Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

How long does it take to create a space? A space from scratch, how much thought? We don't know the answer, but we have made up our mind to try hard.

Women are obsessed with the virtual online space for three of years, bitter sweet taste tasted, here more and more home flavor; four years, we feel that we should give ourselves, to the team, to the reader, to the author, to the people who like women fans a common home.

Emma Watson in 3/8 to talk about the spirit of #HeForShe: "Human like birds, need wings to fly, if there is no support of two sides, we can not fly high, HeForShe want to create a man to help women, women help men's common space, no sex stickers, men can shed tears, A woman can be resolute. "Can there be such a space in Taiwan?" (Recommended reading: Women's Day London Live!) 10 sentences Emmahuasen wonderful sex manifesto )

This is what women fans want to do. We want to use space to tell a story, say a long time, have you have I have he has her story.

We want to be in the city, to make you think of the heart of space. A space where you think you feel at ease, a space in which different viewpoints can communicate, a space that embraces diversity and respect for diversity, and a space that needs no differentiation between him and her. Isn't that what home is?

This is a woman's obsession with space. All the gentle hugs and reflections that you have felt in a woman's fan article, we all want to move into this space, so a space like this is also a wonderland that surprises happen at any time. we are greedy, but there is reason to be greedy. I want you to know that women fans are yours too. So the woman is obsessed with space from zero to one, would like to invite you to go.

January, we found a good favorite space location, several times in the interior, the team used countless easy to paste think: space to convey what spirit? Women are obsessed with a lot of appearance, women's space and what will it look like? What's going to happen? We thought about a couple of space ideas we thought were interesting and a lot of details, and finally we decided to call Space Wonderland,alice in Wonderland, aren't we all Alice?

In the February, we were more anxious than anyone else, but we knew we were in a hurry because we wanted to tell a story for a long time. We on the website on the website to put the fund-raising questionnaire, cumulative thousands of readers to fill in the answer, very grateful. Looking at the reader to give a lot of feedback and advice, tears almost fall off.

Very like the woman fan uses "the Heart" constructs the website, each time article all is close to my heart

"I like every article of yours, and thank you for trying so hard to surround all the beautiful women who may be lonely but strong."

"I've always liked the power of women to be gentle," he said. Hope that the space plan can bloom very beautiful sparks! 」

"A woman is a great fan!" read for two years, has been to see the progress of women fans, refueling!

"I am a male, but through the female fans, I know more about women's views and enrich my thinking." 」

"I really like this site, in the leisurely, happy time, I can quietly read some articles to enrich themselves." When you are sad, you can calm down and watch these articles to comfort yourself. Thank you: Come on! 」

"The words of the woman is not forced me to get better quickly, but like a bosom friend silently accompany me to tears, but also support me slowly out of the time of hesitation." Thanks to the female fans, let me know that I am a good girl worthy of love. 」

"Every day I look forward to being a fan of the site, if there is an entity open space, I think it is my friends and I like to relax at the weekend." 」

It is you who have given us so much strength.

In March, based on feedback from readers, we pulled out the important spirit of Wonderland and the interesting and big things that could happen. (Of course still want to maintain the spirit of Wonderland, so please look forward to the space of irregular deformation remember!) )

1. Full of love to warm you with loving and warmth

Women fans make you a more comfortable place than home, is our commitment to you, always assured.

May occur: A large wall of books, the need for wooden flooring slippers, lovelorn counseling, love their own convenience stickers wall, open home kitchen, we want to give you love, let you love to more people, if the world a little more love, sadness will be less? Hope space, injured people can be gentle, lonely people feel warm, into this space, can feel that they are being deeply embraced.

2. Embrace the true self for you Are you.

In such a society, it takes a little courage to be true to yourself. Fortunately, there are a group of courageous people, never lonely.

Likely to happen: spiritual growth Workshop, 100 female career women story sharing, female career speech (workplace, gender, art ...). And the body classroom, through the communication with the body, we know ourselves more, through their stories, we know our way forward. Hope this space, you can feel the original when oneself, so good, originally meet a better version of yourself, is so happy one thing.

3. Allow gender to flow Gender Spectrum

We want to be more free to love, without distinction of sex, we want to be more mobile sex characteristics, each gender is comfortable.

Possible occurrences: Gender theme exhibitions or photographic collections, gender consulting room, gender group station speech, sex confession night, here intimate women, but more respect for diversity, no matter what kind of sex, we all want you to be free.

4. Share create community we create, we share, it's all about us.

When you walk into a woman's obsession, it's "we." Women fans believe that there is no easy way, but it is not so difficult to walk together.

May occur: Writing workshop, Good book Exchange community, the real library, the author lectures, the task of reading, we want to link different interests of the circle, the people strung together to generate power, a lot of ideas, such as practice. Hopefully in this space, we share each other's stories, communicate and grow, connect the dots, and become "us" from me.

5. The possibility of creating change change-maker

This land needs more people who believe the world can be better, in this space, we want to change the visualization, each person, is the power of change.

May occur: Internship program, resource sharing, different teams and sites in tandem, working together space, each with talent, together to do a bigger dream, together see the dawn of change.

From January to March, this is what we want to do, may not be perfect, but the absolute intention. We don't know how long a space can take from scratch, but we know that from zero to a hard work is necessary.

It would be nice if you were on this road:)

look at you, belong to us Wonderland