprint, inadvertently in the ancient and modern book gallery to meet netizens claimed that the translation of better old version, this is fate ah. Share the story with the story. (Extended reading: everyone is a hero!) Tell the best Story of Life )

" to Pluto " Content Lab,audrey recommended

This book is 2013.09 bought, is also my first month of female fans, I in 207 rickety bus turned the book, several tears, and became now. To Pluto is a book that affects my universe, the words engraved in my body, the past and the future, see things so much more gentle. After this book, Zhang Hui became one of my favorite writers to share with you. (Recommended reading:"Uncomfortable, it is the beginning of growth" to write a letter to the work of your hesitation )


"TheGiftof Nothing" System Lab,Shuan recommended

Hey! If you were my book ' s destiny! I hope this book will make you smile! Become Happy! (same field Gayon: Is life invariable?) Eight secrets to live each day happily.

<3 S.

"Floating City underground New York " X Lab, home Hin recommended

Congratulations on the selection of my best books! This book accompanies me to spend the spring festival time that sleeps, eats and sleeps. The reason to recommend this book is that it talks about the underground economy that we rarely come into contact with, and they even systematically organize mutually beneficial symbiotic relationships. The author, without a critical eye, writes about the story of the intersection of his life and that of many people. I hope you will also like <3<3 (recommended reading: immigrant women in the American dream of disillusionment!) A sex worker in a Big Apple.

Jia Xin

Women are addicted to exchanging good books, success!

Each book, is a way to watch the world, your occasional lonely soul, a little boring days, all let reading accompany you through this section, but also remember " women fans read it " is the way we accompany you. For a book that is not normally read, your little universe has one more outlet!

Do you have a list of books to recommend to us? Welcome Dear you, leave a message to the women fans team, share your reading list with us: