Today, 3/23 days, is the mathematician Emi Notte (Emmy Noether) of the 133-Year-old, wish her happy birthday!

Who's to say that women are incompatible with math?

Maybe you've heard of Byron's daughter. Eda Lehus Ada Lovelace was the first design engineer in history to write the first computer program in 19th century. And in the field of mathematics, in addition to the mother of the calculus of Maria Gaetana Agnesi, 3/23 of today, Google Doodle again to surprise us.

Who is this? Her name is Emi Notte (Emmy Noether), lightweight formulation of abstract concepts, let Einstein worship the woman, today is her 133-year-old birthday.

Born in 1882 March 23, Emi Notte was born in Germany's mathematical family. She has great passion for mathematics and physics, and even in the age of birth, women are not common in these two fields of study. When Emi Notte was studying at the university in Germany, she was the "only two" girl in her class, and she had to listen to math classes, and she had to pass the professor's permission. After graduating, she taught at a math research Institute for seven years without pay, and was always a substitute for his father (dad is usually either ill or busy writing his own paper). )

The contemporary mathematical environment is unfriendly to Emi Notte and cannot obstruct her enthusiasm and outstanding performance. She delved into fields from abstract algebra to theoretical physics, mathematically, she puts forward the invariant theory and the commutative algebra; in the field of physics, she presents the special theorem, which explains the fundamental connection between symmetry and conservation law, and symmetry is a major benchmark of modern physics. The famous Nobel theorem and the ring of Enoch are named after her.

In that era, people did not think that the only time to audit the attitude of the vast mathematical universe of girls, and finally laid the foundation of modern physics and mathematical architecture.

Doodle, painted by designer Sophie Diao, Eminot with a mysterious smile, surrounded by the theorems and theories that he had put forward in the early 20th century. The way she watched the world became the mathematical trail of the world we know today.

Think of imitating the game that sentence, "Sometimes, people forgotten by the world, to achieve the world can not imagine things." "The contemporary is excluded by the environment, but insist on knocking on the door of the Emi Notte, its study will eventually be immortal in time, inspire more aspiring to delve into the mathematics of girls and women."

A number of mathematicians, including Albert Einstein, are known to be of great importance in Emi Nor, the most important woman in the history of mathematics. Perhaps in the future we are more interested in experts without distinction between the age of gender, a gender-free and to shake the industry and choice of the era. (Recommended to you: No sex, just hard work: these women stand out and break the gender ceiling of writing )

This article commemorates Emi Notte, also dedicated to more for the study of professional efforts of people, in the pursuit of the love of the road, we are not as lonely as we imagine.

"The same field Gayon: The History of Doodle Evolution"

Doodle Designer Sophie Diao said:"The contribution of Noel in the mathematical world not only reflects her brilliant, but also shows her firm determination to face adversity." "In drawing Doodle, she also took a different approach, a people to see the satisfaction of the Doodle is born like this!" (Recommended reading: decoding Baidu and Google's Women's Day Home page illustration )