Honey, you must have heard the phrase "symmetry of the right and left face is beautiful." Today, let's break the symmetry myth.

I believe you must have heard the saying--the beauty of the face is symmetrical! Many people have studied the first model Lin Chi-ling, and many of Taiwan's widely considered "beautiful" female stars, found that their left and right face are symmetrical, so that we have "beauty is to be symmetrical," the idea of the belief that, but this is true, or coincidence?

In Ancient Greek mythology, the Zeus and Leda-Helen, known as "the most beautiful woman in the world", broke out in the Trojan War because of her elopement with Troy Wangzipalisi. In the legend, Helen felt very guilty of causing the war, personally to the city of Troy, looking at the two armies, and tens of thousands of soldiers all awe in her beauty, for this one day Hugh.

Helen (Photo source )

More people described the war as "the appearance of the Thousand warships, Helen's beauty sparked the Trojan War." "Therefore, ancient Greek scientists on the" Why Helen Beauty, "the matter of curiosity, and began the relevant research. The Greek philosopher Plato once proposed the concept of "golden ratio", that if the width of the face is two-thirds of the length, and the length of the nose is shorter than the distance between the two eyes, is the most beautiful face.

And today it has been scientifically proven that human beings are born to "symmetrical" things particularly good, but this so-called "symmetry" is not Plato said to be proportional to the calculation, but depending on the face of the "similarity", so the ancient Greek research can be said to be only half.

Some researchers have found that babies spend a lot of time staring at pictures of more symmetrical people, and that if you combine several different faces into the same one, the average looks more appealing, which may also explain why we often think of hybrids as good-looking. (Share with you: after the spotlight is still confident: Xu Yu ning, solitude makes me more love myself )

Yi-Mixed Xu Yu ning

But at the same time, there are other scholars against the concept of "symmetry is beauty", they believe that the human aesthetic will have ethnic differences, and deep diversity, everyone's preferences will be different. If the ancient Chinese once liked the woman with the little feet, the English of the Shakespeare era paid attention to the woman's ankle, while some African tribes thought the lip-ring was the symbol of beauty.

Many scientists also claim that "symmetrical face" represents healthy body and mind and happy childhood, but Nicholas Pound, a British psychologist, thought the claim had insufficient sample numbers and found more than 4,000 teenagers to do in-depth research. Pound, in collaboration with the young family physicians, mastered the physical and mental state of the sample and performed 3D scans of the face for each person at the age of 15 to calculate the symmetry of their faces. The results found that the symmetry of the face was not related to the physical and mental health of childhood.

There are many people on the network to use the composition of celebrities to break the "symmetry is Beautiful" myth, these celebrities in the left and right face symmetry, unexpectedly all grow a little strange. The original symmetry of the face, in our eyes but may lose the balance. (same field Gayon: small love of young generation: asymmetrical Love )

Marilyn Monroe

Anhesser Wei

Christine Stewart

Taylor Wire

Ariane-Anne Grande


See these actress's face become like "where strange", we know, in fact, the beautiful person does not necessarily have a symmetrical face. Maybe we all often in front of the mirror left look right, always feel that their eyebrows on both sides are not as high, the left eye and the right eye skin is a little different, envy those "have a symmetrical face" beauty. But dear, left and right face of small imbalance, in fact, is also the charm of many female stars source! (Together: Women's Day London Live!) Emmahuasen 10 Wonderful gender manifesto

Symmetry or imbalance, everyone's idea of beauty is different. Next time in the mirror, do not cling to the left and right face where different, looking at the mirror of their own, loudly say "I am beautiful" bar! Cherish and fall in love with their own beauty, from the heart of self-confidence smile, is the true secret of beauty. Dear, we are the most unique existence in the world, the most unique beauty.