In a rush of Time, diary, blog by us mercilessly left behind, live in memory. Hey, pick up the pen, the faster the world, the slower the heart.

It is very deep and deep late at night, because I will soon see the sun rise, I think this is the limit of late night. And I'm here to talk about the stories about why I can't sleep now.

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Remember before I often write, as long as a blog to open the page, the hand can not stop, deeply afraid of the speed of typing can not keep up with the rapid thoughts, so the death of the dozen, accidentally stopped, which place stuck, then lost unceasingly. (Extended reading: 5 key to writing to make life better )

Once upon a time, blogs were no longer popular, technology was flying, and the men and women who might one day be born in the world might not know what the blogs were. That's very sad.

The days of the popular blog, want to have a good time. Compared to today's social platforms, everything is slow and complete. After a trip we carefully will be a picture of a good, horizontal positive, too large narrowing, and then a picture of the picture, write at the same time also in memory. Think of a good name, preferably a little poetic, a little romantic, or at least a bit cute. Finally wait for "upload complete" four words appear, just sleep at ease.

The blog article, also not as fast as the face book dynamic is emitted, digested, and then disappeared. Sometimes, suddenly think of when they have a certain mood or idea, but how can not find, and wait until really found, also seems not so want to find.

If a community site is a trickle of small, blogging is the Sea of memory. If the thin stream forgets the rendezvous into the sea, it is easy to get lost.

Still remember, the "friend list" of nameless station is always chaff, not like the face book as often as hundreds of people, we put several best friends on the top, classification, write down nicknames, such as a kind of friendship declaration. Want to sneak to see the object, absolutely can not put in, but to open a notepad to each other's account, or because always every day to peek, so that account how also forget. (Recommended reading: Intimate Good friends: Understand your strong, embrace your fragile )

This is also my favorite blog, we always have to take the initiative to care about the people who want to care. We go to see, because we miss.

Sometimes I often Facebook books. I do not want to cherubim books to help me choose dynamic, most of the time, those jump out of the things I do not want to see. I just want to, when I think of you, point into your blog, and then because I found you published a new blog and feel happy, that is really concerned about a person. And I, also the tunnel hope oneself is in this form to be thought by you. (Same field Gayon: The paper and the network should not be enemies, but complementary to convey the value of friends )

I think we are still young, but that was almost ten years ago.

Again think of myself earlier, like to write, the country Hour has the habit of writing diary, then really because lazy and deserted, unfortunately. I always quarrel with my mother to accompany me to the bookstore to buy diary, to have the kind of lock, and the lock is always more expensive than the general, and finally forget to save money or can not find a lock diary, the paper tape token, each time after writing a diary, carefully lock the book.

At that time, the writing is very slow, also profound. My handwriting has been sloppy since childhood. Never "like a girl" neat, often by the teacher read, but I am in the drawer of the diary of the scribbled handwriting, but I can not use the head of the full load of memory, after all, my memory is poor, some happy and sad, always through the writing back aftertaste.

We grow up, but also in the growth of loss, the growth of the part of the conscious, but lost often do not know.

Like the molting growth of some animals, we grow up with the world, but the shed is shed and forgotten, as we forget our handwriting and our blogs. put up a pen to write, do not take your soul and face book exchange. There is a saying: "Write, originally is to forget, remember again." "Every time I mention a pen, I remember something about the world, you write a line, I write a paragraph, next time, who forget, at least they can gently remind each other." Do not let the good only in a twinkling of the matter, write down, so that happened to seal the eternal.

In this deep end of the night, I can not sleep, only hope that we will not forget the writing instinct, will not forget to take the initiative to care about the people who want to care, will not forget the things they really care about, will not forget to think deeply, also will not forget to stay at the same time.

I hope we will never forget in this time when everything is fast. slow beautiful and deep.