Army eight years, the music of the Prophet Mary accompanies us to experience happiness and sadness, to see their music stories, to walk into the plum rainy season together.

"Music is a language, alive also a period of time, to hear a lot of music appear, are just the new, if they have the power, hope to contribute to a fresh voice." "In the corner of the basement café, Josh said. The scene quietly, Josh spoke a little slowly, a bit of a jump, his expression is like throwing a piece of puzzle, must let the receiver himself piece together.

"It's a very good thing to be able to accept something very high," he said. But the music that moved me was not such a popular people, hope to continue such a purpose. Some vulgar things, there is a very good place to appreciate, but that is not our logic, not our own attitude to life. "Logic is what the orchestra has been doing," he said.

Lead singer Josh, guitarist Roger, drummer Eric, bass player Fish

Mary See the Future Prophet Mary, into the Army eight years, in the Independent orchestra in the Small World has occupied a place, the eyes of four people, sometimes thinking, sometimes laugh, it seems to be the same as the average big boys. But they are a handful of independent orchestras that once stood on the small dome, and have received a British BBC radio interview, the Best orchestra in the Golden Melody Award.

I try to understand what they think of these rare experiences, and the results are unexpected:

"Time is up, let it happen."

This is fish's idea of a big business, eating a café for dessert, and fish most of the time seems to be immersed in their own world, but the occasional jump out of a sentence is often a profound one. In his view, a large performance is a carefully arranged form, time to play, the performance of the end, go down the stage. The stage lights are dazzling and the audience is not clear, but it's not fun to live house touring. (Extended reading:"Do music do not make ripples, want to make stone" Music Man Zhong Chenghu )

"Every time I think, where does this authority come from?" Who rules who is going to show up at what time? "josh went on to say that in large business, many times, the audience's reaction and performers are separate, break apart from each other, unable to follow their own pace. The form is superfluous for the prophet Mary.

I've heard a lot of live performances by the Prophet Mary, and they don't talk much when they're onstage, and many times it's just one song after another, and sometimes it's embarrassing to talk to the audience. I have heard many singers say that their performances are perfect because of the audience in Taiwan. I think if the show was like a big bubble, wrapping everyone in the room, then in the performance of the Prophet Mary, everyone was a separate little bubble, immersed in the same music, but each has a different interpretation.

Although all the way desolate, thank you for driving me crazy in the distance

"Want to hold the warm sun, in my hands, no matter how hot, also can not cover up your dazzling rotten light." Eternal bloom, that distant Liao 喨, close the eyes of the direction, although all the way desolate, and you in the distance, leading me crazy, that arrogant stubborn, unwilling to untie. "--〈cheer〉

"This song carries a spirit. "〈cheer〉 was the masterpiece of Mary the Prophet, who talked about the song, said the songwriter Fish. and the composer of Josh said lightly, "it is not important how it was, we each performance in the experiment, the instrument will speak, and through the interpretation of the audience, we know," Oh, you think so, is basically the concept of the death of the author. "They choose to give 〈cheer〉 more open space for interpretation, for the audience, is a kind of immersion in their own small bubbles in the happiness."

The music of the Prophet Mary accompanied many people through the joys and sorrows of life. In particular, in a very sad moment, listening to their music does not make people happy immediately, but often make you more sad, tears DC. I'm curious, what do they think of their music style?

"If you don't want to get up, it's no use being dragged by others," he said. "Many times Fish used to let themselves drown in sadness, wall for a long time, feel sad reincarnation enough, and then climb up themselves." Perhaps this approach is negative in the general sense, but it may explain why their music gives us such a feeling. (Share with you: Xu Jepe: Because of happiness, only imagine the courage of grief )

In the concept of the Prophet Mary, it is not the sadness that inspires creation, but the creation of the record sadness. Because of this, we have been able to in their music, to see their own self drowning figure. This is the Prophet Mary-style inspirational.

Talk about life is too heavy, let it happen naturally

Speaking of the beginning of the road to music, the four were plunged into a long thought, then the silence was broken by Josh. "When I was a kid, I was a classical piano player, and once I went to the wedding accompaniment, I needed to play the same tunes all the time, and then I got angry and walked away." Now think of it, only to find myself from a very young time on the form and vulgar things very disgusted. "Maybe that's why I get so excited when I get to know something new in high school," he said.

The youngest in the orchestra, Roger, said that he was a rebellious child, often fighting, and could not calm down to learn musical instruments, so he had given up a guitar. "When I got anything in my hand, I just knew I was going to hit someone else." But when I listen to music, I always feel that a special habit of a voice, but also easy to attract my attention, later learned that the voice is the guitar. "When he was in high school, he found it was a great achievement to be able to play his favorite voice on his own hands," he said. Two degrees began to learn the guitar, this time, he did not give up.

" In fact, it is not quite sure what the drum sounds like, but in the drums of the moment, my heart is very feeling. "eric was more silent today among the four people, and he spoke shyly. In addition to the drums also love playing baseball, he said, he began to drum, in fact, was an accident, high school originally wanted to set up a baseball club, but was prevented by the school and failed. Later he accidentally began to learn drums, "before because the results are not too good, many teachers are not friendly to me, but learning drums, the teacher will not use that attitude to face me." This incident affected me very deeply, when I became a teacher, I also reminded myself not to give up the students easily. "

And Fish shared his conscious rather naked rock Moment. "I heard the Rainbow Orchestra's 〈pieces〉 in high school, and now I thought," Oh my God! Good handsome ", began to play the orchestra interest, and later because of the lack of the voice of the bass player, began to practice, hoping to stage performance. "We will never know how every little thing that happens in our lives will have a big impact on our lives," he said.

Looking back at the beginning of my own music, I asked the prophet if Mary had thought of a lifetime of play. Roger said seriously, "it's a bit too heavy to talk about a lifetime, it's like a promise in love, and if it's not fun, it becomes a burden." Some things need not be too deliberate, do not have to be too consciously let it happen. "And in Eric's mind, the orchestra is a part of life, like eating."

For the Prophet Mary, it is more in their character to think of the orchestra as a volunteer rather than a career. "Let it happen naturally," Josh said, "Not too much camp to keep it up." "That said, I think of the previous visit to 1976, the guitarist marijuana once say:" The original not to deliberately stop, it will always happen. "And my selfish hope is that the Prophet Mary can keep happening. (Extended reading: Desktop rock Spirit!) The orchestra 1976:"yesterday was stupid, but I still believe in tomorrow! ")

The Changing Taiwanese society: It may be better, and it may be worse.

The sun-Flower student movement just one anniversary, last year, the Prophet Mary entered the Legislative Yuan to sing the picture is still very clear, suddenly found that time seems to be too fast, now think those pictures are full like a dream. Talking about the changes in Taiwan's society, the four people said that these issues were discussed in private.

"When you see the truth is so cruel, it will be much clearer." For example, if people in the world have an average IQ of 100 to 110, I'm a little taller, but I'm not smart enough to be 170 or 180 and can't think of a better way to do the world. But you'll find that half the people in this world are dumber than you, and that's a desperate thing to think about. "josh threw out such a passage.

To put up his jumping puzzle, I thought he was not just talking about IQ at the moment, it was more about "thinking." If you are a thinker who is a little more than the world's average, but not a wise man who can think of a solution, half of the world does not think. This kind of despair is very deep, but also very real.

All four people think that Taiwan's society is changing, such a change may be better, but of course there is also the possibility of deterioration. They think that many people's minds have been molded, like fried eggs can not go back. But I think it's like the Prophet Mary can't stop thinking, and we can't stop thinking that we want to make the world a better place, and we can only be desperate to stop thinking about it and keep thinking about the world.

"Do you believe that a man named Mary saw the future?" 」

On the stage of indie music, the Prophet Mary became a part of a group of people. And what do they think of themselves?

Josh: To find the light, you have to go into darkness first. Black is an echo, from the Anchao raging depression.
Eric: They all forget that black is there all the time, close your eyes and the darkness is peering around you.
Roger: When darkness enters you, you enter it. Black swallowed all the black, the beauty of the flowers.
Fish: Don't be afraid of the dark, stare at the sight of prophecy. Your eyes are black and shiny.

On the official website of the Prophet Mary, four people each interpreted the "dark", so I asked them to mimic the idea of "Prophet Mary" in our minds.

Josh: Prophet Mary has a kind of sustenance. When you can say "Hey! "Isn't it exciting that someone sees the future?" You can't touch the shape of the future, but someone named Mary has done it.
Eric: The Prophet Mary was in the midst of adversity, a dark light.
Roger: The Prophet Mary in my heart whispers in your ear the fact that you are afraid to face it.
Fish: People who will like the Prophet Mary music, unlike the average person, may even be socially bullying, marginalized people. But we are absolutely unique.

That's what the Prophet Mary should be like: Josh + Eric + Roger + Fish

At the moment my mood is a little excited, in the corner of the café, the clerk is a bit embarrassed to come over and say the shop is closing. And I found myself unknowingly occupying the Prophet Mary for two hours. in this said long not long, say short also not short of two hours, my eyes four people, each give me very different feelings. (same field Gayon: line Power is the most powerful equipment!) Cosmic man: Doing small things seriously is a big thing.

Josh is very philosophical, although the appearance looks cool, but when it comes to the small animals have more healing, more natural, then show a very real smile. His head has the whole universe macroscopic, but also has the fine microscopic to the human, but from the way he speaks, can see he is how to think of the central thinking person.

Eric is the big boy who makes me feel the biggest boy, as if he can see the warm sunshine in his heart pure and hot. He said he often at night to his own awkward, and his way of sadness, is to use sweat to take away the tears. He said he did not know what his drums sounded like, and I didn't say that his drums, in fact, sounded as light in the dark as he had given me, a warm and determined force.

Roger in the whole interview is very very focused, even in the rest time whispered to me: "Write so many words, hands will not sour?" "During the visit, through his words, I feel like he is still in constant collision with the world of the soul, perhaps to himself and the world still many doubts, perhaps or the habit of arming their own sadness, but this can not hide his bones tenderness."

Fish gave me a mysterious feeling that it was hard to see through. Most of the time he seems to be in a trance, as if not in our Group dialog box, but each answer is very sympathetic to each other. He attributed the 〈cheer〉 of the song to Josh's melody, but there must have been a lot of people fascinated by his gentle words.

The interview came to an end, and I asked the Prophet Mary to send a song to the reader of the woman's fan, Roger picked this 〈you ' re not my Cup of tea〉. He wanted to tell the women: "Don't try to become a man's dish, become your own dish!" "fish also fill a sentence:" Female for Yue. " "Take Away" the word, women can only shine for themselves.

I think, no matter what person, must have some time to feel that they have been abandoned by the world, can not find the same frequency with their own dialogue. But we were fortunate enough to have the Prophet Mary. Whenever the melody of the 〈cheer〉 sounded, accompanied by the continuous progress of the drum, as if urging us not to give up easily, because there is called Mary, has reached the next shore, he stretched his hand, ready to meet you.