The woman fan exclusive interview music person Zhong Chenghu, listens to him to talk the music, listens to the five minutes music behind, that 5,000 minutes solid story.

In the afternoon, the weather in Taipei was warmer, and we knocked on the music office in Bade Road to visit a musician who was serious about music. He was dressed in black, at ease but steady, with a shallow smile on his face and said, "Come?" 」

He is the Zhongcheng Tiger. At the age of 10, he began to play the guitar, grew up in the music circle, talented and gan behind the scenes; won the Golden Melody Award Best lyricist, Best composer, the best album producer, he is a big singer to specify the cooperation of the producers; single-handedly created Taiwan's independent music pioneer Tim Wing Chuang Studio, let Chan, Lu Guangzhong, Wei stand on the small giant eggs , Hong Kong Hung Hom, Beijing workers Stadium glow; he makes records, he plays music, he deals with music marketing, he does music, he builds unique music spectrum in Taiwan, he stays in the music business for almost a lifetime.

Zhong Chenghu Such a senior musician sitting in front of us, we want to ask a lot of things, in-depth for nearly two hours, still feel good want to talk about the day and night.

Tim Wing Studio, a pair of wings for Taiwan

Zhong Chenghu is one of the few respondents who are particularly prepared to answer their speeches. See his first impression, feel his good quiet, often open, are thoughtful answers, each answer is a good deep story.

We chatted from the Tim Wing studio, Zhong Chenghu said: "The name of Tim Wing is enough, I love it." Our society often feel to "tianding" or "add Money", but I think, we are few, is a pair of wings. 」

Happiness is not only rich in a way, Tim Wing studio hope that people feel the music to the well-being of the energy, but also a pair of wings, brave to imagine the future. The Tim Wing studio was born in 2005, but it was an accident created by the vicissitudes of the Times. back then, Zhong Chenghu said that 2000 years or so, the entire recording industry in Taiwan was basically collapsing. all the way in the music circle, Zhongcheng Tiger to see more and listen to, he is very clear that he has wanted to do the record, there is want to do the singer, but the market no one to do, so think as if to roll up the sleeve, oneself come.

Everyone in the music circle was confused. Outspoken's magic rock record so dissolved, I saw Yang Naven, glutinous Rice Regiment even Wu Bai, are very confused, no one knows what to do next. Almost at this time, I was thinking about making music myself. And since you do, you must do it your own way.

Zhong Chenghu's words were crisp and more responsive to the essence of the Tim Wing studio: Letting musicians dominate "music". At the beginning, squeezed in the temporary difficult recordings, insufficient resources, not enough money, limited resources to make the essence of music more clearly. Zhong Chenghu every music as a work of art to do, good music in the bustling down as the Phoenix born, with full music energy to fill all the deficiencies.

I think the music industry should not be a "money" in the world, music should not be an "industry". I think there are too many people who are talking music, but the people who are really making music are relatively few.

When it comes to music, Zhong Chenghu's eyes insist. He said he did not speak music industry, because there is no music, where the industry? We looked at him, thinking, this is the reason why Zhong Chenghu became Zhong Chenghu, can not give up, always only music. (same field Gayon:"in Showbiz to be a chivalrous woman?") Not easy "Listen to He Shishi talk about music and society"

Indie music is the process of "Becoming yourself"

Now Taiwan, independent music has been Weicheng, holding a guitar like a small Wenqing, even mainstream music can not help to copy the successful way of independent music. Speaking of mainstream music and indie music, Zhong Chenghu shook his head and said: "For me, this is two very different things." 」

Mainstream music attaches importance to packaging, independent music is about the people.

Mainstream music production mode, in addition to the singer has been set the image (from clothing, record propaganda to what he said), but also the personality after the packaging, he went to show the market looks like, as a will make money production line. But indie music is about the human heart, and the expression of the creator is important. The singer sings himself, because everyone is an independent soul. Independence, independant means that you are trying to be yourself . (same field Gayon: no matter how bumpy the road is, you'll still be the one you want to be)

In the business model of the music industry, to strive to be able to make money people, in the face of independent music, to express themselves, to become themselves, rather than to be someone else's eyes looking forward to you. Zhong Chenghu, who loves rock and roll, hears the spirit of independence in rock music. "I listen to rock music, and I think the most touching thing I hear about them is that every rocker is going to be his own process, not to be something in a factory." "

Speaking of indie music, Zhong Chenghu special emphasis on "Becoming yourself". Digging oneself is what kind of process, in fact also is a work. The musician chooses the posture of the music, also chooses him to take this music to face the world posture. The music person's behavior, becomes own process, is the music work.

"Become oneself" is a dynamic, our life, are constantly becoming themselves.

Zhong Chenghu

To be yourself is actually a "future" state, not a "already" state. Through such a dynamic process, you may at any time deny the last moment of your own, for me, this is the spirit of independence.

Independent music behind, is unable to give up the independent spirit. Zhongcheng Tiger describes the independence of the spirit, has always been the hobby of the wing studio. He was handsome and said he would read the financial statements, but never read the report to make music.

Make music, also like in looking for the crowd to seek like-minded partner. Tim Wing studio strength Chan strong and gentle music energy, found bright eyes and free voice Lu Guangzhong, extended the Wei gorgeous playful music adventure, we asked Zhong Chenghu how to do?

Many people think I am a "bole", but I think I am actually "fans". I'll be involved in this music, but I think I'm more of a help person. They were very strong in their own right, I just took the highlighter and put their focus on that.

Zhong Chenghu is humble in front of music. But as a fan of good music, we cannot fail to thank the experienced "fans" who hold harsh fluorescent pens like Zhongcheng tigers, insisting on finding and making good music, so that Taiwan's music life can continue to roll forward. (same field Gayon:"Run to the light in the Dark" Tian Dingfung's gentle music revolution )

Music, is to go through time

The earliest music is the musical score, the form is fixed, easy to imagine, see the music is like hears the musical. Time flies, came today, now we are very happy, exposed to a large number of music types under a variety of, under such a premise, for Zhong Chenghu, what is a good musician? Zhong Chenghu thought about it and then said,

Music is time, a song five minutes, to go through that time, not to five minutes into five seconds. Music is the art of time. So the musician must have a sense of the future, what happens next, how he interferes, destroys, becomes himself, is the musician's lesson.

A good musician must have a sense of the future, not a repetition of what he has done before. Good musicians must constantly intervene in what will happen in the future. Deep imagination. Those who make music should not only ripple, but also stone.

When it comes to the relationship between music and time, Zhong Chenghu the eyes of fascination. "You listen to the song for five minutes now, maybe it was 5,000 minutes before I made it." 』

Music is extremely meticulous refinement of the art, we rarely think of music behind the time is very continuous, five minutes behind, may be 5,000 minutes, 5,000 minutes of time condensed in five minutes, let people listen to listen again.

When the song gets to the audience, the Zhongcheng Tiger may have heard it 1000 times, from a song only drums, only guitar, only the time to experience the voice. Doing music is to refine the time, the time to refine out, into a compact and solid music.

When time is 焠, reality time goes on, and now we accept the sound concept of music, it is difficult to describe or describe the sound we hear. And a good musician will walk before everyone, to become the future, imagine what kind of music will appear in the future. (Recommended reading: now is the future!) 35 years old before deciding the 80% appearance of Life )

Zhong Chenghu, a lifelong musician.

Zhong Chenghu Talk about the characteristics of musicians, said to look to the future, and he has a lot of music in the past accumulation of nutrients. On the road of music, he leads the way to the future, but he never forgets to look back humbly.

Zhong Chenghu's talk is full of philosophy, it is hard to imagine that he is a financial department graduate! He said he began playing the guitar at the age of 10, father is the band foreman, the growth of childhood experience is in the hall to see the performance, all the way to witness the music era of the song. High school He also played the orchestra, but really determined to do music, he recalled, but in the middle of the night, he heard the Stimson of the island of Souls, the prelude to the Scottish bottom, sounded particularly bleak.

At that time, I suddenly felt that people this lifetime, but just this again. Do I really have to go to work at the bank? Then I thought, anyway, to do music, it seems to me more valuable.

"From the present point of view, if I had chosen another route, I might have had more money." "Zhong Chenghu smiled and said. "But no matter how important the money is, it is not all of life." I may be too greedy, there is no way in life so simple, money can be satisfied. If you ask me, I think the value is far more important than the price. (Recommended reading: The path of life is more important than the moment of success )

Zhong Chenghu and Tim Wing studios are particularly concerned about the younger generation, because they have also gone through young puzzles. The future of Chaos, the future is not clear, young Taiwanese face the future are very confused, but also anxious to get rid of their own confusion. Zhong Chenghu encouraged to say: "Confusion is the patent of young people, I think must be confused." "(Recommended reading: to a little lost more than 20 years old )

It's a good thing to be confused. Now the world is very uncertain, it is difficult to use a very optimistic angle to see "What the future will be." Because it's not just what we do now, but what happens in the future. In a state of uncertain world, how to maintain a "forward optimism", as if only to think, to make themselves what kind of person, than to meet the number of desires important.

"To be oneself" is more important than "satisfying desire", not only making music, becoming oneself this matter in each person's life, has the pivotal role.

I hope that we can live together in this life, to identify with the environment and culture, and the friendship between people. Instead of agreeing with a banner. They can worship artists and philosophers, not just big businessmen and politicians.

Seeing the existing music market from Taiwan

Music is now more mobile than it used to be. Fans no longer only satisfied with the Taiwan music scene, but also listen to Japanese, Chinese, Korean musical K pop. Once upon a time, it seems that we can confidently say that Taiwan is the center of Chinese Music, and many people even predict that Taiwan's record industry will disappear in the future. In particular, we asked Zhong Chenghu, how does he think about music between Taiwan, Korea and mainland China?

Zhong Chenghu said that Korean music is an industry, Chinese music is not good now, Taiwan and China should be like New York and London on the same, stirring, playing new things.

Speaking of Korean music, Zhong Chenghu first mentioned that South Korea not only music as an "industry", but also as a "factory production line" to operate. They know they want viral marketing and spread abroad, so they have a vision like Uncle PSY. South Korea's music is heard is to want to be the first place, want to win others, it may be their culture.

I think they want the price, and we want the value.

Looking at the mainland, Zhong Chenghu said we would feel that there are more and more independent music and a powerful stage in the mainland, but there have been musicians like Dou Wei and Zhang Zhu before. Zhong Chenghu regrets that as long as a piece of land there is a sincere view of life, sincerely create musicians, there will be very precious music.

We thought, no matter how the music changes, return to the end, for Zhong Chenghu, or independent spirit such a simple and important words. What you want, what you want to be, and what kind of music you make.

Chan, Lu Guangzhong, Wei these three musicians ...

Finally, we talked to Zhong Chenghu about the three musicians in the studio, Chan, Lu Guangzhong, Wei, what does he think of these three individual musicians?

If you have seen Zhong Chenghu and Chan the same performance, you will certainly feel the powerful music sparks between the two. Zhongcheng Tiger described Chan, think Chan, is the appearance of Taiwanese girls.

Taiwanese girls are not quite the same as other girls in the Chinese world, and Taiwanese girls are stronger, as if they were throwing her away, she would grow a flower. Like oil hemp rapeseed , looks very thin, in fact, is very powerful. Often inexplicably, she has a power, she can also give power to others. Besides healing, she is also sharp. Her performance revolves around life, in a very gentle way, conveying strong power.

When Zhong Chenghu first met Lu Guangzhong, many record producers said, "This man's music is too free for me to do." "Later Lu Guangzhong into the wing, his music came out, swept the Taiwanese fans, everyone began to think" eat breakfast, really is a very rock n Roll. "Lu Guangzhong is a very happy person," Zhong Chenghu said.

Lu Guangzhong's happiness is very, very many, is a music genius. He is very filial, "do not want to go far", is he wrote home songs, because he would like to stay in Tainan with his parents. He and his mother is very good, I have not seen other than 20 years old people, but also wear my mother bought clothes, and then feel very handsome and proud. When his mother was ill, he was the kind of man who would sing to his mother with a guitar on his bedside table. Lu Guangzhong This person ah, there is no way to endure others beside him unhappy, he will spell the life to make you laugh.

Wei strictly speaking, not the Zhongcheng Tiger's artists, cooperation is music broker. But Zhong Chenghu had known this girl since he was 17 years old in Wei. Zhongcheng Tiger describes Wei, is naughty pole way of the female.

When I met Wei, she was only 17, when I was a Yang Naven guitarist, when she practiced the regiment to help Yang Naven sing. Later, Wei with the group of natural volume, and later, Chen Jianjue signed her as a singer, then he asked me to do to see, Wei is my favorite singer, I helped her to do music brokerage, arranging the stage. I think Wei naughty inside, there are a lot of helpless ingredients, her childhood, very often moved to move, accustomed to wandering. But she seems to be a little Grand, do not want to face these things seriously, always with a more naughty attitude to face, in fact, a lot of hidden sadness.

We are also curious, how Zhong Chenghu will talk about themselves? We invited him to describe himself in three terms, and he cautioned that it would give him some time to think. In the subsequent letters, he wrote these three nouns: zhuangzi, air, lightning. The following three songs are also attached to describe themselves.

Brain Damage-pink Floyd

Restrained and free, sharp and gentle, the past and the future converge on him to a point. As we listen, we also recall the day when we talked about music.

Zhong Chenghu said that he is not a bole, but we can not help but think that he has to look at the delicate vision, a lot of good music may be buried. In the Zhong Chenghu body, we saw the music people should have demeanor, not noisy, seemingly unhurriedly, but to stabilize a few musicians walk in the Future Music imagination.

And Zhongcheng Tiger talk about music, is a lifetime will be remembered in mind moved, also want to share this moved to you. Zhong Chenghu said, "Do music, do not make ripples, but to do stone" to hit the shock, bring to the world a little what. We feel more, perhaps not only music, the world is so big, if live this time of life, if we will have something, we should take to do something, do not bear this or long or short life. (Recommended reading: Don't worry!) You're on your way to the dream.