The workplace, is always the impact of our deep scenery. with the majority of our life "in the workplace of their own", you have a good understanding of him, and he talked about it?

Whether you are more than 20 years old, you have just left school, more than 30 years old, you have achieved little success in the workplace . ; more than 40 years old, watching your due diligence and wind and rain. ; more than 50 years old, complete your commitment to be ready to leave the workplace you ; ever thought, every day for work and future efforts of their own, fortunately not happy?

women fans believe that every effort for the future you, are so shiny and different, but also thank you in the work to do a good job, together to make our world better! Now, we would like to invite you to a small trip with your own dialogue, to learn about the work and future efforts of yourself, fortunately not happy?

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five minutes of small travel time, I hope you can be generous to share. your perception of the job, your workplace Happiness index, and the problems you're experiencing in the workplace. This quiz is a woman fan "I Love Me Free Festival" activities of the first step of the beginning, because let you happy, is I love my free Festival want to happen! (as for the details of the free section, let's secretly keep it secret.) )

Free Festival Before we start, let's use this little trip to help you know yourself better and be more confident in your career.

Let's Go! Go