We see a woman who has been restrained from the outside world, a period of real life, because there are no reservations, no fake clothes, and the most beautiful and beautiful.

' One person can make himself self-critical. 'british writer virginia.That's what U. Wu said.You, last time you felt yourself.We are always afraid of loneliness, invading ourselves without realizing it, but forgetting to be honest with yourself, get along with yourself, and talk to yourself.(Recommended reading: Are you today, Me Time?

As a woman, we are constantly shuttling between the expectations of others and the demands of others, but unwittably oblivies to the reality of what we are.

(Picture Source: Peng Yipin )

A hundred years ago, Ng believed that a woman had to be independent and had to earn £ 500 a year, and a room that could lock the door and belonged to her.What is your own room?The most direct definition is that women need to have a space that is exclusive to their own. This room is private. After the lock, no one else can come in and interfere. This "our own room" is not just an entity, but can be further extended to the space of mind relaxation and reflection.

The photographer, Peng Yupin, started his "Women's Room" shooting schedule in 2006 and has interviewed nearly 200 women from Japan, San Francisco, Beijing, Paris, Cuba, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Iran, and so on.From Ole's Own's Room > to begin with, 100 years old, what has become of the woman's room?Peng Yiping elects the most representative woman and her personal space, and describes the real story between the space and the woman through the lens.

(Photo Source: Peng Yipin Provide)

From the lens of Peng Yi, we see a woman who is also the most beautiful and beautiful.

What is History?Not a Story?He graduated from the Department of Taiwan's "Free, Revolution and Art" in France, where she came into contact with women from all over the world. Their stories were so unique that she wanted to understand the world's desires.(More Her Story: America's Rheology and History )

Peng Yi began to understand that as a woman, many people have an ideal model waiting for them, their desires being treated as unbearable, their own words cannot be delivered to the outside world, and their bodies are tied up in a variety of social pressures, so that most women are shown to be different faces and are accustomed to having their own visions of their own.Peng Yuping's record of her room is not only a woman's space, but also a woman's story. It bears her own history and emotions.

(Photo Source: Peng Yipin Provide)

Room for Women > exhibit is divided into three main themes - “ Kitchen ”, “ Heroom ”, “ Herstory ”.In three different styles and exhibits, the "Room for Women" and the "Photographic Literature" show the preliminary results of long-term research.

The number of women selected by Peng Yi is from the third world, which is to subvert the imagination of the Taiwanese readers in the space of their homes.She believes that Taiwan's imagination is too shallow and often limited by housing advertising, and that it makes the family look nothing new, and it does not reflect the context of her own life.For example, the family income of women in Cuba and Iran is less than US$ 15 per month. The furnicings of the house are extremely ingeniable. Behind every object there is a story. On the contrary, the imagination of the people of Taiwan is limited, and it is only poverty.

(Photo Source: Peng Yipin Provide)

"The kitchen is a woman's world," as the traditional gender division of labor leads to the inextricable relationship between women in Taiwan and the kitchen.The living room is often the only public space in the house of the United States, where the kitchen is so small and so hot that the majority of women do not feel well when they do housework.Iran is different from the Gulf, and the kitchen is the most spacious and spacious in the entire house. Many Iranian women spend the longest time in their lives in the kitchen.The Iranian sisters in the picture, surrounded by the flowers, took photographs in the carefully arranged kitchens, as seemed to reveal that the kitchen was not just a source of pressure for housework in the kitchen.

After contacting 200 women, Peng Yi found that women with independent space were mostly single; even women with high income and social status could not have their own independent space after entering a marriage.

Marriage makes women separate from their own family, and formal inclusion into another paternal family has broken down, and she is the "grandfather" of the new family.But we all need a living space that's familiar, and we have autonomy in the details of everything, but when we change a new environment, the intimacy of these relationships is lost.

(Photo Source: Peng Yipin Provide)

Japanese Woman teacher Kato Yuko is the exception.Before she married, she insisted on having an independent space, and her husband agreed to use the living room as her private room, and not to disturb the child.She had an office table in the living room, and she was still free to play her favorite volleyball.(You would also like to: "Abandon the heavens for a long time, dating from the single start of the institution," an interview with the author Hsu Chang-te )

Peng Yuping said she was filming "Women's Rooms" not to peep, but to open a door for women." The room of a woman is not a matter of matter, but a space of mind.It must have a space that excludes the outside world, from which it can find its own positioning, and thus dialogue with the world."

Look at Peng Yi's work as if you were reading the life of these women.It's a reappearance of memories, and it reminds people of the beginning of each room, which is the choice.Souvenirs brought back from overseas, shouldn't they be left?Do you have a textbook that is full of hard and hard work, shouldn't it?In the corner, if you don't dare to take pictures of old people, shouldn't they be left?Each of the furnings of the head is his or her heart and soul, and the process of choosing is like crawling the spiritual side of the soul.In such a choice, we approach ourselves step by step, trying to clarify our own love and scars.

(Photo Source: Peng Yipin Provide)

woman's room is a life of her taste, her style, and her posture. It's not necessarily perfect, but it's not necessarily perfect. But in this space, women earn their own desires and eyes, and they can show their desire to live in a private space.(Let's look at: First object of love in life should be itself )

(Photo Source: Peng Yi Ping Provide)

Women narrative uses personal private materials to break the space in which men's views are constructed.The woman in the photograph was an artist, and her room was created by herself, and even though outsiders appeared to be dazzled-up, art has become her body, and in this space she only wants to be covered by pure art.It's a symbol of my self, the process of life, and her close relationship, and she relooks and chews on her life.

The Chancellor is exposed to every aspect of life, in a daily household.Women are forced to live in a space full of gaze and control, and feel that there is no time to be bound by it.Therefore, family space is not a free space for some women, nor can it be truly free.Do modern women have their own rooms?Is there a drawer that can hold a secret?Is it possible to temporarily ignore the whistle of the bell or boiling water of the telephone because of its own affairs?Do you have a place to settle down when the pressure comes?With its own independent space, people can live free and free. Life is not just survival. It is hard work.

Enjoy loneliness in your own room without having to meet others and speak your mind to yourself.Slowly under its surface, fill in the strong, realistic, tested values, and the thirst for the excitement. All of this has made people see the most beautiful soul in the face of nothing.

It doesn't need perfection, it doesn't need to be purposeless, in my private space, I'm my own owner, space is no longer just a combination of things, it's also my life, and I'm in the inside, and I have a real beauty for my own little reservation.Through the negative writing of the exhibition, I think, I understand the meaning of "self-being."

Women's Room Photographic Exhibition | Place | Time

2015 3.1-3.30 Asian bookstore ( North Taipei City of Yan Oi Road, 122

Subject: Heroom

2015 4.22-5.17 Taoyuan Municipal Government Cultural Bureau 3F First Exhibition Room
Subject: Hersstory
Opening: 2015.4.25 (6) 14:00-16:00

Pavilion MOCA Studio "Women's Rooms"
Expected exhibit date 2016.2.6-3.27

More Beautiful Photography and Story, at Peng Yipin's official website .

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