Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love-like, look at our work site, the editor said this week.

Do men and women have equal voice rights in society? How many hidden sexism and stereotypes are there in the messages we receive each day? Since the media industrialization, contact with the masses like the colony expansion, the media dramatically change the direction of our understanding of the world. When the media replaces the five senses and becomes the daily window of our contact with the world, what kind of world does it let us see?

According to data from women's media Center for 2014, 63.4% of journalists in the U.S. broadcast, print and online media are male, and only 36.1% are women, with a serious imbalance between men and women.

Let's take a look at the media in Taiwan, when the media is "big breasts", "" Old Maid "and other stereotypes portray the image of women, and then move out of the woman should have" small fresh "appearance of the discipline of the masses; when the variety show is often focused on women's breasts, thighs, empty view of the transport mirror, or a woman's body for the raw material of the low-level jokes; The microphone always pays attention to women's clothes than her achievements ...

This is the world we see, but is this the real world?

Is there no media that can easily deepen gender stereotypes, packaged ideology, and rooted into an irreversible cognitive filter through a seemingly innocuous mass of messages, is this the media ecology we expect? Let us not live in such a hidden message that one day becomes a person we do not know.

The relationship between the media and gender is closer than we think, but women are not just completely passive objects, women's stories are not just waiting to be narrated, women's history is not just waiting to be found. What women are obsessed with is the ability to interpret right back to their own hands, in a variety of imagined ways.

So at the beginning of the creation of the station, we think very simply, in Taiwan, can have for women's website, there is such an online space to capture women's various posture, let women free growth, no model, no dogma, in the space of gentle talk with you, of course, also let you speak.

Three years later, we began to think, in addition to the online voice space, in Taiwan can have a group of women born to fall? In this cluster, everything can happen, everything is free, let the woman speak what to say. In this place, we want to put the microphone in the hands of a woman.

We want to make the right to voice back to women.

Good intentions and practical difficulties. Woman fan is the first time to do content media, behind no big guy to prop up, without strong and powerful gold aid, we use the only beginner's mind and naïve to approach our imagination of the media.

Women fans for the first time in the mind to put the space into practice, space from scratch, everyone contributed a little, we want a woman comfortable work space, we want a welcome to all the open space, we want an imagination can sprout wonderland.

We want to fast news also slow news (more importantly, we are better news), we want more women in the workplace power of communication and voice, we want to online and offline tied together, we want from zero to one space, single-minded, practice of the ideal world of imagination.

Hammering, waiting for space to roots, in the Daan Forest Park next to grow a woman's forest.

I think about two years ago, when I was interviewing women for an internship, I said, "Women are like a forest to me, everyone in the forest can have a comfortable place, we have a posture, but equally beautiful." 」

Two years later, I saw the forest slowly generated, strong and strong, we want to invite more people to afforestation, more people live in, more people to practice the imagination of the future of the media, would you?

Welcome to Womany Wonderland, with Love and power.

look at you, belong to us Wonderland