Female fan author Shishun's painstaking crystallization: evil female force, post-feminist popular film Anatomy, dedicated to this generation and future generations of evil women.

"Wicked Woman. Is the image of women on the screen, but also the most authentic desire to showcase. "When the desire overflows the traditional viewing angle, breaks the rigid demarcation line between the small freshness and the slut in the two yuan, so in 2015, there was such a book for the Evil Woman, for the evil woman to write, for the evil woman born." That's the author's new book, Shishun, the popular film Anatomy of feminism.

When post feminism is no longer a myth beyond the reach, but the daily ridicule popular culture, the woman's body and thought are full of flesh and blood, no longer willing to accept the usual materialization, gazing, performances of the dogmatic thinking, a wicked woman, desire ripe female, snake beauty, teenage evil, Blonde and queen Bee, Each posture is flexible to stand in this book.

Shishun, post-popular culture and post-cultural studies 21 lyrical like boil the raw material of witchcraft, from "BJ single Diary" written to "control", summoned the evil woman to come and birth, gently proclaimed that we need not dodge again, no need to play the so-called good, we can on the one hand to the patriarchal society to unfold the most romantic revenge, On the one hand shouting want to love to death.

We are evil and never apologize, we are the new generation of evil women. let's start with "BJ Bachelor Diary". (Recommended reading: towards the female-lu-Snake aesthetics: From BJ's Bachelor diary to the planet of Danny's sister )

1 995 years, when Helen. Felding (Helen Fielding) promised to edit a column in the Independent newspaper, The Independent, writing the love story of a single woman in London, she did not think she would write down the most classic female representative in the 90 's, not to mention that the woman would leap into the big screen years later, To wear leopard underwear in the snow to recover Mr. Darcy scene, inspired the world's unruly girls.

Helen Felding opened not only the new writing model, but also a new age of women.

A year later, Felding's column, published as BJ's single Diary, quickly became a global bestseller. Opening the single diary of the Metropolitan Woman, the New Year's hope for each of the two pages is coming head-on. Briggie. Jones vowed this year not to drink, not to smoke, not to overeat, not to flirt with men, and then to start a completely out-of-control year: alcohol, nicotine and calorie intake absolutely exploded, bought a bunch of ill-fitting clothes and then flirted with the boss and went to bed.

Welcome to Briggie's single world.

The whole novel is Briggie's single diary, but also her crazy performances of the inner Small theater. All the characters and dialogues have to go through her head notes and comments, and all the scene scheduling is her real-time emotional product. A second also vowed to do a new era of women do not need a man, and immediately after a second flower branches trembling with the boss flirt. The last moment I was mocking Susan. Faludi (Susan Faludi), the best-selling feminist classic, decided to read the book the next time she was lonely and confused.

This kind of advertising body writing, in 2001 jumped on the big screen. Our favorite Briggie-style muttering to Renee on the screen. Zellweger (Renée Zellweger) is an omnipresent narration. Realism does not exist, everything you see, all in Renee. Zellweger a sentence in the narration, into Briggie inner small theater. You never see those characters, those conversations, what you see is still a crazy diary of a single woman in London.

How does this crazy diary rewrite the image of modern women and become a classic of female romance?

Briggie is not only a unique character, but also a representative of all living Women (everywoman). She represents the second-wave feminist image of a single woman: She received higher education, earned a degree in English literature, and worked in the London press. She enjoys modernity, she can join her sisters in a bar, smoke and drink, and talk about sex immediately after she gets out of class. (Recommended reading: want to talk about sex, don't forget you have red blush )

She has the independence and freedom that every woman desires. Briggie also represents the shift between feminism and post-feminism.

In the novel, when Briggie with Mark. Darcy first met, in order to show their depth, she lied about her recent reading Susan. Faludi the feminist Classic in the early 90 's: "Who is the enemy of women" (backlash:the undeclared War against American Women). Never thought Briggie was just a nonsense, mark. Darcy Read this best-selling classics, Briggie had to be embarrassed to change the topic. What she did not say was that she was secretly reading about John. The best-selling love book written by Gary (John Gray), "Men from Mars, women from Venus" (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), tries to soothe his secret-loving boss Daniel with this love-teaching handbook.

Should modern metropolitan women ever read Faludi's "the reverse" or Gary's "Men from Mars, women from Venus"? These two books are clearly a symbol in Felding's writings.

"Anti-setback" represents a typical mainstream feminist politics, "Men from Mars, women from Venus" symbolizes the post-feminist "love" politics. The former wants women to stay away from love, while the latter wants women to explore love again. The former taught women not to return to the romantic history, the latter slowly lead women to regain the dominant power of love. Briggie to the left is "reverse", the right is "men from Mars", want Daniel when the love of Gary's book with a good sister's love strategy to take, the feelings on the rocks and then read the Faludi that they always mention but never really read the feminist classics.

In this single diary, we see the Briggie and double migration of the spirit, and also see the entanglement between feminism and post-feminism.

We see the Briggie of the 30, with the single-minded seizure of his boss Daniel, and even when she flirts with Daniel, fantasizing about the scene of his marriage. McRobbie, a well-known British feminist scholar, has thus reprimanded Briggie, how modern women aspire to such traditional women's happiness and self-realization. She argues that modern women are reluctant to allow feminism to emerge in order to get a short respite, because feminism is too heavy for the work of traditional marriage criticism. (Complementary: A feminist who is never in love, absent in the battlefield of romance)

However, the performance of the fantasy wedding was overlooked by Mike Dorothy. Renee Zellweger on the screen in the exaggerated absurd form of the diary of the Briggie fantasy, such a performance can be regarded as a mockery of the traditional marriage, rather than a full heart hug. When the Briggie exaggerated performance of the bride "should" behavior, in fact, through the "dare to expose the aesthetic" skills, witty parody of the marriage system in the outdated negative role, in turn ridiculed the traditional form of marriage. What's more, the husband and wife in the BJ Bachelor diary always show up in an extremely conservative and ridiculous form, causing the audience to laugh. Briggie at a dinner with a large number of married couples, he showed his teasing. As a result, "BJ single Diary" On the one hand embraced the negative role, on the other hand ridiculed its outdated; Briggie to marry on the one hand, and ironically traditional marriage on the other.

Such insanity is also manifested in Briggie's physical politics.

When the last generation of feminists refused to show their bodies as a way of resisting male gaze, Briggie was generous in claiming that he was the cultural product of the Cosmopolitan Dan (cosmopolitan) generation. Bree Keitaine Daniellio before the meeting to remove hair beauty, in the sexy underwear and plastic underwear between the hesitant, for is to make oneself look perfect flawless. She also deliberately wear black underwear to work, the clear is to seduce Daniel, generous sex and male stare.

On the other hand, "weight" has always been one of the things that Briggie cares about most. She claims to lose weight, measure daily and record her weight in a diary, is the best example of modern self-monitoring of the body. Bree Jite said that the initiative to show the body is not a mere materialization, or to become the victims of male gaze, but is the independent performance of the body, and even indirectly control the sexual interaction between men and women.

However, once again we find that the BJ single diary is not so simple. Bree Keitaine Daniel was exposed to the "granny"-like underwear and caused the audience to laugh when he was having sex. On the one hand, the audience ridiculed the female body "myth" was broken (Briggie's buttocks were molded by the body underwear), on the other hand, also realized that the traditional patriarchal society for the female body set standards and requirements are impossible to achieve. In addition, Briggie, although every day shouting to lose weight, from the beginning to the end of the film is not really thin down, but there are signs of weight gain, and obviously, Briggie never apologize.

How to give the Briggie such a contradictory modern metropolis women to annotate? Briggie, she said, represented the post-feminist era in which feminism was taken for granted (feminism taken into account), but no longer a social phenomenon that was seriously regarded. She believes that Briggie is a typical representative of the political avoidance of feminism. I think, however, that Briggie reflects the current status of women in the middle of feminist politics and the transfer of feminist culture, Briggie between Faludi and Geary, in the desire to marry and ridicule marriage, between the "Cosmopolitan Dan" and the weight of pride consultations.

There is no eternal Briggie, only contradictory Briggie and flowing Briggie.

However, the real Briggie representative of the feminist culture, or her generosity revealed the feminine passion. When the last generation of feminists set off a turbulent anti-sexual movement, a new generation of single women are no longer willing to play the delicate girl next door, but to incarnate the passion of the high will mature female.

Briggie Initiative and boss Daniel Flirt, enjoy the flow of lust between two people. She not only had sex with Daniel many times, but also talked about his sexual skills. In the sequel, Briggie still to the front of the screen girls to emphasize her boyfriend Darcy's perfect stature and bed kung fu, trying to summon the girl's lust subject. Briggie is the new female image of the 90 's, it is proved that women can not only become the desire to mature women, no need to play the beautiful woman, and not afraid of being disciplined, not to be punished, and even finally can win mark. Darcy.

"BJ single Diary" is the 20th century end of the desire to female version of "Pride and Prejudice" (Pride and Prejudice).

Helen Felding itself is Jane. Austin (Jane Austen) 's big fan, and she is not hesitate to let readers know that she is attached to Austin. So the "BJ single Diary" incarnation in the 90 's "Pride and Prejudice", Austin focused third-person narrative, with a few letters from the 18th century letter letters, in the late 20th century, London will revive, become a single woman diary. The whole plot of the novel, including the actor's arrogance at the beginning of the heroine to his prejudice, the hero's later confession and solve the heroine's life difficulties, the last mutual understanding and integration, in fact, are derived from the "Pride and Prejudice" the basic story structure. Felding even the perfect ideal of the story of the hero also named Darcy, the original novel, Bree Gieye had mentioned Colin. The classic Mr. Darcy played in the adaptation of the BBC's album. In "BJ Bachelor Diary", Austin is everywhere, and Mr Darcy is omnipresent.

I can't imagine that later mark. The role of Darcy is really played by Collin Fursley, he can be said to travel through time and space, across the text, can be both classical and modern Mr Darcy's best spokesman. In fact, Collinfoss never read "Pride and Prejudice" or "BJ single diary" until he took up the role of two Mr. Darcy. And so he did not know that he was about to take the two perfect men that the world's teenage girls were craving. Do not understand the girl fantasy of the Collinfoss, and finally rely on the girl power and these two "Mr. Darcy" to achieve another peak of the cause of acting. Later, Collinfoss in the 2006 French magazine "Figaro" (Madame Figaro) interview, finally bowed down, said his life the most important three women in addition to mother and wife, is Jane. Austin.

In this way, the "BJ Bachelor Diary" seems to jump off the frame of the Austin novel of the early 19th century. Worse still, it seems to be hiding the formula for romance. It seems that the women's works at the end of the 20th century still remain the ghost of the early 19th century marriage novels and ancient romance. However, as it moves between feminism and post-feminism, the BJ Bachelor diary also negotiates between Austen's narrative, Romance and feminism.

After the rise of feminist literary criticism, Austen's novels have been tried again and again. There is an ambivalent love-hate relationship between feminism and Austin. Feminist scholars have singled out the patriarchal social ideology hidden in the novel. First, the heroine is often portrayed as ignorant, do not understand the social norms of women, but always in the social status, wealth and knowledge of learning more than she is higher than many of the leading male lead, bit by bit to learn "orthodox" norms and "due" etiquette, gradually become ladylike, and finally by the actor " Recognition "and married, success is incorporated into the system of patriarchal society. Emma, of Catherine and Emma of the Northanger (Northanger Abbey), is the best example.

Such episodes imply, first and foremost, that men are naturally taller than women, whether in status or in economic capacity. It also implies that men's moral awareness and learning are not the same as women, and women have to "follow" the male training to enable themselves to "ascend" to marry to better families. The so-called moral tuning, in fact, is to let themselves become an elegant and no desire of the ladylike. Therefore, Austen's novels are full of independent desires of women, such as "Northanger" in Isabella or "Pride and Prejudice," Sister Lydia, are "not educated", not subject to social norms of women, can only be a bad example.

Of course, every novel in Austin stresses the importance of marriage, implying that women's "value" is entirely dependent on marital events. Only by marrying well enough, women may have a "happy" life. Although this does point to the 19th century British social reality and gender inequality, but Austen's novel is not like a few decades after Charlotte. "Jane Eyre" (Jane Eyre) published by Brandt (Charlotte Brontë) boldly challenged patriarchal social ideology, advocating women's autonomy and dominance in marriage, so Austen's novels were still being judged harshly by feminist scholars.

"Pride and Prejudice," social status and economic conditions are much higher than Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy, at first, although the arrogance of the attitude and was misunderstood by Elizabeth, and finally rely on the outstanding social ability to save the Elizabeth family embarrassing situation, and then get the heroine and the majority of readers agree. Such a plot on the one hand reveals the omnipotent power of men, on the other hand also shows the inability of women helpless, after all, Elizabeth for her sister Elopement was ashamed but incompetent to solve.

And we also saw one Austin "ghost" in the "BJ Single Diary". First mark. When Briggie was in critical condition, Darcy earned her an exclusive interview with his personal contacts as a senior lawyer, thus giving her a job promotion. And when Briggie, who was not proficient in cooking, made a mess in the kitchen, it was Mark's appearance that solved her confusion. and socio-economic status and knowledge of the better than she was higher than the mark, Briggie appear ignorant, incompetent, only to know the aftermath of trouble, completely like "Northanger" in the same Catherine.

In addition, we can also use the classic structure of romance novels to dismantle the "BJ single Diary." Feminist scholar Modresky, in her famous book "The Sweet Revenge of romance," not only traces the "ancestor" and "source" of romance in literary history, but also points out the formula of contemporary romance novel. One formula is: The heroine always and a everywhere make the scheming "female villain" (adventuress) Form contrast, when the female villain deliberately want to and the male protagonist together, the heroine's silly and lust, but is finally let her win the hero's real reason.

In fact, this formula not only appeared in romance, but also appeared in Austin's novels ("Pride and Prejudice" in the attempt to marry Mr Darcy's Miss Bingley is the female villain representative), is a modern idol drama repeated use of the role of the typical and plot structure. The formula invites viewers to condemn women who desire, while advocating that women should be as ignorant and as female as the heroine, because only women who have no desire can be included in the system of patriarchal society.

Similarly, in the BJ Bachelor diary, we see Mark Darcy around the woman lawyer Natasha, single-minded want to "get" mark, but the last mark fell in love with, but is not full of independent desire, causing male anxiety of the "strong woman", but is foolish and ignorant, never understand the situation, at first even dislike his Briggie. in this way, the "BJ Bachelor Diary" seems to be completely out of the ghosts of the 19th century Austen novel and classic romance. In fact, the work is not so simple.

On the one hand, it deliberately diverted the story of Austin and Romance, on the other hand, buried a delicate clue, so that readers can do "reverse reading (counter reading)".

Mark Darcy seems to help Briggie clean up the mess, but think carefully, even without his help, Briggie also can live very well. The exclusive interview Mark helped her get an extra bonus on her job performance, and when other stations were equally drubbing, Briggie wouldn't lose his job if he didn't get the interview. In addition, despite the help of mark in the kitchen, Briggie's dinner is still a mess, full of "Briggie" style, suggesting that her life does not really need a man's "rescue." This is not the same as the plight of Mr Darcy, who really rescued Elizabeth from the family.

In addition, Mark. Darcy to her abrupt confession, did copy "Pride and Prejudice," Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth's sudden confession. But don't forget, in "BJ Single Diary", women can not be passive object of lust, and then show that they are the subject of lust. Briggie not only later also made a confession to mark, at the end even more regardless of snow, wearing a leopard underwear and then rushed out to "recover" mark. All this is a hint that Briggie has a feminine passion.

Although Briggie's foolishness is mark. Darcy fell in love with her main reason, but compared to the romantic history of the heroine, Briggie and ex-boyfriend/former boss Daniel has a lot of sexual relations, not afraid to let Mark Darcy know his sexual history, and finally still win mark. Darcy is not only a mockery of the Romance style, but also a kind of banter about the double standard of patriarchal social sex. Now, the rule of the game is reversed: the desire for a woman to have a happy ending.

Compared to Austin's novels, because "follow" patriarchal social norms and get a good marriage heroine, Briggie instead of "defy" the male moral consciousness and get the female readers and audiences. She always said that she should quit smoking and alcohol, but she was generous smoking and drinking, completely do not control their desire. Briggie's desire for tobacco and alcohol is interlinked with her lust--the best metaphor for her uncontrolled desire for women.

Mark In the beginning, Darcy criticized Briggie to his mother: "Mother, I don't need a blind date, especially not to have a blind date with a drunkard and an old smoker, a runaway word and a spinster dressed like her mother." Mark Up to the West Point Briggie how to violate the patriarchal society in the ideal of female characteristics, and finally from the mouth to fall in love with this is inconsistent with the social norms and desire of women, this is not felding to Austin and classical romance the biggest subversion?

Briggie is not so much a modern version of Elizabeth as to say that she is more like the unruly Lydia. This is the impossible love story between Lydia and Mr. Darcy, and also a romantic romance that has been born out of Austin and betrayed Austen. (Recommended reading: negative demons in the global Desire City: When Taiwanese women meet Western men )

Well-known literary critic Booth (Wayne C.) Booth), commenting on Emma, points out that Austin seems to have followed the traditional narrative structure and patriarchal social ideology, but she secretly buried in the story a lot of subtle clues for intelligent readers to do "reverse reading" to resist the original narrative structure and ideology.

In the same way, the ghosts of Austin and romance seem to haunt the "BJ singles diary," but the intelligent audience can always find enough clues to subvert in this work, and carry out the same uncontrolled and unconstrained "crazy woman reading" as Briggie, and then explore the Romance style and the Austin narrative.

In the image of an unruly woman, the BJ Bachelor diary not only rewrites the Austen narrative and romance formula, but also predicts a new century. When the girls in the cinema collectively look at the screen Briggie wearing leopard underwear in the snow to recover mark. Darcy, they understand that the age of a mad woman finally came into being.