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Last month we talked about the 10 things we learned from girls to women, from girls to women, the five kinds of bad men we would meet , from girls to women, to fall in love with their imperfections , and now we want to talk about now. 30 years old, is a time to celebrate the season, is because of a bit of injury, is because of the lost some way, now you are full of self-confidence. Write to 30 years old, just over 30 years old, 30 years old you, 10 fall in love with 30 years old reason! (Recommended reading: 30 years old, you finally like yourself )

In a blink of an eye, you are 30 years old.

You think strange, clearly remember not too long ago, you just in the graduation ceremony, to the sky, the whims of the hat, by the dream of arrogance youth, remember that not long ago in the office, riding the night because of overtime red eyes , and remember those who stay in life and leave the traveller, Those who do not know how to define or even classify the love; remember that several nights in the bar of the cheering, that several times face the hesitation of life multiple-choice, crying too much hand, looking forward to the promotion, experience separation, feel lost, forced to grow up.

Then, all of a sudden, 30 years old.

You suddenly find those yesterday so close and so far, like a very hazy dream. 30 years old like the door of the mysterious road, after you timid opened, found in fact 30, formally another recognition also defines their starting point. 30 years old, everything is still fresh, everything is beginning.

30 years old, don't pull the alarm, we want to celebrate! Around a lot of 30-year-old friends, invariably have opened a party, perhaps really not why, a lot of things do not need too many reasons, only because we are 30 years old, very enjoy their present state, very like after the days of the true beauty Wash. Here are 10 reasons to embrace the 30-year-old, you must be very sympathetic! (speak to yourself: 30 years old, Happy Birthday )

1. Because of the age of 30, you learn to face fear.

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When you were 20 years old, I really felt a little scared when I thought about the countdown to the 30-Year-old day. What would it be like to be 30 years old when you are afraid of who you are and what you are looking for in the eyes of others? The 30-year-old in People's mouth is a very stressful watershed, like 30 years old, we have to do. (same field Gayon: as if it should be 30 years of happiness )

We may be in the heart of the fear of 30 years old, but then you think about it, why should you be afraid of growing up? Why is it because others are nervous about their expectations? You know your fear, but you are increasingly able to face it gracefully, embrace it, and feel it. Then one morning you wake up and you suddenly realize that you're 30 years old and you're thinking, "Hey, this feels really good!" 』

2. Because now you know the importance of time more than anyone else

Time, for a person who grew up, realize very deeply.

Time is too important, because after growing up, every night after a particularly tired; time is too important, because maybe every parting is a farewell, each encounter is a moment, time is too important, because it is too limited, so it is worthwhile to spend on the things that are worth it. (Sometimes it 's hard to say goodbye to someone who doesn't fit )

Go through not long also not short 30 years, you too understand the importance of time, ticking of time, we all live in the past, now, the future of the time axis, there is the past only now, there is now a future. Mastering time is the way to master one's own life.

3. Because you remember the child in your heart

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Career achievements and the softness of the heart never conflict, no matter how big, you can remember that you have a child in mind.

From 20 to 30, the process of growing up, sometimes pain, pulling, tearing, the past loss and get and the pain of the past, have molded us to become today's ourselves. But you've never forgotten the little Charlie Brown in your heart, want to have fun, sometimes cry, occasionally cheat, some time to think more, not always brave, but after falling can get up again, but after the injury wiped away tears to love, the child, 30 years as a day, has been afraid. (Recommended reading: in love, keep the child naïve: Charlie Brown )

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4. Because you know what you really want and need.

Life is the process of constantly groping, and each person for the sort of life is not the same, to know what they really want and need, in fact, not everyone imagined so easy.

Know oneself also need time, now you get along with oneself after 30 years, very clear own "want" and "Do not", you know oneself should not again for unnecessary things reluctantly, for not worth of people stay. About feelings, you know what you need in your heart, and you're on your way to finding him. Because you know that being with the right person, though the smallest thing, seems extraordinary. (Recommended reading: The most difficult, is the well-being of stability )

5. Because you understand that Sister Tao is very important

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If it wasn't for them, you wouldn't believe a friend was more loyal than a lover.

This way, you are too grateful to the group of good sisters around, can not help but want to order a "one like summer, a like autumn" to them. (infinite playback) Those days, said you only know the joke, like a few crazy trip, lovelorn hug each other cry big mouth drink, occasionally gather together talk about life, unpleasant always cured.

Born in the world, is that a link, let us are no longer a person, thanks to those intimate sister Amoy, we know that friends really need not much, a few intimate enough.

6. Because a 30-year-old date is really good.

Once upon a time, you believe that the feeling of enthusiasts can decide everything, after 30 years old, you believe love like water, too difficult to insist, but for a long time.

Who had not had a few enthusiasts when he was young, roses, five-star feast, kneeling on one knee, island tourism, only now the words of the arithmetic, the present you embrace the real life of romance, you are longing for the word without words, intimate, a tacit understanding of each other, you want a relationship between the understanding of each other.

In a word, 30-year-old dating, is very good, because each other has hurt some people, but also suffered some injuries, so with a more mature circle of the perspective of each relationship. (Recommended reading: A man's heart: a 30-year-old date is better than a 20-year-old )

7. Because you're willing to risk yourself.

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The greatest risk in life is to dare not take risks, that's all.

You stop waiting for dreams to come true, you let yourself become a part of the dream. Once you are afraid of life on the road to step wrong any step, you carefully, always feel tied hands tied feet, but then you feel that life is not necessarily to cut straight, we are not the first to reach the end, only ask whether they enjoy each step. life will not go the wrong way , because you will never miss, is your own life.

So why not take the risk? You shrug, it's a cool kind of thing.

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8. Because you're starting to be honest with your emotions.

It is not easy to be honest with your emotions, we all fear, envy, dissatisfaction, despair, but in the process of growing up, we are smart to learn to disguise. So sad, we Chang smile said "fortunately ah nothing"; so obviously was hurt through the heart, but also to pretend that the atmosphere of the wish him all good, so obviously do not like, but also pretend to enjoy.

But now, you start to be honest with yourself, including your own bad feelings. You know there are times when you can say, "Yes!" I do not wish to "yes, I do not like", you know when you are unhappy, you can cry, you know that honesty to face their emotions, embrace their own vulnerability, is called strong. (Dear: You don't need to be strong, five ways to face the weak )

9.30 years old, you define your own success

Life is not only a face, life is not only length, more width.

In the past, you were particularly puzzled by the definition of "success", what is success? Does success mean sitting in a mansion, counting money, and having a title that tells you to be proud? You have also been moving towards such success, but now you define your own success.

Everyone has a different definition of success, but you must know that your eyes glow only when you do what you love. What career you do, not to make others happy, is to let their own satisfaction, right? (Perhaps you want to know: four o'clock off work!) Why is Nordic's work environment better than Asia's? )

10. Because you are you, have no substitute for you

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Hug 30 years old, any more reason than such a simple reason: because you are you, only you, in the stile of time, in the changing human feelings of the scenery, all the way to accompany themselves to the present. and now, you are the best season, 30 years old, you are charming.

Whether you are about to be 30 years old, just 30 years old, or a little over 30 years old, a revered belongs to the beautiful and courageous 30-year-old cheers!

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