This time, we sing the song of a 30-year-old woman, to a woman, to the times, to the years of silence, to the growth and the transformation, to our cries of our youth!

I sometimes think this is the best age and spring. You don't have time to want to pay for that performance until the next season. Friends are getting married, and you don't have time to blush until the next season.(Recommended reading: Celebrates 30 years of age!10 Reasons for embracing 30 years )

The 30-year-old sense of good is always the most true, and every "feeling" is as unstable as it is." You know, when you find out, the structure of the class, the wealth, the power in the real world has been set, and there is no possibility of turning over.Many of the young girls who once were princesses are now in the bus, the MRT, and at midday to buy rice dumplings from the store. In the afternoon, they were verbsed and thrown out by their superiors. They had to dry their tears in the toilet and return home to a mediocre group of people who were comforted by the face.It was once a princess who was a princess, but she was a servant girl of life.Even more saddened is that the princess dreams of being broken and replaced by a young girl who has been replaced by her entire life."

At the age of 30, we gradually discovered that there was some sad secret in the world. It turned out that it was not easy to fight in the social system. It wasn't easy to get out of the way, but it wasn't a crying waiting for the carriage to become a princess.People sitting next to us tell us, "The 30 is a figure to be well aware." How do we know?Let's talk about relationships, you have no stable job, relationships.Do we only have a stable life if we live half a life?But you thought, " I'm not ready to go into the life you're talking about.So you repeatedly doubt yourself, or even believe, the 30-year-old who's been portraying the picture.

Always remember Li Weijing wrote down: "Will it be like me when I am hurt?"No, no, no, no, no, no.I don't know where I'm going. I sometimes imagine that the only people who knew how to do it wouldn't be you.

This is a 38-year-old woman who broke up with a young 10-year-old boyfriend and wrote to his "ex-girlfriend".At the age of the old age, the old age of the old girlfriend, but these through the long tributary of the time of love, sigh, sigh, sigh, don't change her obsession with love, but even if she doubts the inappropriateness of kindness, she still has a gentle and uncaring way to do it.It is cool and cold like you, I am.The next song I want to give to the cool people of the world is that you have built your own system of youth with your sense of smell and visual memory. It is that you have been so naive and truthful that you trust in love. It is your mourning period for which you have been deeply troubled and deeply troubled.(Extended reading: Don't argue with old love, and lovers appreciate past scenery )

To the dear Xu Liangliang, when you think of the " Only one of us standing here doesn't know where to go?" Remember me, and the vast numbers of cooling people who are at a loss with you to cross the sea and arrive at the other side of the shore.

Forgive me for the transparency of Hello Nico

" I am not transparent enough I am not true/ Flower/ listen to me/ I trample on your clothes/ Please forgive me/ I'll make you so hurt by accident

" I am not transparent enough. " Maybe you have this time, too much heartbreak, too many sorry, too many unsolved mysteries, and you start smearing your own protection, and you want to keep a little distance from the world, so you don't get hurt so much. lead Zhan Yu-ting, " repeatedly pierced the core of our souls, and extradited us to the past.and the past reconciliation: " Those who have loved and hurt, those who have been victimless, forgive me, and forgive me for my immaturity.After the age of 30, we began to learn to apologize. When I said "sorry" for not exporting, we discovered that "self-respect" was a human being in the wake of the rag and the rag." Hey, please forgive me for not mentioning it, my decision to leave, and if I can, I just want to hug you once more.(Extended reading: turn around and are experiencing them )

Dear, In the light of the five colors, I have also come here and dedicated his heart to his naked heart, and I always remember to leave a thread for myself.

Happy love to you forever Liu Ruo E I once loved a boy >

" You want to tell him I miss you/ I loved a boy who might have become a group/ teach them at the end of every winter singing/ the fire slowly burns my heart and trem/ I don't know why I'm still young

One day you discovered that the character of the turbulent campus was turned into a good, ordinary man, carrying a wife's back bag, and a baby stroller on the right hand, just like any middle-aged man we saw on the street, but that kind of ordinary person, it made you feel harboring.

You always remember that year of college, a big group of good students gave him a ride to the land of the continent.You'll be fixed on Christmas Eve with his card, and a picture of him on the street in Europe on the snow.He was in your heart, and he was always the son of a handsome boy.

last, one day, he made you weep on a few pillows, and he played the guitar in front of your window. He was 18 years old. He was the first girl in the back seat. He was the first girl in the back seat, and he finally became a father.You never imagined that he wouldn't stand to be a gentle smile. I didn't imagine that you would have seen your wedding goodbye to your old classmate's wedding. Haven't you ever imagined how painful it would be to be a really lovely joke in the years that you've been crying and crying out.( To the youthful youth that can't return to me, the old love song of me and me )

Every moment of hope is the best time Cat Power he greatest >

Once I wanted to be the greatest person
wanted to be the most people of the floor, and then came the
of the floor of the floor of the flood,
the huge dampness of "Stars of night turned deep into the universe"

Sometimes you see the passage of time, the cruelty is to see the dream of the Haikou, just like a meteor, to disappear into the deep universe.At the age of 30, the narrator advised us to find a good way to stay home, don't go over the night in the wireless hangover cycle, and spend some time with my life. It seems that at this time, I don't want to say no to my life's aspirations.We were all a little worried, and at this time, we were yelling at the dream, ok?I don't want to be married.Dear, your concern, we all know, and I want to give it to you, "Let every single day be your best day.""

We've been lost in the best of times, and no one will ever be born to one half, and there are many corners of the world where you take risks, and there are so many pleasandies to expect you to achieve.Think about it in one of the simplest ways: If it's going to end tomorrow, don't you want to be married next to him?Don't you bring a family to the island and regret it?I'm sorry, I'm sorry.Hey, you'll know.(Recommended reading: Today is more splendid today than yesterday! Four Psychological Questions and Questions Make Good Days Every Day )

Embrace your imperfect rhyme, I love how you are now >

"I like what you're like now/I like your temper/sometimes a person with a sense of carelity."

At this age, you start to understand what love is.It's a stupid thing to see that when he focused on driving, he was so moved by his arguments that he had a habit of living after bickering, and he liked him to start his face in the early hours of his life.I understand that you will never know who is your true love, only to understand this moment of love, to understand that love is no more than a love affair. It is only clear that what you want is an emotion, not a moment of a moment.

" Compared to the heartbeat of the heart, I seem to like to listen to the sound snoring frequency of your safety.Finally, I learned to stop taking the other half as your "ideal", and learned to learn from time to time and feel comfortable, and learn how to make you feel happy, and I love you with the most pleasant heart.(Recommended reading: The condition is mommy and cod to spend the rest of your life )

I am the great little ST* RMAN Universe>

Images of broken light which dance before me like a milion eyes flicker with the front line,
the dancing the
, and call

This is a song that comforted each little of us, the Sanskrit “ Jai Guru Deva, Om ”, meaning "divine and noble victory", “ Om ” is the voice and blessing of the universe. Singing the vast cosmic appeasement of the soul.Try to talk to the universe in this song, and it always supports you, encourages you to go straight ahead on the way forward.This song also reminds me of the image of Amelia Brand in the film " Amela Brand in parallel with its own hand in the past.Do you believe in parallel space-time?Do you believe that someone in the distance is living with your life?Do you believe that your tears and laughter have changed the world?(Recommended reading: maturity is not a world, but no matter how bad the world is, you still believe in goodness )

When life is restless, don't panic, don't panic, you need to wait patiently for your own success.

"The kind-hearted person is in this world," … "… know." This is a valuable place to be gentle and good.

--- Lin Danyang < repeat:

Survival in this universe, we all look forward to being the most valuable, saying that we are stupid, preferring to believe that kindness is the perpetuation of the times.

To the Cobble Youth , Xu Ruxuan <

" The first cup of the first cup of sobbing youth/chat is not complete, our/second cup will continue to be an unworthy life/a bogus of a woman who is still waiting

dedicated to the days of furious youth to spend my life in the middle of my life, dedicated to the mother of my life, to every woman who has been in love with me.Women are such an animal, and we care to care for each and every one of them, and we strive to protect ourselves, and we are the gentle, uncaring, and gentle dream of our dreams.(Hey! Dear, After 10 years: I hope you still believe in love, remember once you shed tears )

Women, to us, unruly, unruly life!

Please allow me to metabolize your grief, Wei Xuan, do you not become a


I'm always ahead of you, I want you to praise me for the wilderness, I want you to follow my view, Do you know what the back of the world is like/ I want to know what the back of the world is, obscured by Metabolic

Reminds that you left your home in a sigh of relief and said that you wanted to find your life far away.At that time their parents had no choice but to take care of themselves.You must not forget that at the airport customs, they were looking at you, and you would always walk home late at night after working overtime, you always ate the moon when you were on the Mid-Autumn Festival, and you picked up the phone and didn't take care of it when you were on the moon.They always say, " When you're tired, go home."

You seem to be walking too fast, you think so, Mom and Dad follow you in the footsteps, and they still safeguard your life in the most quiet way.They started to pick up the smartphone and send cute little maps.They began to learn to spoiled, and wanted you to go home and eat dinner this month.Our parents are going to be a quiet tree, and they grow up and grow up and nourishment, and we're gentle and nourishment.(Extended reading: A farewell letter to the mother: I lost you, but I lost your love )

Dear parents, I wish I could become your tree now, making your life clear and unpleasant.

"Thank you, painful but still next to me"

The best is yet to come > At17

"There will always be an uncompromising wound, and it's a pity. If you're too conscious to forget, the more is yet to come to a breach."

After the age of 30, we have gone through the world, not smooth, but better understanding of where to stand and where to let go.We only understand that we do not force ourselves to forget a relationship, because it is so deeply embedded that it will not be accompanied by a feeling of sadness in the future.We accept the origins of our lives, and we believe that our own lives are blessed with each other in our own lives.No more days of sorrow in the name of fame, beginning to understand what happiness is not necessarily the happiness of your business and your happiness, the happiness of the people.

At the age of 30, you've established your own rules, don't interrupt, don't waste your opponent, don't waste your opponent. You can still walk away from the road, and you know how to be willing to spend, and how to spend it on the road and to be more lighty.There are many famous brands that are no longer needed anymore, and are popular in the season.Because you no longer need to gather the shadows of others.You don't have to use a lot of fantasy relationships to fill the lonely crater scar.(Sibling: 30 years old, at last, like yourself )

Now we are in a stage waiting for a "better", and always believe in “ The best is yet to come ”, and I love a few meters of the book. " Life is like peeling the onions, and there's always a lot of tears that make people cry.The moonlight, the cold night, I climbed up a tall tree, and the forest was quiet. I really wanted to sit on the tree and wait until the green fruit turned into a red one. "We all sit on that tree, and in every month of the life of life, we feel the cool breeze, the occasional sadness, the occasional loneliness, the mature fruit waiting to grow, and the growth of our own."

" What is your life in life, and clearly recognize yourself as an ordinary ordinary man?' — — < I'm a cool breeze >

Dear Xu, we are truly ordinary, but although we don't want a dream, a common sense of love, you, my life is never the same, I can't live your life, you can't be sweet, you can't bear your pain, but, feel the sting, don't be afraid, because you're real, so you can appreciate the pain in the world.If you feel yourself still resistant to the world's young girls, please don't reject your innocence, you have even to blame, and slowly make the world a better place.(Recommended reading: I know your worth: Each of you is a luminous star )

At the age of 30, we are deeply grateful to each other for luck, because it makes you understand yourself, making you learn to see stars in the dark, to understand that loneliness is always good, and the people who teach us to look on the stars, often them, how we know how to look up to us, , at this point, we make the night more.At the age of 30, we finally understood that it was not a princess or a princess. It turned out that she did not do any role to become herself, accepting the most sincere and sincere girl in her heart.At the age of 30, do you also feel happy and satisfied?

Hey, I wish you a 30-year-old with a flavor that is enough to give you a long time.

(look at April topic , look back on the path of that 20, 30, 40 past)

Large women's tenderness and strength, 5/28 very good times and you are in the city of Yoyo.